Building your recruiter brand using social media


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Building your recruiter brand using social media

  1. 1. Building Your Recruiter Brand Using Social Media Janine N. Truitt #SoMerecruit
  2. 2. Who’s That Girl? BiographyJanine N. Truitt (also known as @CzarinaofHR on Twitter) is an HRpractitioner based in Long Island, NY. Her recruitment expertise spans theHealthcare, Scientific, Staffing and Consulting fields. In addition, she iswell-versed in recruitment for federal contractors and social recruiting. Sheis currently a Senior Human Resources Representative for BrookhavenNational Laboratory where she focuses on the Recruitment and HRISfunctions. In addition, she is an HR Blogger and Founder of "TheAristocracy of HR "as well as a contributor for Follow her tweetson Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn. #SoMerecruit
  3. 3. My Recruitment Mantras “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. “- Theodore Roosevelt “We will either find a way, or make one!” – Hannibal “The true mark of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.“- Albert Einstein #SoMerecruit
  4. 4. Why is your “Recruiter Brand” important? Candidates are just as interested in the person behind the hiring as they are in the company they are applying to Having a “Recruiter Brand” is different from your company’s recruitment brand or strategy-it’s your personal value proposition By having a brand you become a known entity in your industry Your unique identity will let your candidates know: 1) Your industry experience 2)Your niche and 3) What a candidate can expect in working with you In addition, you have the ability to build credibility via the magic of social media #SoMerecruit
  5. 5. Be Transparent. Be Authentic. The brand you create on social media platforms provide instantaneous branding and marketing It should follow an elevator speech format- who are you, what do you do, and what is your value proposition Consistency in the message you deliver on these profiles is imperative Do not oversell or undersell yourself on your social media profiles-transparency is always best Be Authentic! People are tuning into you not a mock up of someone else. Dare to be you and people will love it. #SoMerecruit
  6. 6. Participate in Social Media Chats There are hundreds of chats for everything from time management to leadership NOTE: It is impossible to participate in every chat that there is on the various social media platforms. Do your research- find one or two chats that are of interest to you and make the time to participate. These chats are chock full of other HR professionals and jobseekers who participate for the purpose of learning, improving their craft and sharing knowledge As you become more savvy at navigating these chats you may opt to join in on a few more or maybe you will be adventurous and start your own. #SoMerecruit
  7. 7. Create a Recruitment Blog A day in the life of a recruiter provides enough material to write a few novels Create a recruitment blog as a way of chronicling your recruitment experiences and sharing best practices. Use the blog as a forum to learn from other professionals in the trenches You may even use your blog to assist jobseekers in their interactions with recruiters- doing this is double duty- as it will help you build credibility as a recruiter and perhaps attract qualified candidates wanting to connect with you #SoMerecruit
  8. 8. Go Webinar Crazy! Many companies are cutting back on their budgets for conferences and paid trainings. There are dozens of recruitment/HR related free webinars that are being given at any given time. It’s thirty minutes to one hour of your time that is dedicated to learning the latest and greatest in the industry. Expand your horizons- don’t limit yourself to recruitment webinars alone. The best part is you don’t have to drive or fly anywhere you can view it from your work or home office. #SoMerecruit
  9. 9. Thanks for attending this webinar.Feel free to e-mail any questions regarding this webinar to or catch me on Twitter @CzarinaofHR #SoMerecruit