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Recruitment process & approach


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Recruitment process & approach

  1. 1. Content• Introduction• Factor that effecting in recruitment process• Recruitment Process• Recruitment Approaches• Talent Management• Conclusion 11/7/2012 (c) eRecruit Staffing Solutions 2
  2. 2. Introduction• Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring the best-qualified candidates from with in or outside of organization for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effectively manner.• The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organizations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time. 11/7/2012 (c) eRecruit Staffing Solutions 3
  3. 3. Factor that effecting in recruitment process • Recruitment process effected due to Internal factors and external factors – Internal Factors • Recruitment Policy of the organization • Size of the organization & Number of employees employed • Cost involved in recruitment • Growth and expansion plan of organization – External Factors • Supply & demand of specific skill set in market • Political & Legal considerations such as Reservations of jobs for reserved categories • Company’s Image perception by the job seekers 11/7/2012 (c) eRecruit Staffing Solutions 4
  4. 4. Recruitment Process Identify vacancy Decision Prepare a Job Making Description Conducting Advertising Interview the vacancy Arrange Managing Interviews Response Short listing 11/7/2012 (c) eRecruit Staffing Solutions 5
  5. 5. Recruitment Approaches• There are a variety of recruitment approaches and most organizations will utilize a combination of two or more of these as part of a recruitment exercise or to deliver their overall recruitment strategy.• The steps for recruiting approaches are : † In-house recruitment » Internal recruiters » Employee referral † Outsourcing † Employment agencies » Traditional agencies » Niche recruiter † Executive search firms “Headhunters” † Internal Recruitment services 11/7/2012 (c) eRecruit Staffing Solutions 6
  6. 6. Talent Management• Talent acquisition is the targeted recruitment/aquistion of high performing teams for example; in sales management or financial traders into a company from a competitor or similar type of organization. Organizations requiring external recruitment or head-hunting firms are now employing "talent acquisition" specialists whose job it is to identify, approach and recruit top performing teams from competitors. This role is a highly specialized role akin to that of a traditional recruiter/headhunter specialist but carrying greater visibility and strategic importance to a business. In many cases the talent acquisition person is linked directly to a companys executive management, given the potential positive impact a company can benefit from by getting high performing sales people into the business, whilst removing the same performing sales people from competitors. 11/7/2012 (c) eRecruit Staffing Solutions 7
  7. 7. 11/7/2012 (c) eRecruit Staffing Solutions 8