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SEO for Financial Services | Key Takeaways


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If you're in the finance industry and you're struggling to rank, this is for you. These are the key takeaways from our "Is SEO dead for Financial Services?" whitepaper (linked on slide 25).

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SEO for Financial Services | Key Takeaways

  1. 1. © equimedia How financial services marketers can maximise visibility in search. SEO for the Finance Industry
  2. 2. If you thought SEO in the financial services industry was a challenge, you’d be right.
  3. 3. If you thought SEO in the financial services industry was a challenge, you’d be right.
  4. 4. This slideshow is a summary of our latest whitepaper. Go to slide 27 for a link to the full version
  5. 5. The Problem
  6. 6. There are fewer ad spaces in Google search results
  7. 7. …which means it’s harder than ever to be seen
  8. 8. …and it’s not just paid positions
  9. 9. When we looked at the 3,077 most popular financial search terms, we found:
  10. 10. 52% of the top 10 organic financial services search results are taken by aggregators and consumer advice sites
  11. 11. …so it’s more important than ever to have a joined-up SEO & PPC strategy.
  12. 12. What financial services marketers need to do
  13. 13. Profile your customers knowledge is power – use it to inform your content so you can provide information that is right for your customers at each stage of the purchase decision journey
  14. 14. Invest in a content strategy by developing valuable content for your customer, you’re delivering real value and improving your natural search results
  15. 15. Focus it’s possible to hold a strong position as a non- aggregator –when you focus efforts on a few terms that drive sales
  16. 16. How do you decide what to focus on?
  17. 17. Regularly research keywords make sure you’re on top of every stage of the purchase journey– and the keywords your customers are using at each stage
  18. 18. Identify content gaps find the searches your customers use that you (and your competitors) haven’t got covered in your content – they’re opportunities. Make sure to plug the gaps once you’ve found them
  19. 19. Look for your niche terms unique to your USPs, products and customers search behaviour that drive downstream sales
  20. 20. Allocate budget for tests you don’t need a huge budget to run small tests but the resulting data can be used to your advantage
  21. 21. Invest in paid channels no channel operates in isolation, so invest in paid channels, then carry out attribution analysis to track the impact of niche terms on ROI
  22. 22. Use paid channels to test new content ideas by driving paid traffic towards A/B landing page tests, you can see what works best and inform your content development strategy
  23. 23. Prioritise upcoming content Make sure you align the production of key content with market seasonality
  24. 24. Run a technical audit your site may have epic content, but if you’re ignoring the technical side, you’re losing out
  25. 25. Don’t stop once you hit “publish” Make sure to amplify your content intelligently– make sure it gets in front of the right audience
  26. 26. Measure Make sure you’re tracking your content performance. Stay plugged in to what’s working well and what isn’t
  27. 27. Download the full whitepaper Your guide to ranking in search as a finance brand
  28. 28. Get in touch We’ve worked with some of the UK’s top finance brands, and we can help you, too. 01793 715440 |