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Retail sites fail to meet demands of digitally savvy customers


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Millennial mums tend to be more digitally savvy than their predecessors. However, our research showed there are key areas where some leading parent, baby and child retail sites could be doing more to improve their accessibility through mobile devices and search engine rankings.

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Retail sites fail to meet demands of digitally savvy customers

  1. 1. Parent, baby and child retail sites fail to meet the demands of their digitally savvy customers!
  2. 2. If brands are to keep pace with the expectations of their ever changing audiences and maximise online revenues, they will need to improve the search performance of their sites through all devices. Louise Burgess founder and coo, equimedia
  3. 3. executive summary Exploring the online habits of new generations of expectant mums and parents highlighted key areas of weakness for some leading online retailers: Poor natural search rankings Websites that are not device responsive Disappointing overall online user experiences Limited social sharing and engagement Unfocused or missing content development strategies
  4. 4. digital landscape IMRG Capgemini research in 2014: 52% of all visits to retail websites came from mobile devices 36% of all purchases on retail sites were made using mobile devices Only 18% of these purchases were completed on a smartphone, 82% on a tablet BabyCenter 2015 research 48% of Millennial Mums do half or more of all their shopping online 58% rely on expert advice on parenting websites or forums
  5. 5. digital landscape Mintel’s Lifestyle of Mums UK (Sept 2014 report): 51% of expectant mums bought nursery items online 35% bought maternity clothes online 93% of Millennial Mums owned smartphones; 66% also own and use a tablet 70% Of Millennial Mums use their smartphone while watching TV; 37% their tablet
  6. 6. research results 65 leading parent, baby and child retail sites assessed. Their websites were tested for mobile device compatibility and to identify any features that may be harming their mobile search rankings: Mobile friendliness Site speed Website technical attributes Engaging content Social sharing
  7. 7. mobile friendliness A good mobile site: Is designed for the user Has prominent calls to action Optimises use of images Provides easy navigation structure Uses an uncomplicated purchase funnel Has a responsive or mobile specific design Simplifies the page layout for faster load times Defers loading analytics and network tags for better site speed Figure 1* * Results taken from research of 65 leading mother and baby retail sites:
  8. 8. site speed Online users expect a page to load in < 2 seconds* 40% of users will abandon a site if it takes > 3 seconds* Each 1 second delay in page load time = 7% reduction in conversions** Mobile conversion rates increases 74% when page load time increases from 8 to 2 seconds** Average mobile site response time of leading retail sites: 4.37 seconds Site speed is a factor in Google search results * Sources: Tagman and Glasses Direct research; studies by **Akami and Gomez
  9. 9. site speed How mother and child retail sites measured up: (85+ indicates that pages were loading quickly) 78% scored 80 or less 32% scored 50 or less The majority of sites could do more to improve current page load times. * Results taken from research of 65 leading mother and baby retail sites: Figure 2*
  10. 10. Getting it right can make a huge difference to your site 26 retail sites had page titles that are officially too long 19 retail sites had meta descriptions that are too long 6 retail sites had no meta descriptions at all web technical attributes * Results taken from research of 65 leading mother and baby retail sites: Figure 3*
  11. 11. Best practice guidance: page titles Page titles should be 55 characters or less (including spaces) – this will be what is displayed on the search engine results page Longer page titles are edited by Google based on the search query and may affect site click through numbers Use a pipe (|) or hyphen at the end of a page title to ensure brand names always appear in the search snippet web technical attributes
  12. 12. Best practice guidance: meta descriptions Describe a page concisely within 156 characters, including spaces and a call to action Individually hand write for each category and core site page rather than use auto generated meta descriptions Where landing pages are regularly updated with offers or promotions, ensure meta descriptions are also updated or are kept generic for use whether or not promotions are running. web technical attributes
  13. 13. engaging content Good rankings in mobile search results depend on a site’s technical attributes AND: The quality of a site’s content Social media advocacy or shares The content’s relevancy to the user’s search Golden rules for content creation: Write for your customers, not search engines Broadcast your content across social channels
  14. 14. engaging content Millennial mums are engaging with*: Display ads and visual imagery Family, mum and baby, and baby images Relevant forums to seek help and advice Online videos, especially ‘how-to’ guides Online search Content between midnight and 9am * Sources: Baby 21st Century Mum research 2015; Google and TNS Moms Audience Study 2015 Data driven content strategies must address the needs of the audience for information and support. !!! !?!???
  15. 15. social sharing Of the 65 retail sites surveyed: 61% had blogs Nearly all have homepage social sharing on Twitter and Facebook Very few used Pinterest Figure 4* * Results taken from research of 65 leading mother and baby retail sites: Making content shareable through a variety of social platforms boosts advocacy and site traffic
  16. 16. conclusion Retail sites could be doing more to improve their accessibility through mobile devices and ability to rank better in search engines. Key takeways: Millennial mums are more digitally savvy than their predecessors. Capitalise on new technology trends and social networks to maximise opportunities to reach key audiences. Keep up with changes in audience habits and behaviours to improve user experience and sales funnels. Optimise user experience for all devices; check page load times and make sales funnels easy to use on smartphones.
  17. 17. Download the whitepaper The full report also includes: New advertising techniques Useful tools and tips on how to improve website performance on mobile devices Our HiPP Organic case study
  18. 18. about equimedia An independent award-winning top 6* digital and media agency. We deliver on our promise to push boundaries and ensure client targets are met, quickly and profitably. Media strategy, planning and buying SEO, analytics and insight Website design and build Social and content driven marketing * eConsultancy survey 2015
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