Cross Border Recruiting


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ERE webinar from 3/18/09, presented by Chris Gootherts.

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Cross Border Recruiting

  1. 1. Hands Across the World With the vast resources, the name brand, and the innovative thinkers at Microsoft, you would think that it would be easy to recruit from anywhere to anywhere. However, even with the reach of Microsoft, global recruiting still proves to be a huge challenge.
  2. 2. Hands Across the World Topics/Categories to be covered include: •  Recruiting Model & Methodology: –  Recruiter location –  Engagement model –  Agency involvement •  Personnel: –  Building an international staffing team –  Recruiting across boundaries –  Remote recruiter engagement model •  Strategy: –  When to hire internationally verses locally –  Dedicated cross-border recruiting department –  Readiness for overseas assignments - Qualifying the right candidates •  Logistics: –  International interview travel –  International interview scheduling –  International relocation –  Visas/Work permits –  Expat and local hire foreigner packages –  Target locale benefits –  Target locale labor laws
  3. 3. Recruiting Model & Methodology •  Recruiter location: –  In the country doing the hiring? –  In the country where there is talent? –  Both? •  Factors: –  Time zones – candidate and client experience –  Client engagement and ownership •  Engagement Model: –  Who owns the req? –  Who owns the candidate? •  Agency involvement: –  Should you engage agencies to source from around the world?
  4. 4. Recruiting Model & Methodology Place recruiters in strategic locations, by broad time zone requirements, in order to facilitate real-time candidate engagement EMEA Candidates Remote Recruiting to… Recruiters APAC Candidates Remote Recruiters Host country (Local Recruiter) Americas Candidates Remote Recruiters
  5. 5. Personnel •  Building an international staffing team –  Success factors of remote employees •  Ex-Entrepreneurs •  Trustworthy –  Driven by process and numbers more than face to face relationships •  Recruiting across boundaries –  Consider multi-lingual recruiters –  Great phone skills –  Cross culturally sensitive •  Remote recruiter engagement model –  Partnership between local recruiter and remote recruiter
  6. 6. Strategy •  When to hire internationally verses locally –  Identify talent gaps in-country (MS China example) –  Employee development –  Senior leadership experience and perspective •  Dedicated cross-border recruiting department –  Create a template for international talent movement and apply it consistently •  Readiness for overseas assignments - Qualifying the right candidates –  Tools and relocation companies for assessing candidates
  7. 7. Logistics •  International interview travel –  Reimbursed, or paid directly by company? •  International interview scheduling –  A logistical nightmare! •  International relocation –  Special considerations such as pets, customs •  Visas/Work permits –  China examples… (Olympics, city differences, etc.) •  Expat and local hire foreigner packages –  Company policies •  Target locale benefits –  Know them! •  Target locale labor laws –  Know them!
  8. 8. Q&A •  Chris Gootherts International Staffing Manager Microsoft Corporation