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Dan kom april10

Presentation on how to create caring communities at Dansk Kommunikation Forening event on April 10th, 2013. Entertains concepts of gamification and positive psychology in the context of engagement.

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Dan kom april10

  1. 1. CREATING COMMUNITIES ERDEM OVACIK THAT CARE 10/04/2013Photography: Erdem Ovacik
  2. 2. Good old push doesn’t work
  3. 3. …and marketing folks know it already: “82% of marketers agree thatcollaboration with customers will prevail over marketing.” 1-1media, 2008
  4. 4. Marketing folks can’t convince their bosses: 80 percent of CEO’s dont really trustthe work done by marketers. (Eloqua, 2012) => Should it be called marketing after all?
  5. 5. & “Talk about”So, marketing goals end up being a count on “Like’s” and “PTAs”. Doesn’t really say much about the quality of the conversation.
  6. 6. “Listening” is good, but mainly just customer support and crisis management. If you want to co-create, it’s not going to get you there.
  7. 7. Cognitive Surplus. We now have time & platforms to create stuff. (C. Shirky) The question is “what activity will give me most satisfaction..?”
  8. 8. Status Open badges. rankings Access Meet the team, see product pre/launch Power Get to vote Stuff Prizes © Gabe Zichermann Gamification motivatorsGamify – to win in the race for attention.
  9. 9. Status AccessPower Stuff Can you adopt these concepts (online or offline)?
  10. 10. Be part of movement bigger then yourself Get in a flow Pleasure activities © Martin Seligman Positive Psychology Sources of happiness“People who feel they made a difference are sustainably happier.”
  11. 11. Be part ofmovement bigger then yourself Get in a flow Pleasure activities Counter-intuitive?
  12. 12. Some organizations take the challenge & make online crowd part of the team. not only consumers, but co-creators.
  13. 13. Clear explanation of how you can have influence!Thousands of designs submitted. But they have guidelines.
  14. 14. Heineken’s crowd-recruitment gives the fans the chance to define the identity of the company by picking its staff!
  15. 15. “Mein Burger” Gernmany, 2011. 45,000 submissions, 21 million unique visitors. Best campaign ever. Now repeated all over.
  16. 16. Rather promise something small and concrete then big and vague.
  17. 17. Online activism. Petitioning / Fundraising / Offline organizing...Causes vs Avaaz, Greenpeace, etc: democracy to activism
  18. 18. From 0% to 10% in regional elections. 30% consider voting for them (exit polls). What issue politic did they play on? None. They give the mic away.
  19. 19. Wedecide is a new service to help organizations listen in a different way. It’s about making change happen.
  20. 20. Engage your clout on social media on questions of your interest.
  21. 21. Developing ideas together
  22. 22. Viral expansion thanks to deep integration with social networks
  23. 23. Thanks…Stay in touch @erdemnino