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Responsive Retail Infographics


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Did you say "Responsive Retail"?
Paris Retail Week has entrusted the French institute L'ObSoCo to conduct a survey in order to identify certain dimensions of consumers' aspirations and behaviors in 2015.
This infographics presents the main findings of this study.

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Responsive Retail Infographics

  1. 1. Case study DID YOU SAY“RESPONSIVE RETAIL?” Adapting to smarter purchasing habits, answering on multiple channels without delay, accepting their diversity and succeeding in “demassification” of business relationships for a better personalization. Factors in Purchasing: From Hedonism to Impatience Autonomous shoppers are developing new buying strategies and operate with a real collective intelligence. PRICE Very important for: Wages < € 2 500 Wages > € 5 000 Revenu > € 6 500 99%of consumers 86%of consumers 70%of consumers 01 PRODUCT AVAILABILITY PERSONALIZED PROMOTION 59%of consumers PERSONALIZED PRODUCT OFFER 04 63% 61% vs vs vs vs 50% 77% 95% 47% 51% 55%of consumers 51%of consumers FAMILIARITY WITH THE BRAND 05 SERVICES 06 Ages < 35 ans Ages 18 - 24 Ages 55 - 64 Ages 55 - 64 DELIVERY OF ONLINE PURCHASES: IS FASTER ALWAYS BETTER? Impatience has its limits, especially when it’s costly D elivery in 48h D elivery in 24h Deliv ery in 7 da ys Deli very in - 4h Important for 37% of consumers Important for 32%of consumers Important for 19%of consumers Important for 11%of consumers SHOWROOMING: A NEW PRACTICE Thanks to their digital devices, consumers now desire control of their market relationships and increasing access through mobile platforms and 57% for ages 25-34 of customers aged 18-24 use their smartphone to purchase online from a competitor of a shop they’re standing in while they order. Ages 18-24 important for 25% of consumers finalize their purchasing process in a competitor’s store 52% of consumers regularly practice showrooming 69% Wages < € 2 500 9% THE MOVEMENT TOWARDS “RESPONSIVE RETAIL” HAS STARTED. HOWEVER, IT HAS A LONG WAY TO GO AND IT WILL LEAD TO A REINVENTION OF COMMERCE. *Adhoc study on Respondi panel, led in May 2015 with 1000 respondents from a representative sample of the French population, with quotas to ensure the representativeness of age, gender, CSP, UDA9 region and town size 80% Wages > € 5 000 59% 02 0373% 67% P R E S E N T S 6 important for: an event by