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Graduate School Preparation


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Graduate School Preparation

  1. 1. Graduate School Preparation Are you ready?ERAU Career Services Office 386.226.6054C building, Room 408
  2. 2. Why go to grad school?• Continue education directly after receiving undergraduate degree• Professionals return to further their education and open new promotion/career opportunities• Specialize in a specific area• Strengthen job security• Part of path to future career (professor, doctor, lawyer)
  3. 3. Education DifferencesGraduate Education Undergraduate Education• Specialized Education • Broader Education• Clear academic & career • First stepping stone to goals career• Fewer classes & shorter • Heavier class load per overall time commitment semester and longer time commitment• More intense, higher level coursework & • Average outcomes are expectations accepted easier
  4. 4. Benefits of Higher-level Education• More specialized education studies and research opportunities• Allows more mastery of skills• Can expand career options• Could create greater marketability• Entry-level to teaching at a university level• Higher salary over career progression• Lower unemployment rates
  5. 5. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, 5/27/10
  6. 6. Career ConsiderationsExperience before graduate Flow-through or no experienceschool before graduate school• Specialize in career area of • Not as clear of areas of interest interest/specialization • Education not as applicable• More mature perspective due to little, if any, on graduate level studies professional experience and application • Potentially lower income &• Typically more career fewer opportunities initially options due to having • Educationally qualified but experientially not as qualified experience • Extremely important to• Command higher salaries participate in undergraduate and/or graduate level internships before graduating
  7. 7. Grad School Resources• Peterson’s Guide• Princeton Review• Faculty – ERAU and/or other universities of interest• ERAU Career Services website -
  8. 8. Graduate SchoolAdmissions Process Keith A. Deaton Jr.Student Center Annex Rm. 260 or 386.226.7166
  9. 9. Documents Neededo Application-App. feeo Statement of Objective/Intento Resume/CVo Letters of Recommendationo GRE or GMATo Official Transcriptso Essay or interview if required
  10. 10. ERAU Requirementso Application-App. Fee waived if you come to my officeo Statement of Objectiveo Resumeo Transcripts (I get these, no charge)o Three letters of recommendationo GMAT or GRE-depends on program
  11. 11. Questions to asko Can you waive application fee?o What exams are required?o Assistantships or scholarships offered and how to apply?o Prerequisites and how long will it take to complete?o When are the deadlines to apply?
  12. 12. Questions??