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All about me


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Published in: Education
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All about me

  1. 1. All About Me By:EdgarQuintero
  2. 2. My Childhood My name is Edgar Quintero I am 11 years old My birthday is January 25,1999 I was born in Brownsville,Texas
  3. 3. Pets you have I have a German Sheppard named Muñeca And I have another dog named Gordito They are so pretty They are cool and fun
  4. 4. My Hobbies I like to play black ops Like to eat Like to spend time Like to go to the mall
  5. 5. My best friends Danny Edwin Servants Mrs. Sanchez
  6. 6. My favorite food Chili's Johnny carrions Lins Burger king
  7. 7. Thing I do for fun Is to play soccer Basketball Baseball Tennis
  8. 8. Favorite colors Blue Red Yellow black
  9. 9. My favorite video game character Yoshi Mario Nazi zombies Call of Duty
  10. 10. Favorite car A 2012mustang A Ferrari Porch Buggati
  11. 11. My favorite subject Math Science Reading English
  12. 12. My favorite things to do when not at school Play Sleep Eat Video games
  13. 13. Favorite insect Snail Grass hopper Ants worm
  14. 14. Favorite movie
  15. 15. The End