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Career Expo Presentation by Embry-Riddle Career Services

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Career Expo Preparation

  1. 1. Preparing for the Expo: Image, Interviewing, and Implementation Presented by: Sandi Ohman & Brian Carhide Career Services Office SC-250
  2. 2. Speed Interviewing: Like Dating but Better Tuesday, October 1 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Flight Deck, Student Center Sign-up priority will be given to attendees of the Preparing for the Expo presentation on September 25 (COB 114 @ 5:30 pm).
  3. 3. What will we cover? I. Preparation II. Approaching the Employer III. Interviewing IV. Follow-up
  4. 4. Preparation: Don’t Freak Out • They know why you are there – asking about a job is not a surprise! • It is a 2-way street – they are considering you, but YOU are considering THEM as well • Don’t put the proverbial “eggs in one basket” - Consider all companies, not just traditional companies for your degree area - “Try out” other companies before going to your #1 choice
  5. 5. Preparation: Prior to the event • Research the companies – EagleHire & CSO website - Create a top 5 or 10 list of the companies you want to pursue - Know what they do and locations - Know what interests you about their company - View the employment/careers page - Apply online ahead of time if there are interesting positions & print the job descriptions - Attend company information sessions • Know yourself – skills, strengths, and qualities you bring to the company • Anticipate the questions & prepare • Bring Resumes (customized and general) - Career Services offers critiques, for the Expo, through October 4, 2013 - Check out CSO Outpost schedule
  6. 6. Image • Be Confident - NOT Cocky! • Project confidence by: - Dressing professionally – increases confidence - Body language – Good posture - no slouching, slumping or shuffling - Make Eye Contact! - Smile!  - Limit Defensive Body Language – Crossing arms, frowning
  7. 7. Image Good Personal Hygiene: • Shower, wear deodorant, don’t smoke, brush your teeth, use breath mints, minimal use of fragrances/cologne Accessories: • Should enhance, not detract from the attire • Understated & Conservative is best Employer’s view: • Who wears a watch? Why is this important? • Other indicators?
  8. 8. Approaching the Employers: Introductions & Interacting • Firm Handshake • Listen to conversations going on ahead of you – don’t repeat the same questions • Write down the representative’s name to whom you are speaking • Utilize your “Elevator Speech” - attend workshop • Ask good questions using your research • Don’t ask “What do you do?”! • Don’t monopolize the employer’s time • Ask for business cards
  9. 9. Handshake… • Put your hand out as you introduce yourself • “Plane technique” - Web-to-web, squeeze • Palm-to-palm contact – “I’m not hiding anything and I’m safe” • Make eye contact – shows confidence • Apply pressure • Sweaty palms! • Handshake flub – recover! • See Going Places blog article
  10. 10. Employer Poll Responses The top areas that stood out with employers and made impressions were the following: • Knowledge about the company and a few specific facts • Know what they wanted to do for that specific company, or at least had an idea • Ability to carry on a conversation with the recruiter • Have a good introduction • Know their strengths and interests • True passion for their career interest • Good attitude and shows confidence • Prepared – research, resume, note pad to take notes • Well groomed and dressed appropriately for the event, a good handshake, make eye contact and smile • The student has strong academics A few tips employers shared that are not as traditional, but good to consider • The student contacted previous interns to find out about the positions and company as part of their preparation • The student has held a job or been involved in extracurricular activities that are related to their major • The student doesn’t have to wear a suit and tie, but should still be well groomed and neat. The clothes should be a complement to the person and what they would bring to the company.
  11. 11. Possible Questions from Employers • What are you looking for with a career at XYZ company? • Walk me through your resume… • Why did you visit our booth at this event? • What brought you to ERAU? • Where do you want to be geographically? • What are your favorite classes? • What are your personal interests? • What particular position are you interested in with XYZ company? • Who is your favorite professor and why? • Why should we pick you?
  12. 12. Impromptu Interviewing Things to Consider: • Most interviewers have made a decision as to whether or not to ask you back, within the first 15 minutes • Good attitude, communication skills and professionalism are key considerations • Practice basic interviewing techniques & questions • Make a checklist of things to remember: speak clearly, don’t mumble, answer questions asked, emphasize key words, good facial expressions and be enthusiastic
  13. 13. Basic Interview Questions • • • • • • • • Tell me about yourself. What is your greatest strength/weakness? What are your career goals? Why did you choose ___ degree? What do you want to do with the degree? Tell me about a time when …… Tell me about a challenging situation/problem…. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a supervisor/classmate/co-worker . Why should we hire you?
  14. 14. Questions for the Employer Tips: • Be prepared to ask a few questions at the end of your interview • Keep them company centered, and don’t discuss things like salary and benefits • Prepare the questions ahead of time and write them down Common questions: • Interviewers experience with the company • Opportunities for growth • Career path • Future growth plans • What is the next step? • Check out the blog article
  15. 15. Interview Mistakes! Sponsored by CareerSpots
  16. 16. Follow Up • Send Thank-You letters/emails to employers you spoke to or interviewed with at the expo with 24 hours • Mention something specific about your conversation • Reiterate your interest in the company/position • Include a “Call to Action” in your closing
  17. 17. Resources • • • • Career Spots CSO Website EagleHire Network CSO previous presentations – EagleHire home page • CSO Blog – Going Places • Perfect Interview software – EagleHire home page & CSO Bb (external links)
  18. 18. Speed Interviewing: Like Dating but Better Tuesday, October 1 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Flight Deck, Student Center Sign-up priority will be given to attendees of the Preparing for the Expo presentation on September 25 (COB 114 @ 5:30 pm).