Diversify Your Channels by Jeff Weidner


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Diversify Your Channels by Jeff Weidner

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  • That’s bold statement. I’m promising to show you how to massively increase your candidate flow with HIGH Quality candidates. This better be good. Regardless of whether you have been sourcing for 2 weeks or 20 years, I promise you will walk away from this keynote with a different paradigm on how to attract and source candidates with any job title, from any industry for any company. The strategies and tactics I’m going to share with you today have never been shared outside of Kenexa. Today I’m going to pull back the curtain a little bit to give you a peek at some of the innovative sourcing solutions we’ve been implementing since I joined Kenexa a little over 2 years ago.
  • Diversify Your Channels by Jeff Weidner

    1. 1. DIVERSIFY YOURSOURCING CHANNELS TO MASSIVELY INCREASE HIGH QUALITY CANDIDATE FLOW Jeff Weidner Global Director Sourcing Science To us, business is personal
    2. 2. Jeff WeidnerGlobal Director Sourcing ScienceKenexa, an IBM Company18 years in Staffing Industry.Specialties Include: • Passive Candidate Sourcing and Screening. • Penetrating Passive Candidate Talent Pools. • Social Recruiting/Social Networking. • Competitive Target Company Mapping and Analysis. • Eating Dark Chocolate.
    3. 3. THE TITLE Diversify your sourcing channels to massively increase high quality candidate flow.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 3
    4. 4. Source for any job title, any industry for any company anywhere in the world more successfully.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 4
    5. 5. These tactics work and are guaranteed to drive more highly qualified candidate traffic • Easier • Cheaper • Faster© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 5
    6. 6. CLIENTS© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 6
    7. 7. 97% Post, Search & Pray. Engage Sourcing. Deploy social media and recruitment marketing. And this works… Most of the time. But for how much longer…© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 7
    8. 8. PLAN AHEAD When Post, Search and Pray fails. When none of the tools on your sourcing tool belt seem to work. When all the social media and recruitment marketing just isn’t getting to the hire. You need a plan.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 8
    9. 9. THE PLAN • Evaluate performance to date • How many candidates? • What target companies are they from? • What job titles do they have? • Create a Talent Map. • Gather some market intelligence.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 9
    10. 10. CONCEPTS Differentiate Alignment Format© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 10
    11. 11. DIFFERENTIATE What is everyone else doing? Find a way to do “IT” differently. Scripts Sourcing Messaging Job postings Landing pages Banner ads PPC© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 11
    12. 12. DIFFERENTIATE • Millions of Job Postings • Thousands and thousands of recruiters and sourcers. All trying to grab the attention of a limited number of available candidates. APPLY NOW© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 12
    13. 13. © 2012 Kenexa Corporation 13
    14. 14. DIFFERENTIATE To make more hires • Faster • Cheaper • Easier You must DIFFERENTIATE.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 14
    15. 15. Alignment The results after 18 years of developing sourcing strategies? • If your messaging is aligned to your sourcing strategy. • If your sourcing strategy is aligned to your sourcing tactics. • If your sourcing tactics are aligned to your teams abilities & capabilities. You will make MORE hires. You will make BETTER hires. FASTER!© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 15
    16. 16. Alignment Challenge: Hire 300 Java and C++ Engineers from 10 different countries throughout Europe in 12 months. Client Assets: Excellent Brand Recognition, Good Messaging, Good EVP. The Strategy: Source 10,000 names in 12 months and engage using a variety of different media types and invite candidates to apply online. The Tactics: Client identified 85,000 possible candidates on Linkedin and 15,000+ on job boards that they want us to source, email and invite them to a single online career event. The Team: Seasoned recruiters with an average of 5 years experience. Fluent in 12 different languages including; English, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Polish.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 16
    17. 17. Alignment Sourcing Messaging ----------- ALIGNED----------- Strategy Client Assets: Excellent Brand Recognition, Good Messaging, Good EVP. Sourcing Sourcing ----------- ALIGNED----------- Strategy Tactics The Strategy: Source 10,000 names in 12 months The Tactics: 85,000 possible candidates on Linkedin and 15,000+ on job boards Sourcing Teams Abilities ----------- ALIGNED----------- Tactics & Capabilities The Team: 5 years experience. Fluent in 12 languages© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 17
    18. 18. FORMAT Mostly Text based Job Descriptions© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 18
    19. 19. FORMAT Proven to Increase Application Rates Proven to Increase HIGH QUALITY Candidate Traffic© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 19
    20. 20. FORMAT Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Engineers Oil and Gas Onshore/Offshore Rig Operators Educational Enrollment Advisors Quality Assurance Engineers Websphere Process Engineers ETL Architects Customer Service Reps Java Software Engineers Chemical Engineers Brand Ambassadors Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering Inside/Outside Sales Automotive Product Development Engineers© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 20
    21. 21. CLIENTS© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 21
    22. 22. EXAMPLE Play Ford Intro http://bit.ly/SC13Ford© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 22
    23. 23. EPIC FAIL!!! Sourcing Teams Abilities ----------- ALIGNED----------- Tactics & Capabilities© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 23
    24. 24. RESULTS Over the past 2 years at Kenexa when we use video… We made MORE hires, Faster & Cheaper.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 24
    25. 25. EXPERIENCE & RESULTS 29% cost-per-hire reduction 85% submittal acceptance rate 34% higher quality candidates 90% offer acceptance rate 17% faster time-to-fill 87% hiring manager satisfaction rate 26% cost-per-hire reduction 35% faster time-to-fill 40% higher quality candidates 97% offer-acceptance rate 25% faster time-to-fill 50% increase in customer satisfaction *Disclaimer these results were not only the result of the use of video.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation You still need a comprehensive Sourcing Strategy. Your results may vary. 25
    26. 26. EXCUSES© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 26
    27. 27. NO EXCUSES© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 27
    28. 28. THE BASICS • A Slide Deck: PowerPoint or Keynote. • Either a cheap headset ($40 or less) or phone conferencing line to record. (Webex or GoToMeeeting) • Positive Attitude and a happy voice. • Ability to speak intelligently about the minimum skill sets required for the position© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 28
    29. 29. VIDEO Why is video so good at driving HIGH QUALITY candidate traffic?© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 29
    30. 30. WHY DOES IT WORK? Electronic Engineer Career Webinar https://vimeo.com/39853256© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 30
    31. 31. WHY DOES IT WORK?© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 31
    32. 32. WHY DOES IT WORK?© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 32
    33. 33. WHY DOES IT WORK?© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 33
    34. 34. HOW THEY WORK© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 34
    35. 35. METRICS • 1,082 invitees per event • 736 (68%) response rate throughout the email invite sequence • 235 (33%) Registration rate from those that responded to the email invite • 148 (63%) Attendance rate from those that registered to attend the event • 111 (75%) Application rate from those that attend • 42 (37%) Quality rate of those that applied directly from the Career Webinar • In addition we see approximately 144 (17%) applications on those that did not register or attend the event with approximately 22 (15%) quality rates. BOTTOM LINE: Process will yield approximately 255 unique applications per event with 64 (25%) of the screened resumes considered quality candidates able to be submitted to the client and move forward in the recruitment process.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 35
    36. 36. BENEFITS • Highly engaging for candidates. • Video is mobile. • Get more information across in short 5-10 mins. • Easy to create. • Easy to track the metrics. • Easy to promote and distribute© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 36
    37. 37. DIVERSIFY DISTRIBUTE: There are hundreds of video distribution sites. Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler etc CAPTURE: Before they can view your videos, capture their email address and get them to opt-in. This is the easiest way to build your talent community. ENGAGE: Theyve watched the video now drive them to an apply page and engage them in meaningful conversation about your company’s career opportunity.© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 37
    38. 38. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION Download a copy of this presentation and additional information on how to incorporate video into your Sourcing Strategy. http://bitly.com/SourceCon2013© 2012 Kenexa Corporation 38
    39. 39. THEEND
    40. 40. Sample Videos ETL Architect Career Openings https://vimeo.com/55970516 virtual Manufacturing career https://vimeo.com/41795514electronic engineer career webinar https://vimeo.com/39853256