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Holes and Goals Project


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Published in: Education
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Holes and Goals Project

  1. 1. Holes and Goals Project: Drawing By: Emily Davis
  2. 2. Drawing SyllabusRational: I LOVE ART!!! However, due to mytwo-dimensional insecurities, I am not in lovewith drawing.Enduring Understanding: The ability to draw allowsfor greater self-expression as well as a greaterunderstanding of other artistic mediums. Drawing isseen as a medium as well as a stepping-stone whenlearning how to paint, use pen and ink, watercolor, andeven before creating a sculpture. Thus, having a greaterunderstanding of how to draw will significantly supportany student’s desire to expand their overall artisticaptitude.
  3. 3. Essential Questions: – What are the most important and widely used basic drawing techniques, materials, and methods? What are the most commonly used intermediate drawing techniques and skills? – What are the appropriate names of the various drawing materials, techniques and skills that have been learned? – What drawing methods were found in the artworks of well-known artists? Where these fundamental techniques or modern techniques that were not often used? – How is this knowledge used and demonstrated in observation and real world situations?
  4. 4. Course Products: – Keeping a sketchbook! This sketchbook will incorporate required technical exercises in at least 20 “Free” drawings. Free drawings can have any subject matter; however, they must incorporate the learned skill. – Draw three thumbnail sketches of a landscape. Pick one of the sketches and draw a more detailed grid drawing of that same image. – Create a comic strip that expresses your experience with drawing, what you need to work on, or perhaps what you like most about drawing. What you express is up to you, but you must utilize your new drawing skills! – For the final project, draw a Self-Portrait that incorporates learned techniques and demonstrates solid understanding of beginner drawing skills.
  5. 5. My Favorite Sources: – Faces and Features, Debra Yaun – Step-by-Step for Drawing, Jenny Rodwell – Drawing Workshop, Lucy Watson – Drawing from life, George Bridgman – Drawing figures and faces, Barclay SheaksSources that need more attention: – – The big book of Drawing, Jose Parramon – The complete guide to painting and drawing, Colin Hayes – The art of teaching art to children, Beal & Miller
  6. 6. Discoveries/ Reflections – I discovered that I learn by following step by step images. Once I feel confident, I can then transfer the learned technique to an image of my choice. – I also learned that drawing takes immense amounts of patiences…This I am still learning. – I choose a topic that was to broad - drawing. In hind sight, I would have chosen an aspect of drawing, such as portraits, the human form, landscapes, etc. – Due to the fact that I chose such a large topic, I discovered my hatred for landscapes! – I realized I paid more attention to the books that were thinner…Whether I am unconsciously being lazy or unconsciously being smart, I am going to try not to discriminate based on size.
  7. 7. What I learned about art and my students! – I don’t believe I could use any of these task with elementary school students; however, these projects would be excellent for high school students. With that in mind, I believe these projects would be helpful assessments for high school students learning how to draw. – After completing these projects, I have a greater appreciation for students that are not good at art, don’t have any confidence, don’t like art, or don’t have any patience. When learning about various art topics a great deal of patience is needed in order to be successful.Where to next.. – As I move forward in my content development, I plan to continue learning various drawing techniques. Once I get a firm understanding of all the various drawing techniques, materials, and skills, I plan to start working on my painting skills.