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BETT MEA 2018 - GEO College - GEO Koleji GEOGEN Slides


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Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz - Şenay Çaylan

Published in: Education
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BETT MEA 2018 - GEO College - GEO Koleji GEOGEN Slides

  1. 1. GEO COLLEGE / How to Onboarding with Gamification Ercan Altug YILMAZ
  2. 2. EDUCATION GROWTH DREAMS Children will always learn; • They learn early on by play. • They learn on the streets and in the classrooms, • They learn from families,peers and teachers. • They learn from television and internet and from books. • They learn to compete or cooperate • They learn fear or trust • They learn join or isolate
  3. 3. 15.02.217 EDUCATION OF THE FUTURE - GEO EDUCATION 4.0 VALUES LITERACY WISDOM COMPETENCY Values, Literacy, Wisdom and Competency is indispensable to bring up all children as people of the future for a multi-functional success!
  4. 4. WHY HAS GEO BEEN FOUNDED DESPITE OF THOUSANDS OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN THE MARKET? We believe VALUES are very important in the learning process of the individual and becoming a lifetime learner. • PASSION • WILL • INSPIRATION • VIRTUE
  5. 5. WHY HAS GEO BEEN FOUNDED DESPITE OF THOUSANDS OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN THE MARKET?Passion Every process beginning with passion will result in success and true learning. At GEO, we attach great importance to creating opportunities for our students to follow their passions.
  6. 6. WHY HAS GEO BEEN FOUNDED DESPITE OF THOUSANDS OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN THE MARKET?Will One of the essential values of becoming a lifetime learner is Will We support our students directing their habits of achievements with their own will at GEO.
  7. 7. WHY HAS GEO BEEN FOUNDED DESPITE OF THOUSANDS OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN THE MARKET?Inspiration Every inspiring work is also a result of the passion and will. At GEO, we are guiding our students to achieve great successes with inspiration.
  8. 8. WHY HAS GEO BEEN FOUNDED DESPITE OF THOUSANDS OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN THE MARKET?Virtue Virtue is among main values shaping the learning experience. Learning should be applied at every field of life and at all times when combined with virtue. At GEO, we create spaces where our students are able to become part of social life at every work with the understanding of virtue.
  9. 9. What does the school of the future look like? We begin with a new vital mission: desinging today’s schools for tomorrow’s world. We design special spaces supporting our education model based on the motto of GEO Education 4.0
  10. 10. GEO T-LAB
  11. 11. Why Gamification?
  12. 12. What is Gamification?
  13. 13. Gaming vs Gamifying
  14. 14. Gamification Examples - Swarm
  15. 15. Gamification Examples - Duolingo
  16. 16. How to Gamification?
  17. 17. GEOGEN Akış Şeması
  18. 18. Autonomy * Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – Flow Theory
  19. 19. * Amy Jo Kim - Login to GEOGEN Upload content Sharing others Join clubs Make homework Student of week Quickiest of day Create content with teacher Create clubs Arena
  20. 20. Heroes Experience Journey Scenarios Opening Account Checking Ireland Tasks Enter the student names Reference name Copy ID Give cards Smile Vote Cant find Forget Enter the Portal Click to Right bottom Take call. Ask teacher Count all. Dont Want Dont Have time Doesnt Know Ask friend Check again Talk more Smile Vote Close all Real Journey İdeal Journey Pain Points
  21. 21. 24.04.2018 / BETT PHASES OF GEOGEN Onboard Scaffolding Mastery Onboarding Phases will be reference from their registration form. GEO Gen will offer social clubs to join, show some content to related kid’s background. Also with Avatar mechanic we let them to create their own avatar looks like puppet he or she already did. Scaffolding will be continiue to journey with Daily Quests, and some challanges with other classrooms. We have a Mastery phases call : ARENA. Arena is a end of the semestir some kids who has specific level and complete all tasks they can have to build a team for ARENA. Arena is a question based online tool. Who win the Arena they can win big price like Disneyland Trip, Legoland visit ext.
  22. 22. Zichermann’s SAPS Rewarding Model : Intrinsic Motivation Cost
  23. 23. Lets have a look GEO GEN
  24. 24. GEOGEN Menüler
  25. 25. GEOGEN Menüler Zeynep has cat. Zeynep loves puzzles. Zeynep from Fethiye. GEO Registration FORM :
  26. 26. GEOGEN Welcome
  27. 27. AVATAR
  28. 28. Our students develop communication skills at GEO Puppet classes while they are given opportunities of sharing sequences from their own lives. At our classes where our students will constantly renew themselves; the objective is experiencing the difference of the art that accompanies such renewal under many headings such as stage, expression, technique, deign and creativity.
  29. 29. GEOGEN Avatar
  30. 30. GEOGEN Profil
  31. 31. THANKS