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Gamfed Turkey - Gamification Hackathon - 21-22-23.09.2018 / Turkcell GNCYTNK - BUG Lab


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Gamfed Turkey - Gamification Hackathon - 21-22-23.09.2018 / Turkcell GNCYTNK - BUG Lab

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Gamfed Turkey - Gamification Hackathon - 21-22-23.09.2018 / Turkcell GNCYTNK - BUG Lab

  1. 1. GNCYTNK 1440 Tuna Pamir, Sercan Muhlaci, FıratAlpaydın, EnesYavuz, Onur Orhan, Seyyid Doğan TURKCELLYOUNGTALENTS GAMIFIED RECRUITINGAPP
  2. 2. GNCYTNK - GNCYTNKprogram online precense - Filtering innovative &talented candidates - Length ofthe recruitment processes - Matchingtalentswith departments - OtherTurkcellproducts - Forming GNCYTNKGlobalPlatform - Gamified recruitment process - Digitalized candidate analysis - Collective & collaborativetask system - Lowcost product qualitytesting and promotion - Increased socialmedia Interaction - Newbrand ambassadors 1440 PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. GNCYTNK 1440 FORESIGHT “Artık müşterilerimizin sadece 32 dakikalık arama-aranma sürelerinde değil 1440 dakika süren gün boyuncayanlarında olmak için çalışıyoruz” KAAN TERZİOĞU
  4. 4. GNCYTNK 1440 GNCYTNK GNCYTNKisTurkcell’s recruiting and onboarding programfortalented universitystudents. Aim istofind / assess /filterthe right candidatetothe right department inTurkcell. GNCTNKis both a mobile app and aweb application. Students jointhis programthrough different options like referrals / ads etc. Core concept isto allowthe studentstofindtheir true potentialfor innovation,teamwork & personalimprovements. BENEFITS - Decreasingthe recruitmenttime span - Matchingthe candidate &the company - Reaching outto bigger range ofpotentialcandidates 1440 WHATIS GNYTNKGAMIFIED RECRUITINGAPP ?
  5. 5. Merve Savcı 21, Bilgi University Public Relations SociallyActive EconomicallyFree Likestotravel Wantsto improve 2foreign languages Afraidtofailat giventasks Ahmet Öğretici 25,Ankara University Business Management Less SocialActivity 2YearsWork Experience Betterworking condition Wantsto Innovate Afraidto be unsuccessfull Mert Saf 19,YıldızTechnicalUni IndustrialDesign Likesto be a geek Hardcore gamer Don’t have plansforfuture Wantsto be more social Afraidto be alone GNCYTNK 1440 JOURNEY
  6. 6. GNCYTNK Trying newopportunities Meeting newpeople Introducedto GNCYTNK Afriend referredto GNCYTNK, Not so hopeful Joins GNCYTNKvia Veryactive on platform Invitedto ınterview Accepted Joinsfinance department Could’not join GNCYTNK because offoregn language Invitedfor another job opportunity Becomes brand ambassador and QASpecialist. Designs MobileApps Gives a shot in GNCYTNK online ad. Joins GNCYTNKworks with mentors Invitedto interview Accepted Recruited mobile app developer teamto make his socialappforTurkcell 1440 JOURNEY
  7. 7. 1440 GNCYTNK - Profile pageto monitor progression - Motivationalgamification elements - Past objectives & events - Notifications FEATURES
  8. 8. GNCYTNK Objectiveswillcontaintask regarding otherTurkcellproducts. Fast accesto allserviceswillmost likelyincrease the overallusers count. 1440 SERVICES
  9. 9. GNCYTNK - GNCYTNKonboarding personalitytests - Questionnaires - Meet-ups (FizyBeloved Old Songs) - Socialmediatasks - Cross platform missions - Brand related missions Thesetaskswillrevealvitalinformation regardingthe candiates other personalities and skillsets. 1440 OBJECTIVES
  10. 10. GNCYTNK GNCYTNKonline objectivetask listwillcover severaltailoredfeaturestotrack progression and completion events. 1440 CUSTOM ONLINETASKS
  11. 11. GNCYTNK - Badgesfor objective completions -Turkcellservice promotions - Invitationto specialevents - Freetrainings - Extra progressionfor sharing - Other gifts - BECOMEAYOUNGTALENT 1440 REWARDS
  12. 12. Tuna Pamir, Sercan Muhlaci, FıratAlpaydın, EnesYavuz, Onur Orhan, Seyyid Doğan 1440 GNCYTNK TURKCELLYOUNGTALENTS GAMIFIED RECRUITINGAPP THANKYOU