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Digital Marketing Online Courses - Enroll Now!!!


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Digital Marketing Online Courses - Enroll Now!!!

  1. 1. DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE COURSES Study Digital Marketing, Gain Vital Skills for Today's Marketplace! Driving Leads & Sales for Global Brands. Learn More Now!
  2. 2. Increase Your Internet Marketing Expertise: Search, Usability, Analytics & More — 100% Online! What is Digital Marketing?  There are many terms used to describe this new wave of Marketing – Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Interactive Marketing – Digital Marketing encompasses everything. Add your third bullet point here.  It is the term used by the industry leaders and is the next big rapid growth area of marketing still in its infancy, see the screen shot of Google Insights showing the demand going up!  You must try to capture this opportunity now and we can help either through our qualifications, implementation labs or access our rich media e-learning knowledge bank if you just want the knowledge to up-skill quickly.  Digital marketing has become an integral component of every business plan. It requires active participation in online media and knowledge of strategies for consumer interactions, multi-platform marketing and —at the core of these efforts — a brand's voice.
  3. 3. Move your career forward: Earn a certificate in digital brand management In digital marketing, like all forms of business, it is best to have your strategy defined before you dig in to implementation. So before you create your first You tube video or Facebook group, lets begin by discussing what you need to think through: 1. Your target customer & the problems you are solving 2. Differentiation and branding plan 3. Customer assessment (where they are and where they will be) 4. Competitive analysis & timeline 5. Your tactical plan 6. Results and feedback 7. Once you have figured out the following you can begin to think about which marketing channels will be best for your business.
  4. 4. Career Options after you learn Internet marketing course :  Work as a freelancer providing SEO, SMO, SEM services in the market Who should do this course:  Start your own SEO company 1. Marketing Executives  Work as a part time or full time affiliate marketer and earn in dollars. 2. Advertising Professionals 3. Sales executives 4. BD Managers 5. Executives in PR 6. Entrepreneurs 7. Web Designers 8. Free – Lancers 9. MBA / BBA Marketing Students  Get job in top internet marketing companies as team leader
  5. 5. Affiliate Marketing / Adsense Blogging / Email Mktg. Today, every MBA, BBA, Professionals with any kind of Marketing profession needs to know the working and power of Digital Marketing. Even Web Designers or people pursuing online marketing should have knowledge of SEO. Thus, Digital Marketing (also known as Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or Web Marketing) is a collective name for marketing activity carried out online, as opposed to traditional marketing through print media, live promotions, TV and radio advertisement.
  6. 6. Our Classroom Online Courses:"Diploma in Digital Marketing" Course Includes ALL 5 Modules :- Courses Durations:-   Duration : 3-4 Months [Regular]      Duration : 1 Month[Fast-Track] SEO FACTS :- "It is not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically reengineer the Web site so that it becomes an eagle."
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