Building a Diverse, Multi-Generational Workforce Resulting in Innovative Solutions and Outstanding Service


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Presentation from the ERE Expo 2010 Fall in Florida, presented by Reggie Stewart

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Building a Diverse, Multi-Generational Workforce Resulting in Innovative Solutions and Outstanding Service

  1. 1. o rkforce erse W g a Div ve Solutions Buildin i ugh I nnovat Service thro s tanding a nd Out x
  2. 2. Our Company So de xo loitatio n Hôteli ère Sociét é d'Exp ty" ospitali dH e an pan yo f Servic “A Com   A leading provider of integrated food and facilities management services. •  Present in 80 countries •  Consumer impact >40 million people •  Revenues of $20.5 billion
  3. 3. Our Company   120,000 employees   6000 facilities   Serve organizations in 6 business lines: • Campus Services Our product to our clients is • School Services (K-12) • Corporate Services our people; our ability to • Laundry & Linens Services • Government Services source, attract, and retain • Healthcare   Innovative service solutions: talented employees is pivotal • Food Services • Clinical Nutrition to our company’s (housekeeping) • Environmental Services success • Facilities Engineering   Talent Acquisition • Centralized, cross business lines •  Formed September 2004
  4. 4. Diversity and Inclusion at Sodexo At Sodexo, we believe diversity is a business imperative as well as an ethical and social responsibility, grounded in our values "The success of Sodexo and all global businesses today depends on work environments, cultures and structures that empower diverse workforces. Sodexo’s benchmark- diversity and inclusion strategies and initiatives strengthen our value to all stakeholders. Our organization remains steadfast as we continue to foster an inclusive environment and improve the quality of life for all employees and the clients we serve." George Chavel President & CEO
  5. 5. and H iring a So urcing orkforce Div erse W
  6. 6. 21st Century Recruiting at Sodexo It’s About Connecting Employment Geographic & Branding Social Functional Networking External College Social Networking Diversity Focused Relationships Relationships Associations Twitter on Social Media Blogger Women’s Foodservice Forum Facebook Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers Employee Asian AmericanLinkedIn Alumni Leadership Network YouTube Enhancement Hispanic Alliance for Career Referral Recruiting Flickr Mutlicultural Food & Hospitality Association Virtual Worlds Diversity Native American Professionals New MySpace Sourcing Technologies Future Leaders Military Internship Recruiting
  7. 7. Social Media Demographics African-Americans (43%) and Hispanics (48%) are more likely to have a profile on an online social network compared to Caucasians (31%)   Attracts young adult,   Slight female majority slightly more female   Median age is 26 yrs than male audience though 25% are 35+   Median age is 31 yrs   Higher African   African American American and Asian representation is 10% representation than more than internet internet average average   Median age is 41 yrs   More than 2 times the Asian representation (9%) of the internet average
  8. 8. Diversity Recruitment Philosophy College Relations Sourcing Media Outreach Strategic & Branding Relationships Performance Culture
  9. 9. Diversity Recruitment Philosophy College Relations College   Future Leaders Internship Program Relations Sourcing   STAR Faculty Program   Diverse Campus Involvement   Diverse Student Group Alliances   College Association Relationships Media Outreach Strategic & Branding Relationships Performance Culture
  10. 10. College Enrollment Demographics   Between 2005 and 2016, college enrollment is projected to increase   29% for African American students   45% for Hispanic students   32% for Asian American / Pacific Islander students
  11. 11. College Association Relationships   Local operators, recruiters, Goal: On the Spot Hires   Hiring commitments from all divisions and executives participate   Talent Advisory Council & Operations in local and national events Leadership representation from divisions   SVP/HRD/DM and recruiter interviewers   Strategic plan and/or planning committee for Results: (2007-2009) each association 385 interviews   National and regional board 20 on the spot job offers 27 interns placed memberships 38 hires to date   Targeted sourcing   Build top talent pipeline   Intern sourcing
  12. 12. Diversity Recruitment Philosophy Strategic Relationships College Relations   Organization Strategic Alliances Sourcing   Veteran and Military Recruiting Media Outreach Strategic & Branding Relationships Performance Culture
  13. 13. Organization Strategic Alliances   Local operators, recruiters, and executives participate in local and national events   Strategic plan for each association   Board representation   Identify diverse network groups within national Latinos and Hispanics In Dietetics and Nutrition organizations
  14. 14. Veteran and Military Recruiting   Employer of Choice for Veterans   Military Community Alliances   Job Board & Resume Search The combined department of defense services is the most diverse organization in the world.   Internal & External Communications 21% of those who serve are African Americans compared to 12% of the general population.   Military Skills Translation Representation of most minority groups Training at least mirrors that of the general population.   Veteran’s Employee Network Of all of the services, the Army has the highest Group percentage of men and women of color.
  15. 15. Diversity Recruitment Philosophy External Sourcing College   Leveraging Technology & Web 2.0 Relations   Starfinder Employee Referral Program Sourcing   Reconnexions Alumni Community   Targeted Diversity Sourcing Plans   Recruiter Best Practice Sharing Internal Sourcing Strategic Media Outreach & Branding   Employee Network Groups Relationships   High-Potential Internal Talent Performance Culture
  16. 16. Leveraging Technology & Web 2.0 AIRS SourcePoint   On-line Sourcing Channels   Minority Professional Associations   Web Sourcing Techniques
  17. 17. Star Finder Employee Referral Program   Star Finder •  Promote through marketing materials •  On-going communications & contests •  Engage Network Group Percent of Like Referrals -  Females 62.0% -  Males 72.0% -  Black or African Americans 58.3% -  Hispanics 28.6%   Results to date •  33% more Star Finder referals HIRED
  18. 18. Reconnexions Sodexo’s Alumni Community The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that over 67% of employees leaving a company would consider coming back.   Alumni community website   Leverage Employee Network Groups   Continuing communications   Retiree work options   Source of candidates & referrals
  19. 19. Targeted Diversity Sourcing Plans   Recruiter specific local sourcing strategies   Dedicated resource for diversity sourcing for targeted positions and pipeline building   Diversity sourcing team
  20. 20. Internal Mobility Initiatives Factors in Creating a Culture of Internal Mobility Communication   Develop a SodexoNet “Resource Center” that will bring about an understanding of why internal mobility is important and create behavior change in hiring manager and employee development practices. LAUNCH JANUARY 2011 • (Vodcasts filmed March 2010) Geographic Cross-Market Talent Planning   Identification of geographic Hi-Po talent. Monthly communication with the business segments to identify cross-market experiential opportunities such as account openings, stretch assignments and special invites to cross-market meetings for top performers •  Phase 1: Chicago pilot through Metropolitan Business Group. LAUNCHED AUGUST 2010 Internal Mobility requires a cultural commitment. Open House/Unit Visit   Quarterly open house observation sessions will expose Despite its applicability in the current our high performing managers to the various business economic environment, internal segments. LAUNCH JANUARY 2011 •  Phase 1: Chicago pilot through Metropolitan mobility may not be quick to fix. Business Group. Currently identifying units for visits
  21. 21. Enlightenment Program Services are delivered by Executive FY 2010 Results: post-guidance Recruiters to employees graduating indicators of career progress of from Emerging Leaders/Market HiPo Emerging Leaders/Market HiPo Development Programs graduating employees Areas of Focus Results   Career strategies and planning   56 graduates actively participated   Resume critique and templates   33 graduates posted to positions in Career Center   Effective interviewing preparation and techniques   22 graduates received HM interviews for positions   How to build a personal and professional network   10 graduates hired into new positions   How to manage your career path
  22. 22. Diversity Recruitment Philosophy Media Outreach & Branding College   Employment Branding Strategy Relations   Diversity Targeted Branding & Advertising Sourcing   Enhanced Careers Website   Enhanced Job Branding   Direct Mail Communications Media Outreach Strategic & Branding Relationships Performance Culture
  23. 23. SodexoUSA Careers Websites   There are over   By the end of Within 5 years, Network With Us page 4.5 billionover 1 this year, mobile more people will integrates 16 Sodexo phones the web billion users will access in use Careers online properties today. mobile access the web using from a mobile devices than device. desktops. New Careers home page being considered Sodexo’s international standard for worldwide implementation
  24. 24. Quick Response (QR) Code Reader   Link between print media and the web   Real time marketing tool that allows content to be decoded at high speed   Contain a URL up to 4,000 alphanumeric characters
  25. 25. Growing Traffic, Shrinking Spend 250,002 Page Views! Blog & Social Media Launch
  26. 26. Diversity Recruitment Philosophy Performance Culture College   Aspiring to World Class Relations   Sodexo Recognition Sourcing   Professional Development   Accountability Measures   Best Practice Hiring Process Media Outreach Strategic & Branding Relationships Performance Culture
  27. 27. Building a Performance Culture   Build a highly engaged recruitment team   Value customer service, team work, innovation   Celebrate best practices that drive results   Measure and reward on results •  Recruiter performance measures •  Recruiter incentives – Diversity of Slate   Engage operators and HR partners   Promote a warrior recruiter culture   Track measurable ROI •  Source of diverse hires •  Partner college demographics •  Advertising demographics   Build on positive results
  28. 28. Best Practice Hiring Process: Our Validated Selection Process   Our Validated Selection Process drives the hiring process   Preferred qualifications & structured competency interviews help determine best qualified candidates   Validated structured interviews ensure an unbiased process
  29. 29. taining and Re Developing our P eople: re Init iatives Signatu Differ ence! that Make a
  30. 30. Come Alive with Sodexo On-Boarding and Training Program The Phases The Characters The Virtual Learning Environment
  31. 31. Sodexo’s Culture of Mentoring Three Distinct Initiatives   Sodexo’s Mentoring Culture driven by three signature programs: •  IMPACT—a formal, structured approach focused on developing and retaining high-potential employees •  Peer2Peer—a more informal approach sponsored by our Employee Network Groups •  Bridge—an informal program sponsored within each operating division
  32. 32. Leveraging Employee Network Groups   Senior Directors and Recruiters aligned with one or more Network Groups including several that hold formal leadership roles •  Solicit for high potential employee referrals •  Increase awareness of promotional opportunities through Job Alert Bulletins for high profile, critical jobs •  Internal cross-divisional career fairs •  PANG partnership mobilizes membership to participate in college recruitment •  SOL partnership mobilizes member participation in recruitment of diverse engineers
  33. 33. Diversity Awards and Recognition Number #1 Corporate Equality NRAEF Spirit Award ERE Best Diversity Company for Index and Best – Mutltigenerational Recruitment Award Recruiting and Places to Work Workforce Retention Electronic Recruiting Exchange Human Rights Campaign NRAEF DiversityInc. Recruitment 50 Best Companies Top Employer – 5 Top 40 Best Department of the for Latinas to Work Star Status Companies for Year For in the U.S. Diversity Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve ERE Black Enterprise Magazine Latina Style Top 60 Companies Top 10 Companies Best Companies for Best Employers for Top 60 Companies for Hispanics for Recruitment & the GLBT Minorities for Hispanics Retention, #3 Community Hispanic Business Magazine Hispanic Business Magazine DiversityInc. The Advocate Atlanta Tribune Best Companies for Top 10 Companies Top 50 Corporations Top US Companies Jackie B. Trujillo Diverse Graduates for People With for Supplier for Asian Pacific SOAR Award Disabilities, #6 Diversity Americans Diversity Edge Magazine Womens Foodservice Forum DiversityInc. US Hispanic Chamber of Asian Enterprise Magazine Commerce
  34. 34. –  Reggie Stewart –  Senior Director of Talent Acquisition » » »