Tell Me A Story: Sweeping The Right Candidates Off Their Feet


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Social recruiting is quite popular these days, but most social recruiting is done in the form of “post and pray.” In other words, post an opening and pray a few potential candidates respond. Long gone are those days! In this Jobvite-sponsored webinar, featuring your host Tracey Parsons, you will take home the following on storytelling in the social media realm:

Incorporating storytelling into your recruiting strategy without breaking the bank

Expanding your social strategy to greatly improve your efforts and also equally impact the candidate quality

How to re-purpose content to get the most out of what you already have available to you

And so much more!

This webinar will prove to be absolutely priceless to you if you are serious about really learning what it takes to stretch your dollar further and at the same time have a much greater positive impact on your social recruiting efforts. So join in the upcoming webinar and grant your social recruiting efforts their own “happily ever after.”

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  • There are a marketers all over the world right now who are talking about content marketing and content strategy. They are talking about it for a reason, it is a solid way to build awareness and brand in the new digital social world.

    Social recruiting today is a lot of post and pray as if social is simply a new method to post jobs for free. But, the problem is, it sells you short. Really short. Because the opportunity of social recruiting is so much bigger than this. It is not simply another medium for you to post jobs for free. The reason being: well, let’s get into this webinar already...
  • Today we will cover the really cluttered social landscape, how we need to evolve. What you need to know about content strategy and content marketing and how you can do it without breaking the bank!
  • Today’s Landscape – we have so much of everything that it is almost paralyzing. And when things are like this we can do one of three things: We can become paralyzed, we can race and cut corners, or we try to make what we currently do fit into the new paradigm – which is what recruiting is doing…
  • Post and pray. We do it because it is comfortable and we know we need to attract talent to our jobs, so, the lowest barrier of entry is simply using social as a job posting feed...I am here to tell you this approach is a big missed opportunity.
  • And if you are using social as post and pray, you are not alone.
  • I need a BIG payoff here – it is like we are all expecting social to be that mythical creature that can right our candidate flow. And they way we are using it – this will never come true. But, we can get there – ok, maybe not rainbow unicorn results, but, better results. So...
  • And the time is right to evolve. Social is always evolving and we should be evolving as well. We can do this, but there are two really good reasons to evolve.
  • Candidates, customers everyone on social that is not a brand is wise to our ruse. They know we (advertisers) are subsidizeing their social experience and they are actively tuning us out. And if all they see over and over again is posting after posting, they will really tune out. While your 200 open reqs are really important to you, not all of those open reqs are not super important to your candidates who are reviewing your social content. So, they are onto us and actively tuning us out. In fact, in September a Pew Report showed that “86% of internet users have taken steps online to remove or mask their digital footprints”.
  • Is social your #1 source of quality candidate? Is social a top source of hire? Aren’t there better performers in your sourcing and hiring strategy? I believe that social is being misused for talent acquisition and I’ve seen first hand what the “other” way can produce.
  • It really is a simple change.
  • Storytelling is one of the things that make people really people. We love to tell stories, we love to listen to stories and today’s marketing landscape rewards great story tellers. We want to hear the real thing. And when it comes to making a decision to join a company, people want to know more than what’s on the website. They want to understand what it is going to be like to work there. Think about it, when someone decides to take a new position, it is most likely something they have thought long and hard about. It is about changing their lives, their daily commutes, the people they encounter every single day. They want more than we are giving them and we could easily start giving them what they need and want with storytelling in social.
  • long ago factory workers were read to by a lecturer. The lecturer shared the news of the day and read literature to those working in factories. Stories are incredibly important to American culture, folklore and as you will find, it can be incredibly powerful in recruiting.
  • And it has been around in the working culture forever. It is human. Storytelling intills values and we talk ALL THE TIME about this as an industry.
  • We talk about this all the time, we talk about hiring for culture and training for skill and yet we don’t do a ton to help people screen in and out for culture fit. THIS is why content marketing is important and THIS is how we need to use social.
  • What makes you unique, interesting, different. It is your defendable culture. Defendable is a critical component here. And that is where we need to be. We have to be able to defend the position with real stories.
  • Are there commonly misunderstood things about your brand?
    Are there things you wish candidates knew about your culture?
    What makes you unique
  • You may be thinking this is scary and going to be crazy expensive. Who will write all this content. Where will be put it. Before you hang up on me, I am going to share with you the content marketing rule of thumb
  • Here’s the good news. 80% of the content you share on Social Media should bring value to your audience. That means that 80% of the things you post to Twitter, Facebook and LnkedIn should not be about you. It should be something that interests the candidate. And again, I do not mean job postings. I mean valuable things for their candidacy. Productivity tips, etc. And if you want to be really innovative, you will think about content that you can share that will highlight cultural things that are valuable to candidates. Think about the story I told earlier. Recommending nursing shoes is valuable for nurses, BUT it also teaches them what it means to work for you, that you will stand a lot and that is why content like that is a major win. So, 80% of the content you share socially should be content you find and share. This means that you should be responsible for creating only 20% of the content you share.
  • After this call, or even right now – go count your last 10 company Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn updates, See how many are about you and job postings and how many are adding valuable insights into your culture or adding value to the candidate’s day? If you do better than 50/50, tweet me the count and the page and be very proud! You are more than ½ way there/
  • You have to earn the right to talk about your self. Builds trust. You remember trust right?
  • Again – it may feel daunting to find all that content. I am going to tell you it is super easy. I spend less than 30 minutes a week finding content to share.
  • It is all about curating. The internet is full of great content, it is a matter of finding those blogs, news sources and creative expressions that you can share that interest your audience and live your culture.
  • Or any other content aggregator. Flipboard is another example.
  • There are also tools you can use to post these articles in a few clicks.
  • You’re on the hook for this. But, it doesn’t have to be big items. Content is more diverse than this...
  • Content comes in all shapes and sizes, it can be a facebook update, a blog post an ebook. It can be video, imagery, memes, text. But no matter how the content manifests itself, it has to start with a story.
  • And I have had a lot of clients who get scared at this point, but it isn’t scary. It is not a Cat in the Hat size mess.
  • More like a thneed. Good layered content is like a thneed.
  • Can generate up to 20 updates!
    And since the content doesn’t die, you can always resurrect it.
  • There are three things to remember when getting started with content marketing.
  • Always add value to your candidate audience. This helps differentiate you and will help them pay attention to your content.
  • When you launch content, be sure you are ready to respond. People will start interacting with you and your content. The best thing you can do is to have a plan to respond to your candidates. Social is designed to be a two-way communications channel. You should be using it that way as well.
  • Recycle content as needed. Keep in mind a few things. A lot of content you share is missed the first time you share it, so recycling it isn’t a bad thing, it is a useful thing. It makes good sense.
  • And be original. Have a voice, tell a story you will see an impact.
  • And if you do this, I can tell you that what you get in return will be...
  • When people know what you stand for and understand the company, culture and position, there is less disconnect with your brand and when there is less disconnect, there are ...
  • Most importantly, people will be able to screen themselves in and out. Content marketing done right saves time, money and effort. Rehiring people who accept offers and quit quickly is expensive. If they know what it is like before they apply, interview and accept, they are more likely to stick and isn’t that what we all want?
  • Tell Me A Story: Sweeping The Right Candidates Off Their Feet

    1. 1. Tell me a story Sweeping the right candidates off their feet
    2. 2. Agenda • Today’s social recruiting landscape • Our evolving times • All about content marketing • How can you do content – Do’s – Don’ts • How to know you’ve done it right
    3. 3. 72%Use social to advertise jobs CareerArc study, 2013
    4. 4. We must evolve (for 2 simple reasons)
    5. 5. They are onto us
    6. 6. Is it really working out?
    7. 7. A SIMPLE CHANGE Storytelling & Content Marketing
    8. 8. Stories have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, cultural preservation and instilling values.
    9. 9. Hire for culture, train for skill
    10. 10. ABOUT CONTENT MARKETING What it is and how to do it
    11. 11. Who you are as an employer + The REAL stories you need to tell to support it
    12. 12. Find themes Start small – maybe 3
    13. 13. Test MeasureLearn
    14. 14. Story Time
    15. 15. HOW TO IMPLEMENT Layered Content
    16. 16. Gut check • Audit your content – Count the last 10 posts – How many were about you? – How many were valuable to your candidates? #Project8020
    17. 17. Where does the 80% come from
    18. 18. Curating content
    19. 19. What kind? • Know what’s important to your audience • What is valuable to them? • How can you add to their day?
    20. 20. Step One
    21. 21. Find blogs that matter to your candidates
    22. 22. Step Two
    23. 23. Aggregate those sites into Feedly*
    24. 24. Step Three
    25. 25. Share good links 80% of the time
    26. 26. About that 20%...
    27. 27. Test lots of content Images Video Slideshows Text Memes Get Creative. But…Start with a story!
    28. 28. The Answer: Layering
    29. 29. One Blog Post 10 Tweets 10 FB updates LinkedIn post Webinar YouTube video Guest blog post Meme Pinterest image
    30. 30. Content Marketing: Do
    31. 31. Content Marketing: Don’t
    32. 32. More of the same Post & Pray Set unrealistic expectations Talk about you all the time
    33. 33. What you’ll get in return
    34. 34. Fans, followers, likes, comments, shares
    35. 35. Less brand disconnect
    36. 36. Better informed candidates
    37. 37. Questions?? Let’s sweep the best off their feet!
    38. 38. Resources • Aggregators – – Flipboard • Scheduling tools – – – • Content Calendar template – • Where you can read more – – –