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Funifier human_focused_funification_2018

Funifier Kworks Istanbul Turkey Gamification Workshop

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Funifier human_focused_funification_2018

  1. 1. HUMAN FOCUSED GAMIFICATION An Introduction to Funifier’s Gamifiation Solutions Every Manager should Understand what GAMIFICATION is, because games are the new “NORM”. - Bing Gordon (Ex-CCO – Electronic Arts)
  2. 2. • It’s not a game • Where is Gamification • Why does Gamificaiton work • Humans focused Strategy • The Engine Model • The Use Cases • Who’s the Targeted Audiance • Best Practices • Why it’s a good time to start FUNIFICATION: Gamification Re-Defined At its core, gamification applies various game mechanics to non-game activities so as to trigger specific behaviors. In a business sense, gamification is the process of integrating these game mechanics into everyday tools such as a website, business service, online community, content portal, marketing campaign, mobile applications or even internal business processes, in order to enhance user experience and engagement for target audiences. The overall goal of gamification is to more deeply engage with consumers, employees, partners and other audiences so as to inspire them to participate, collaborate, share and interact in some activity or community. A compelling, dynamic, and sustained gamification experience can be used to accomplish a variety of mission-critical business goals. This is FUNIFICATION. What’s covered Gamification - the craft of deriving all the fun and addicting elements found in games and applying them to real-world or productive activities. - source: Gamification - the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. - source: Funification - The process of going between boredom and having a blast. - source:
  3. 3. Gamification takes biology, psychology and game theory to the next level to motivate people. And you need an Enterprise Tool to apply this knowledge. DISCOVERY TECHNIQUES FOR MOTIVATION98 OCTALYSIS MOTIVATION ELEMENTS & TECHNIQUES FOR GAMES THE FOUR STAGES OF GAMIFICATION PROPRIETARY METHODOLOGY GAMIFICATION IS NOT A TOOL FOR KIDS 1st ENTRY 2st ROUTINE 3st ENDGAME 4st Source: Yu-Kai Chou
  4. 4. Gamification has been used for ages in various situations to engage targeted audiences online... GAMIFICATION IS EVERYWHERE Educational with Duolingo Rewards programs (Delta Skymiles, AirCanada, etc.) Social Networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) E-Commerce site (Amazon, eBay, etc)
  5. 5. But also offline…. Such as… GAMIFICATION IS EVERYWHERE The Worlds Deepest bin… To throw rubbish in the bin instead of onto the floor shouldn’t really be so hard. Many people still fail to do so. Can we get more people to throw rubbish into the bin, rather than onto the ground, by making it fun to do? See it here. Piano Staircase… ”Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better” is something we often hear or read in the Sunday papers. Few people actually follow that advice. Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do? See it here The Speed Camera Lottery… The winning idea of the fun theory award, submitted by Kevin Richardson, USA. Can we get more people to obey the speed limit by making it fun to do? This was the question Kevin’s idea answered and it was so good that Volkswagen, together with The Swedish National Society for Road Safety, actually made this innovative idea a reality in Stockholm, Sweden. See it here. Bottle Bank Arcade Machine… Many of us return our plastic bottles and cans. Noticeably fewer recycle their glass. Maybe that's because we don't get any money in return, as we do for cans and plastic. Can we change this attitude by making recycling glass fun to do? So you are not just rewarded with a good conscience, you also get a smile. See it here
  6. 6. SOCIETY IS CHANGING, COMPANIES HAVE TO ADAPT Reciprocity & Feedback Immediate & Positive Feedback Meritocracy & Visibility Mesure to Improve MYTHICAL MILLENNIAL ? Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation Millennials, whom are defined as those ages 18-34 in 2015, now number 75.4 million, surpassing the 74.9 million Baby Boomers (ages 51-69). The Millennial generation continues to grow as young immigrants expand its ranks & has taken part in many important transformations from shifting ways of communicating and using technology, to changes in parenting practices, educational and career choices, and shifts in homeownership and family life. Corporates like LinkedIn & Oracle are hiring “Millennials Consultants” for their expertise on how to manage and market to Millennials WHY DOES GAMIFICATION WORK
  7. 7. Where ever there are people, there can be gamification. Funifier’s Funification Engine can be used and applied in a broad spectrum of situations/applications. WHO’S THE TARGET AUDIANCE Events & Marketing Government Organization Healthcare & Well-being Sales, Partners Human Resources & Onboarding Renewable energy Training & Education Website & E-commerce Mobile applications Intranets & Extranets Internet Of Things Research & Development Increase your feedback & participation across your company events Motivate ministries to provide better service to your citizens Incent patients to adopt & maintain a healthier lifestyle choices Incentivize revenue growth for sales & channel partners by competitions Decrease employee onboarding by 6 to 2 month via various win-states Change the way people drive their car by means of a green indicator Encourage staff to pursue optional training to enhance their careers Honor returning visits & purchases and incentivize future ones Apply the 80+ game technics to keep players glued to the game Link intranets & other internal tools to increase adoptions Why not gamify a hand gesture, clap or whistling? Accelerate R&D by involving more than just the scientist in the research
  8. 8. Simple approach… targeted results. All funifications are targeted to the Business Metrics that one would like to track. HUMAN FOCUSED STRATEGY 1. Define Business Metrics 2. Define & understand who your users are 3. Define the Desired Actions 4. Define the Users Statistics 5. Define the Incentives 1. Game Objectives 2. Players 3. Win-States 4. Feedback mechanics 5. Drives Players Feedback Mechanics Desired Actions Business Metrics Win-States Incentives commits tracks triggers embedded progress impact results Source: Yu-Kai Chou
  9. 9. Funification through the worlds most advanced & flexible Engine on the market THE ENGINE MODEL For Engineers, full stack APIs : using REST or JavaScript API to tracking user behavior & retrieving generated data (Widget such as player profile, leader boards, newsfeeds, Win-State lists, Rewards) For Designer & Marketers, Studio Admin Interface: using Funifier STUDIO, designers can create & modify trophies, badges, rewards & even make changes to the User Engagement Strategy on the fly without having to touch the customer facing interface. Apply and your changes are live. Various components make it possible: 4 stacked layer make it possible for you to use Funifier the best way the suite you. From the core Engine to the FunPack and the Admin UI, the 700+ integration point provide the Engineers and Gamification Designers multiple options when it comes to their End User Engagement Strategy. Marketplace for a Pick & Chose of Funification Artifacts: a complete marketplace where one can pick and chose the widgets, languages, game techniques and anything else that needs to be custom to the engagement strategy for the best Funification results. FREE APIs JS / REST FUNIFIER CORE ENGINE STUDIO: FUNIFIER ADMIN USER INTERFACE CLIENT CUSTOMIZATIONS CRM FUNPACKs EDUCATION (LMS) FUNPACKs HUMAN RESOURCES FUNPACKs EVENT FUNPACKs LOYALTY PROGRAM FUNPACKs BPO FUNPACK CUSTOM FUNPACK MANAGEMENT LAYER INTEGRATION LAYER GAMIFICATION LAYER CORE APPLICATION LAYER INTRANET / EXTRANET FUNPACKS MARKETPLACE
  10. 10. BUSINESS USE CASES Gamification Case Studies and they results EXAMPLE: LARGEST BRASILIAN BANK - Caixa Econômica Federal With more than 200,000 employees and more than 75 million customers, the Bank created a gamification using the Funifier platform to encourage bank customers to use digital channels. Most customers prefer to conduct their financial transactions with a teller. The gamification is being used to engage customers to conduct their transactions through mobile and internet banking application. Through the gamification, customers earn rewards points when they utilise the bank’s mobile application, perform transactions via internet banking as well as when they invite friends using these channels. Customers also participate in monthly draws of various incentives such as smartphones and travel packages. Free to use for clients Increased rate of Mobile app usage by 70% within the first month By 800% within the first 6 months Currently has over 10,000,000+ active players 300,000,000+ transaction per month
  11. 11. BUSINESS USE CASES Gamification Case Studies and they results EXAMPLE: ELO CREDIT CARD INSTITUTION: A Brasilian Credit Card Processing company wanted to gain a larger market share in a specific region. The company has created a mobile application to be able to expand the network of establishement that will be accepting the card. The App directly engages & rewards the 315,000 employee of various financial institutions to push the new card into various retails spots around the area by means of enhancing the player experience and rewards it with prizes to be won. Scoring, check-ins, awards, newsfeeds, social pressure and market place are one of the many game techniques used. Free to use for clients Currently has over 1,600,000 active establishments 315,000 Employee at the banks are ambassadors
  12. 12. BUSINESS USE CASES Gamification Case Studies and they results EXAMPLE: INSURANCE COMPANY – WIZ (SalesForces Gamification) This gamification was created solely to engage with a team of 1,500 sales staff of insurance broker to hit their targets. Sellers have personal sales goals for each of the various products marketed by the company. Funifier was used to keep the sales team focus on business goals, as well as the possibility of personal financial gain they can obtain if they reach their goals. Custom Design and Gamification running through Funifier was incorporated into SalesForce so as to measure the player's progress in each segment and calculate sales bonus that he will receive. Every time the player advances the system presents feedback to engage him even more. One of the interesting points of gamification was the use of the "Last Mile Drive" game technique that kicks in when the player is close to reaching a goal so as to inform him how much more sales he needs to perform and how long he has so as to attain the maximum goal. Proposal Draft End Design
  13. 13. Funification Case Studies and they results BUSINESS USE CASES EXAMPLE: MAJOR ATHLETIC CLUB - CECAF A common problem among athletics clubs is the difficulty of retaining customers. Most them simply stop going to the club after the first few months. To reverse this scenario, it is necessary to enhance the client experience from the start and for that to happen you need your club staff to provide a good service and create a connection between them and the customers. With gamification, customers began evaluating staff’s services who then appeared in weekly leaderboards of the top performers. With the completion of check-in at the athletic club, customers accumulate points to exchange for food supplements. In addition to that, a number of challenges can be carried out individually or in groups encourage the customers to interact with each other. All customers now receive feedback and have the daily feeling of progressing. And all staff now are eyeing the ranking and striving to provide the best service. Staff service is evaluated by students Employee productivity increased by 116% Clients accumulate points to spend on Supplements
  14. 14. Some keys principles to ponder on before you start… BEST PRACTICES Know your users, master the journey, involve them and multidisciplinary teams at the early stages Design for your users – be the Sherpa not the mountain Define clear KPIs and dare to measure what has never been measured before Playtest, again, again and again. Dream big, but start small, then expand. Collect data & feedback so as to improve over time KISS – Keep It Simple & Smart, at all times. Novelty, bring it often & in iterations If it’s business related, don’t forget that it’s business related! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You’re in it for the long run. Be transparent, it’s the key for success! It does not have to be fun, but Exciting Be smart is using game mechanics, specially the PBL (Points, Badge, Leaderboards) Keep as many touchpoints between the players and the end application
  15. 15. 50% 2013 Of all social business initiatives will include an enterprise gamification component (Constellation Research) 2014 70% Of the Forbes Global 200 companies will use gamification for at least one aspect of their organization (Gartner) 2015 50% Of companies that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes (Gartner) 2017+ 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Spending on Social Media Marketing and Gamification Social Media Marketing Gamification (in Billions $) Source: M2Research Steady & Constant Rise • 2012: $242 million • 2015: $1.7 billion • 2016: $2.8 billion • 2018: $5.5 billion • 2020: $10 billion Effective • 14% higher in skill-bases assessments, • 11% higher in terms of factual knowledge, • 9% increase in retention rates On Demand • 79% of employees and university students in a study said a game introduced to their learning environment would make them more productive. • Millennials who make up 60% of today’s workforce love the fun, play, transparency, design, competition and addiction that they can achieve in a single social or serious game. It’s not all about fun nor technology • Gamification uses 75% psychology and 25% Technology Seeing increasing demand from various firm and government agencies to leverage gamification (Funifier & Partners) WHY GETTING ONBOARD NOW IS GOOD TIMING?
  16. 16. Funifier is the leader in the Gamification space. Through it’s flexible Funifier Studio Solution for enterprises, it allows corporates to integrate game mechanics and user's behavior analysis, with solutions and processes already in place at your business, supporting design and implementation in a wide variety of systems. A solution that can motivate your customers or employees using gamification. Funifier is a solution to get your customer loyalty and keep your team engaged and committed to reach your company's goals. For more information, visit , follow us @TheFunifier or reach out to us in your respective region. Copyright © Funifier Inc., 2018. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Australia (APAC) +61 409 429 394 Funifier Offices Partners and Resellers Canada (HQ) +1 (514) 833 2415 Brazil (R&D) +55 (61) 84038568 France (EMEA) +33 661 073 169 Regional Contact Information Direct Lines Copyright © Funifier Inc., 20178 All rights reserved.