Cost Effective Recruitment Practices


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Kristen Carroll & Tom Howard's presentation from the ERE Expo 2009.

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  • As a management instructor I appreciate viewing the work of others. This is probably the best demonstration on planning I have viewed.
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Cost Effective Recruitment Practices

  1. 1. Cost Effective Recruitment Practices Kristen Carroll Tom Howard Talent Management Strategies
  2. 2. Case Study: Caritas Christi Health Care  13,000 employee system  6 Hospitals  7 Non-acute/Sub-acute entities
  3. 3. Case Study Caritas Christi Health Care  Decentralized recruitment function  4-5MM annual spend on recruitment  15-17MM annual spend on temporary agency fees
  4. 4. The Decentralized Model  Separate ad campaigns  No candidate sharing  Different processes at each site  No effective source reconciliation
  5. 5. Early changes  Centralization of recruitment function  System wide ad strategy  Standardization of processes  Complete analysis of source effectiveness  Drastic reduction of overall recruitment budget
  6. 6. Cost saving strategies   Automate and standardize as much as possible   Duplicate positive results   Provide recruiters with cost effective tools that enables them to generate results   Develop strong and consistent collaborative relationships with hiring managers   Constantly reevaluate tools
  7. 7. Reduce Agency Expenses  Development and Negotiation of Standardized Contracts  System wide agency use tracking  Traveler elimination plan
  8. 8. Automation and Standardization; Duplicate Positive Results; Tools Development  Recruitment Checklist  Internal Job Fair Checklist  Hard to fill databases  Interview Checklist  Recruitment Plan  Application Acknowledgment
  9. 9. Recruitment Manual
  10. 10. Recruitment Team Intranet Site
  11. 11. Develop strong relationship with hiring managers  Service Level Agreement  Unit/Department Description Sheets  New Employee Checklist  Interview Evaluation Form and training  Recruitment Newsletter
  12. 12. Hiring Manager Intranet Site
  13. 13. Constantly re-evaluate tools  Give me five program  Interview referrals  30 day check-in referrals  Recruit past employees  Rejected offer recruits  Refresh ERP initiatives  Reference referrals  Candidate thank you notes
  14. 14. Additional Cost Saving Strategies  Vendor negotiation  Flexing resources  Developing relationships with local schools  Low cost/high results recruitment events (CEU training, recruitment dinners)  Create recruiter goals aligned with cost effective recruitment strategies  Recruitment and retention meetings
  15. 15. Results Time to fill averaged 35.56 days   Cost per hire 75% less than industry average   Vacancy rates more than 50% fewer than local competitors   Recruitment staff employee satisfaction among highest in   organization   Hiring manager satisfaction among highest, and often highest in organization   Reduced recruitment budget by 80% with significantly better outcomes   Reduced agency expenditures by 80% or more, site by site Benchmark Data from ASHHRA, MHA and Average Time-To-Fill (Healthcare, non-executive): 48.6 Average Cost-Per-Hire (Healthcare, non-executive): $4,124 MA Hospital Vacancy Rate Range: 5.3% - 8.6% MA Hospital RN Vacancy Rate Range: 6.1% - 7.8
  16. 16. Contact Info   Kristen Carroll, President/Principal Consultant   Tom Howard, Talent Mgmt. Consultant   Main Number: 857-540-1610