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How to use foam rollers.

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How to use foam rollers.

  1. 1. How to use Foam Rollers? Using foam rollers during your Pilates session can help both support and enhance your stretching positions for a more effective core workout. There are manydifferentwaystouse foamrollersin Pilates but they are commonly used by placing themunderthe back, stomach,hipsand knees to support and properly position your body during a pose. They are fantastic for targeting and strengthening weak or sore areas of your body to maximize the benefits of the exercises. In order to increase the difficulty of a Pilate’s position you can place the foam rollers ( under your hands or feet making a slightly unstable surface which will engage more of your core muscles to hold the pose correctly. You will find that this will allow you get into shape much faster than not using them. Pilate’s foam rollers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit different types of positions. From a basicwide foamrollertospecial texturedfinishes for optimal massage and stretching. They are available in a full round or half round (flat bottomed) shape, the half round roller used for beginners or people requiring a gentler workout. They are traditionally made of a very high density material that supports and bounces back into shape afteruse,qualityrollersresist flattening damage for many years. You can choose the level of density to suit your comfort preference or purpose. Try foam rollersatyournextsession,youwill soonseethe increasedbenefits of working with these effective pieces of Pilates equipment (

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