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Retail Websites


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For retailers to meet the demands of their digitally savvy customers, this infographic explains why and how they can improve their online search performance and user experience across all devices.

Based on our 2015 Mother, Baby and Child Digital Marketing Whitepaper,

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Retail Websites

  1. 1. Retail Websites Meet the demands of your digitally savvy customers 6 63% of Millennial Mums use their smartphones to compare prices in-store G G 52% 36% of all visits to retail websites of purchases on all retail sites come from mobile devices were made using mobile devices Survey of leading mother and baby retail sites highlights recurring issues in mobile friendliness O - failed the mobile-friendly site checker 2 6 / O - did not have the mobile viewport set - served content that was too small to read 3 2 0/0 0 had content wider than the screen 0 - had buttons judged to be too close 0 together to easily click 7 8 0/0 - could do more to improve page load times* How to improve performance on mobile devices I@ make it responsive simplify the layout speed up your site 3" @ -<3 audit technical attributes post engaging content earn social shares “If retailers are to keep pace with the demands of their customers, they need to improve the search performance of their sites and user experience across all devices” An independent award—winning top 10 digital and . . media agency. Maximise your ROI today. If you would like to stay ahead of your competitors, we'd love to hear from you. .. ' Check page load times using this Google tool (nups: //developcrsgooglecom/ speed/ pagcspccd/ insighls/1 Source: 2015 Mother, Baby and Child Digital Marketing Whitepaper Read the full whitepaper at http: //equimedia. co. uk/ work/ whilepa pcrs for more hints and tips on how to improve your website