Industrialised Building System report,


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CIDB convention centre, kuala lumpur

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Industrialised Building System report,

  1. 1. Educational Trip Report to CIDB Convention Centre ARK 551 ERAZ AQILAH BINTI TAJUL EDRUS 2009693898 AAP213 7C Trip date : 7 November 2012
  2. 2. Acknowledgement First and foremost, we would like to say our thankfulness to Allah S.W.T. for giving us a chance in completing this report successfully. Upon the completion of our report and on the site visit for our Construction Technology studies, I would like to express my gratitude to our lecturer, En Zakaria bin Yaa’cob ,whom helped to give us guidance and for giving us an opportunity to go to the CIDB Convention Centre trip in Kuala Lumpur. It would also not been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them who has assisted directly and indirectly in completing this assignment, including my parents for giving physically, mentally and financial support. Our special thanks and appreciation also goes to my studio friends for their teamwork in developing and people who have willingly helped us out with their abilities.
  3. 3. Introduction A process of building construction using concept of mass production of wall, beam, slab and etc of industrialised systems, produced at the factory or onsite within controlled environments, it includes the logistic and assembly aspect of it, done in proper coordination with thorough planning and integration. Upon the arrival in the IBS Component Gallery, we were welcomed, assisted and given a talk by the staff about the basic understanding on IBS. Based on my understanding, Industrialised Building System (IBS) is a technique of construction where construction are manufactured in factories, transported and assembled and erected into construction sites. PROCESS It literally means that those parts of building that are repetitive but difficult, time consuming, labour intense to cost at site are design and detailed as standardised components at factory. The IBS involves casting using innovative and clean mould technologies such as steel, aluminium and plastic. Three classification of IBS which is :  According to structural system : panel, linear, box system  According to material : timber, bricks, blockwork, steel, reinforced concrete  According to relative weight of component MANUFACTURING TRANSPORT ASSEMBLY
  4. 4. Purposes o to move away from the typical paradigm of prefabricated systems. o should be seen as innovation in construction. o IBS is not to be seen as a threat to traditional methods. It should be improve their processes collectively. o IBS should move up the degree of industrialisation from prefabrication to reproduction through innovation. o Promotion towards zero defects and promoting modularisation and standardisation o Reduce the dependency on foreign workers o To get the higher quality and better finishes Advantages of using Ibs system o Better quality The ibs component will ensure the low quality products are not marketed. o Productivity o Safer construction environment o Produce large production of ibs o Producing the right part In the right place at the right time. o Cost saving because of the repetitive use of material o Can save time up to 7.2 months compared to conventional method of construction
  5. 5. We went to IBS Component Galley, and have a talk with the person incharge .
  6. 6. These are the type of component that being exhibit at the gallery.
  7. 7. Formwork system Formwork in IBS can be used using steel besides timber. The IBS formwork can be re-used 20 times minimum up to maximum of 80 times. It is suitable for multi storey building as most design is repeated in every floor of the building. FORMWORK SYSTEM TIMBER FRAMING SYSTEM
  9. 9. Blocwork system, IBS Blocks The blocks has the minimum size is 200x100x300. The minimum size of the block is equals to six red bricks. Zen Best is one of the company that supply these blocks. Steel Frame System There are basically two clours of blue and grey It is made of quality structural steel and coating with zinc layer. BLOCKWORK SYSTEM STEEL FRAME SYSTEM
  10. 10. IBS SHOW HOUSE
  11. 11. IBS SHOW HOUSE
  12. 12. Talk by : Mr Mohd Termidzi Haji Mohd Ghani (test engineer) MAKMAL KERJA RAYA MALAYSIA (CREAM) is one of the largest heavy structural engineering laboratories in the country. Located in CIDB’s complex in Jalan Chan Sow Lin which also houses other CIDB establishment such as Pusat IBS, CIDB Convention Centre and Akademi Binaan Malaysia, the laboratory is fully managed by Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM), another subsidiary of CIDB. The laboratory is equipped with the latest test equipments and facilities to support CREAM’S function as R&D arm of CIDB and to provide testing services to the Malaysian construction industry. The establishment of MKRM focuses mainly on improving the quality of IBS construction systems manufactured locally and in addition providing local researcher and engineer in assessing the performance and behaviour of structural component used in Malaysia’s construction industry.
  13. 13. The lab equipment Universal testing machine Specification 1. Capacity : 2000 kN static 2. Model: SHIMADZU 3. Maximum sample dimension: 40 mm (diameter/thicknesss) Applications o Tensile test o Compression test o Pull out test : to pull out the steel to the maximum load until it breaks. o Shear test o Bend test for rebar o To perform one of the tests required under CIDB Certificate of Approval for imported construction materials i.e.Tensile Test
  14. 14. Dynamic testing machine / Fatigue test Specifications 1. Capacity: 200 kN 2. Model: SHIMADZU 3. Maximum frequency: 30 Hz Maximum sample dimension: 25 mm (diameter/thickness) No. of machine: 001.jpg Applications o Fatigue testing – to pull the load o Fatigue testing in bending o Tensile test of low strength material o This test takes a long time o Compression test o Bend test for rebar o Example: to test the bridge expansion during day and night o To perform one of the tests required under CIDB Certificate of Approval for imported construction materials i.e.Fatigue
  15. 15. Spectrometer / Chemical Content Test Specifications 1. Model: SPECTRO 2. No. of equipment: 1 Applications o Using argon gas o It is not a destructive test o To perform one of the tests required under CIDB Certificate of Approval for imported construction materials
  16. 16. Compression machine / testing lab RFID Specifications 1. Capacity : 3000 kN 2. Model: CONTROLS 3. No. of equipment : 2 4. Capacity : 5000 kN 5. Model: CONTROLS 6. No. of equipment : 1 Applications o Cube compression (150 x 150) o 7 days and 28 days of testing o Typical test on hardened o Perform test on concrete cube, beam and cylinder o Using with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Coin chip (rfid chip) to get more easy, accurate, secure and minimum error and less paper used. The result can be seen through the internet.
  17. 17. Reference (catalogue and internet ) o o Cream website o Catalogue from CiDB Convention Centre