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Dress for Success - Men


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Dress for Success - Men

  1. 1. Dress for Success Embry-Riddle Career Services
  2. 2. Introduction• The NAKED TRUTH: Appearance & conduct matter – we are initially judged by how we present ourselves; the business world is no exception!• Attention to detail makes a huge impact• Professionalism is based on how you look and act. It is not just a superficial description of a person…professionalism is an “attitude”
  3. 3. Dress Codes• Business Casual• Business Dress• Formal Wear
  4. 4. Important to Note• NEVER dress business casual for a job interview…even if the recruiter says that you can or should!
  5. 5. No Matter What• Make sure that what you wear fits you properly• As for level of appropriateness: if you are in doubt, either ask someone you trust or wear something else
  6. 6. Image “Dos”• Make eye-contact when speaking• Keep a straight posture• Make sure you have fresh breath & clean teeth• Give a firm handshake• Use proper grammar• Use good table manners (when applicable)
  7. 7. Image “Don’ts”• Speaking too softly or too quickly• Wear scuffed up or scruffy shoes – polish them• Wear clothing with loose or missing buttons• Wear clothing with hems in need of repair• Wear stained, spotted, or perspiration- stained clothing• Talk with your mouth full
  8. 8. Dressing for Gentlemen
  9. 9. Business Casual and Formal Wear• Business Casual includes pressed slacks, ironed shirts (button-up or polo), or sweaters• Sport Coats are considered business casual• Shoes should look nice – clean and polished is best• Formal wear = tuxedo; a black suit and bow tie/formal tie are appropriate
  10. 10. The Interview Suit• Acceptable colors include navy through medium blue, black through charcoal• Fabric should be 100% wool – it looks great and wears well• Pinstripes are acceptable as long as they are narrow and subtle• A two piece, well fitted suit is best!• Make sure the suit fits - no pull at the shoulders and no gape at the back; the jacket should fall at your wrist
  11. 11. The Shirt• Wear a long-sleeved shirt – no exception to the rule• Always wear a white, cream, or pale blue shirt• Again, make sure your shirt fits properly especially in the neck; the cuff of your shirt should fall at the wrist
  12. 12. The Tie• Pure silk is the best fabric for a tie; it makes a powerful impression• When tied, the tie should cover the belt buckle• Most appropriate knots: Four-in-Hand, Windsor, and Half-Windsor• The print on your tie needs to be conservative – no crazy prints or patterns• Width of the tie should approximately be the same as your lapel
  13. 13. The Shoes & Socks• The shoes should either be black or brown• Lace-up wing tips are the most conservative choice• The socks should be blue, black, gray, or brown; small subtle patterns on the socks are ok• Make sure your socks are long enough for you to cross your legs without showing skin
  14. 14. The Accessories• Never wear any religious or political insignias in the form of rings, ties, or pins• Your watch should be plain and simple• Belts should match or compliment the shoes you wear• Limit jewelry – leave your fraternity rings, bracelets, neck chains, earrings, or medallions at home• Briefcases should be leather – brown or burgundy; portfolios are appropriate to carry as well
  15. 15. Helpful Hints• Wear a dark colored suit because it carries more authority• Iron your shirt, have your suit pressed, and polish your shoes• The cuff v. plain hem on your slacks – cuffs are recommended for your interview suit
  16. 16. Grooming• Make sure your hair is neat; if need be, get a hair cut a few days before your interview• Your nails should be clean and neatly trimmed• Facial hair should be short and trimmed; if no facial hair, your face should be clean shaven• Fresh breath is best! Brush your teeth before you interview and carry breath mints