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Eag deck

  1. 1. 516-468-3428 www.equitiesag.com
  2. 2. The leading directmarketing agencyspecializing in publiclytraded small-mid capcompanies.Our equities marketing,consulting, and creative servicesfocus to ignite the shareholderbuilding process.EAG is the most responsiblemedia buyer in the equitiesmarketing industry having 20+years of experience undermanagement.
  3. 3. EAG-Marketing: Featured Media O erings Fully Managed Media Campaigns by trusted media industry leaders with extensive experience in planning fully integrated, multimedia advertising campaigns. Allocations include a customizable media mix consisting of email, digital media, social media, viral video marketing, and mobile marketing. Email Marketing overseen by pioneers of this tried and true online means of marketing. In addition to having our internal newsletter network we monitor the most e ective nancial newsletters in the industry to recognize the best exposure for your campaign. We know who has the “hot hand” and who has grown cold ensuring we use the right list every time. Digital Media Campaigns using interactive motion graphic display and targeted contextual ads, EAG is able to access our network of nancially related website publishers to marry your message with the right investor. Digital media advertising has revolutionized equities marketing. Social Media Platforms leveraging resources like Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin help to build highly targeted communities representing a “plugged in” audience for your company. EAG’s social media solutions amplify the response to company press releases, corporate updates and media campaigns and can lead to a responsive shareholder base. Viral Video and Mobile Marketing are the newest forms of emerging technology in all verticals. We are utilizing this novel concept to place your message in front of targeted video content viewers and in the hands of avid mobile users. Video and Mobile will grow more than any other medium this decade and we are at the forefront of it. The smart phone and easy video uploading created a new source of advertising medium. Be rst to the race!
  4. 4. Fully Managed Media Campaigns EAG is the only dedicated, fully integrated media agency solely focused on generating awareness for public companies. EAG utilizes new age push and pull methodologies. EAG can function as your full service branding and media planning agency. Campaigns can incorporate a hybrid objective of product sales, brand marketing, and/or investor awareness. Identify and evaluate all media opportunities available to best suit your main objective. Deploy appropriate budgets to selected media outlets. EAG believes that driving results for your company is not a single, one-stop destination, but a continuous process, where every piece is considered, customized, optimized on an ongoing basis. We will assist you with all elements of your media campaign; compelling ad copy, eye catching creative design, intelligent media planning, coordinated media mix allocations and awless implementation.Budget Cost Analysis Media Placement Target Marketing Execution
  5. 5. Email Marketing & List Brokerage OverviewAs the Leading List Brokerin the awareness industry,EAG averages 7 gures permonth on list rentals.Our unique positioning as the most active media buyer in the space gives us leveragewhen securing email list inventory which enables EAG to o er our clients: The best possible vendor mix when developing a media plan. An ability to cater to our client’s timing needs and their last minute campaign adjustments. The lowest pricing available for a particular list as EAG secures volume discount rates. Given EAG’s deep list owner relationships we are typically able to procure an A-list e ort. List owners have varying degrees of support from their database based on delivery e ort. EAG’s relationships get our clients the maximum e ort from media placements.We have built our reputation by providing rst rate list recommendations that produce a consistentreturn on investment!
  6. 6. EAG monitors list performance byanswering 10 speci c questions:1. How did the list originate?2. How many times was the list recently rented?3. How many times was there a paid marketing e ort and how many were unbiased alerts?4. Which PPS (price per share) range of small cap equities perform best on a list?5. Can the list run without support and backing from other media sources and vendors?6. When does the list perform best during the life cycle of a media campaign?7. How often does the list reach out to their subscribers during a speci c media campaign?8. How well written is the copy? What creative strategies do they use?9. What days of the week does the list perform best? How does the market a ect that performance?10. What list provides the best overall rental results while consistently maintaining and growing their subscriber database?
  7. 7. EAGDigital MediaServicesOverviewOur Pull Approach through digital media engages in-vestors with a strong call to action from an EAGproduced landing page. Placing your story on themost nancially tra cked web portals provides thebest opportunity for marrying your story with the in-vestment community. Online Contextual Advertising is easily the mostused online resource for advertising. Using (SEM)search engine marketing, AdSense, and our internalpublisher network EAG is able to target the right inves-tor using proprietary content. Interactive Motion Display Ads serve the greatpurpose of engaging investors because the eye isdrawn to motion on a still web page. Motion ads areshort ve second ash media ads that PULL investorsto our landing page.
  8. 8. Digital Media Program- Interactive Advertising Sample Research & Purchase EquityAwareness Banner Consideration Position Target Audience Investors Personal Finance Industry related Brokers & Institutions sample
  9. 9. Retargeting Example: How we retarget a consumer Equities AG Equities AG “TheStreet.com” Equities AG “TheStreet.com”EAG incorporates the latest technology to maximize our digital ad buys in order to provide the best R.O.I. for our clients. A 1 x 1 Pixel is placed on the InvestorLanding Page & on the clients’ website. Advertising is de ned as “Repetition-Repetition-Repetition” and this strategy enables EAG to deliver “repetition”, at noadditional cost, to those who have expressed an interest in your company by clicking on one of EAG’s eye catching ad units featuring your company.
  10. 10. Digital Media – Analytics and Delivery Track budget pacing, Track budget pacing, impression delivery impression delivery pacing ,, and performance pacing and performance against goals, both against goals, both current and projected current and projected (based on last 7 days) (based on last 7 days) Transparent tracking of all campaign Transparent tracking of all campaign costs against campaign budget costs against campaign budget
  11. 11. EAG’s Social Media MarketingSocial Media is how many people communicate and stay in touch these days. It let’s them know what’s going on, who’s doingwhat, and how they are doing it. Social Media lets people know what’s hot and what’s not. EAG leverages social media toenable their clients to engage, be engaged, communicate, vent, understand, and grow their own investor & online following.EAG streamlines our investor targeting approach by utilizing ourSocial Media Marketing Interface. Social Media allows EAG the ability toleverage the social networks of others for the bene t of your brand.Original content published along with your company’sbranding and links will reach your target audiencethrough social media products like blogs, videos, PR,articles and social networking sites. Our skilledwriters, researchers, programmers, online distributorsand SEO experts concentrate their e orts to devisean e ective campaign faster.Social Media’s ImportanceThe world is uniting through social media; don’t be leftout of the conversation!
  12. 12. What is Included and what to expect? EAG Your Social Media Marketing Consultants Branding on various Social Media Networks Syndication with existing Website & All Corporate Documents and Com- munications Integrate Current Network into Social Media Platforms Media Integration – Pictures, Videos, Presenta- tions, Audio Manage Content, encourage engagement. Engage Multiple Audiences EAG: News Correspondents Unbiased 3rd Party recommendation is the strongest form of marketing available in the world. 78% of consumers trust peer recom- mendations. They will “Re-Tweet” and “Like” relevant information posted on Twitter & Facebook Provide Public Debate and Awareness. Stimulate Conversations. Social media will generate more back-links and improve the search engine rankings your site. Online social media / social networking footprint is consistently maintained for people to nd you.
  13. 13. Viral Video and Mobile Marketing Technology is ever evolving. In order to stay ahead of the curve we need to evolve with it. Video and Mobile Marketing are the MOST rapidly expanding forms of media today. Stop thinking about what worked yesterday and focus on what will work tomorrow! EAG creates unique video advertisements and spreads it through our video and mobile publisher network. It is the quickest and most engaging form of media to attract interest from potential investors. Delivery and Distribution: -Pre Roll, In Slate, Expandable, and Mobile
  14. 14. Video and Mobile Bene tsMassive Inventory- Access to 1 out of every 4 online video ads. Access to +200 millionmonthly mobile video pre-roll impressions through a trusted channel partner.Content and Audience Targeting- EAG has access to over 3,000+ publisher sites withinour network. We will make sure they are safe and aligned with your brand.Mobile Targeting- We are able to target mobile phones by app category downloadsand by device.Optimization- EAG analyzes thousands of variables in real time to optimize brandmetrics, engagement, and price.Analytics- Real time reporting provides visibility into campaign performance andopportunity for continuous optimization throughout all publishers.
  15. 15. ConsultativeServicesWe strive to build long-term relationships with our clientsthrough a methodology that includes assessing eachclient’s objectives and customizing a personal strategy,and executing with e ciency.Reputation Management: It takes years to build andminutes to be destroyed. Your reputation is everythingand it must be protected and maintained in a positivelight. Using the latest search engine algorithm practiceswe are able to inject new fresh content on the webregarding the company and management and literallypush down misleading or negative search results tointerior search pages.In Bound : EAG can provide an inbound call center forinterested investor leads produced from our mediae orts. Additionally, EAG can collect investor informationand send out media kits on behalf of the client.Out Bound : EAG through a trusted channelpartner can provide an out bound call center to high riskhigh reward investors seeking investor kits on potentialinvestment opportunities.
  16. 16. EAG Creative Services: Your identity is your rst impression Website Design and Development- Using an house team we evaluate your current site and breakdown what would increase sales AND investor interest. SEO Landing Pages- One page websites that are Search Engine Optimized and designed to directly appeal to a retail investor’s eye. The copy indicates an explicit call to action to the investor and often initiates that action. Corporate Branding / Rebranding/ Collateral- Everything from sales decks and investor media kits to business cards. Creative Content- Taking your brand, objectives, and company message into account we create eye popping banner ads, compelling copy, landing pages, and direct mail.
  17. 17. Transparency is the key to reaching your objectives with Equities Awareness Group.We can accommodate any marketing programs with clear insight to your ultimategoals.Equities AGs tailored approach takes your objectives and puts forth a planto over deliver. Client Objectives Our Plan Realized Delivery