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Agile testing


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Agile testing

  1. 1. Agile TestingElhanan Rosental – Matrix Global Agile Leader
  2. 2. Some Agile myths• Agile is perfect for Israelis • No Documentation • Do Whatever feels good • Code to the last moment • Compressed schedule Is that right?
  3. 3. Wrong!!!• Agile is not sloppy coding but a very disciplined• That means that some teams are not agile but just sloppy• Being Israeli doesn’t mean you are Agile
  4. 4. Potential Shippable Product• Every iteration is a shippable product• Every iteration Must be tested• “Done” is not done without testing
  5. 5. Tester Lifecycle in a sprint• Sprint Planning• Beginning of the sprint• During the sprint• Toward the sprint end• Retrospective
  6. 6. Sprint Planning• The Tester is full part of the team• He estimates the developers tasks as well• His insight is very valuable as he think “out of the box”
  7. 7. Beginning of the sprint• The tester and developer sits together to make sure that they understand the user story the same way• In any disagreements the PO will be asked to make sure that everything is clear• Developer start develop, Tester starts design the test.
  8. 8. Is there a need for STD?• Agile encourage just enough documents• There is no need to spend time of formal STD• The test should be designed with the correct clarity
  9. 9. During the sprint• Testing is done all the time!!• We are not waiting to the development finish• Every time there is something done the tester should test it and give insight.
  10. 10. Testing is not a phase!
  11. 11. Toward the sprint end• Toward the sprint end the developer should finish the task• The tester should run final overall test• The developer should concentrate on bug fix and closing the task
  12. 12. Should the tester open bugs?• Understand the bugs idea • Bugs are not Product• In what cases should a bug opened• When should a bug opened
  13. 13. Retrospective• Tester is part of the team• Retrospective should refer to the points: • Cooperation in the team • Did the tester get the task with enough time to test? • Cooperation with the other stakeholders
  14. 14. Bug Handling• Don’t let the bug number grow. Handle them while the number is small• Are there bugs that we shouldn’t treat?• Can sprint requirements be considered “done” with bug hanging around?
  15. 15. System tests• Is there a need for an independent system test QA team?
  16. 16. Reasons for a system QA team• Testing for overall flows that were created over the sprints• Acceptance before version release• In case of a outsource team important for the customer confidence
  17. 17. Some thoughts• Every Sprint we should deliver Potential shippable product• Shippable product mean that all the system is tested for regression• After some sprints it is impossible to be done manually
  18. 18. The solution: Automation Testing• Automation testing can save a lot of repeatable testing• We should aim toward as much automation as possible• Automation needs a maintenance
  19. 19. Balance Automation• Create Automation backlog tasks• Prioritize tasks by 3 factors
  20. 20. Is the tester the only one testing• No!!! Every body is responsible for working product• Tester added value is his experience and expertise
  21. 21. Developer Testing• Unit Testing• TDD- Test Driven Development• Tester and developer can work in TDD. Write tests before start developing!
  22. 22. Questions?