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A Roadmap to Successful Interviews


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Session from the ERE Expo Spring 2011, presented by Dan Jessup

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A Roadmap to Successful Interviews

  1. 1. Consistent Employment Branding and the emphasis of HOW over WHAT
  2. 2.   Launched in Chicago in November 2008  Over _ million subscribers, in over 40 countries  Deals from local businesses shared via email to opt-in subscribers  Offers have a collective action minimum (“tipping point”)  Deals are time sensitive…buy it today or miss out on the offer.  Engage audience and build loyalty with signature write-ups.
  3. 3.  Set the expectation – esp. expectation of tone Transparency Pride and excitement Take our jobs very seriously, but might not take ourselves too seriously Objectivity
  4. 4.  Social Media presence Employees as ambassadors Job postings – external & on corp site Non-recruiting marketing & media presence Office Interview Expectations & Follow-up On-boarding / Orientation
  5. 5.  Tangible vs. Intangible aspects of the candidate, the role, the company Risk of allowing skills & experience relevance to drown out team dynamic considerations “Reading people” Impact of improvisation – subtext •  How vs. What
  6. 6.  Dedicated page for Recruiting
  7. 7.  Dedicated handle - @grouponjobs Consistent branding through FB as well… same handle, same primary admin on our team Others encouraged to chime in
  8. 8.  Objectivity Clarity Surprise Humor Eliminate, or acknowledge clichés
  9. 9.  We have an opening for an additional staff accountant. This should not be confused with a staph accountant, for which we do not have any openings at this time. [Corecomponents & Requirements follow]
  10. 10.  All candidates draw pictures of themselves while waiting for meeting Reading material includes Awkward Family Photos, The Pop-up Book of Phobias, along with copies of recent press coverage (i.e. Forbes) •  Reflects combo of “take job seriously and with pride, but don’t take ourselves too seriously”
  11. 11.  Mostinterviews start with tour, explaining how each department fits into the plan Wallscovered with mix of white-board collaboration, headshots of employees, or white-board random art
  12. 12.  Not assuming the candidate wants the job Level the playing field, act as peer / advisor Conversation more than Q&A Randomness (actions, attire, other people entering room) Closing out, setting expectations…re- emphasize objectivity & lack of assumptions
  13. 13.  The larger goal is to provide context, truth…who is the company behind the text?
  14. 14.  Identify our employment brand Consistency in style, messaging, presentation Capitalize on as many touch points as possible Play to our strengths, know our limitations Emotional & Social Intelligence of Recruiters and Hiring Managers