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Instant articles and accelerated mobile pages


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Getting your website to load rapidly on a mobile device is now easier than ever before. We look at how Facebook and Google offer solutions to the problem of page speed load times on mobiles.

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Instant articles and accelerated mobile pages

  1. 1. The lowdown Instant Articles & Accelerated Mobile Pages
  2. 2. The Problem
  3. 3. Average webpage is >2mb Source: SOASTA
  4. 4. Web pages are slow on mobile
  5. 5. 40% of mobile users leave if wait is >3 seconds Source: Kissmetrics
  6. 6. – Web articles in the Facebook app take an average of eight seconds to load Michael Reckhow, Product Manager at Facebook
  7. 7. – Advertisers … have a hard time getting consumers to pay attention to their ads when the pages load so slowly that people abandon them David Besbris, Vice President Search, Google
  8. 8. Facebook & Google to the rescue The Solutions
  9. 9. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Made by Google  Open source, anyone can contribute to its future Serves mobile pages within Google SERP
  10. 10. – In human speak, AMP are web pages on a diet
  11. 11.  Built on bare-bones web functionality As part of your website  Loads as few resources as possible  Cached and served by Google  Served within SERP AMP
  12. 12. AMP / How it works
  13. 13. AMP Pros & Cons  Increased mobile friendliness  Fast load powered by Google’s infrastructure  Full design control  Open Source you can see how it works and contribute to AMP’s future  Only loads within Google SERPs users going directly to site won’t load AMP version  Limited feature set no external stylesheets, Javascript, objects
  14. 14. Instant Articles (IA) Made by Facebook  Proprietary, Facebook are the main force driving it Shows articles within Facebook app for Android or iOS
  15. 15. – a tool for publishers to post articles which can be quickly loaded within the Facebook mobile app
  16. 16.  Publishing Platform As part of Facebook, mirrors specified content from your site  Beautiful reading experience  Cached and served by Facebook  Served within Facebook for iOS, Android Instant Articles
  17. 17. 1.A Facebook page 2.A website 3.An RSS feed for showing all published articles you want turned into Instant Articles 4.50 articles Instant Articles – what you need
  18. 18. Instant Articles Pros & Cons  Looks great can be customised  Fast load powered by Facebook’s infrastructure  Articles grabbed from your site automatically articles must be live on site to be turned into Instant Articles  Plenty of features  No SEO benefits  Only loads within Facebook mobile only seen by Facebook users on iOS, Android  Requires 50 articles to get started  Closed Source proprietary– you can’t see how it works behind the scenes
  19. 19. Require development work on site to set up Both solutions…
  20. 20.  Facebook is a major source of traffic to your website  You want your articles to load faster on the Facebook apps on iOS and Android  You have 50 articles ready for posting Worth setting up Instant Articles if:
  21. 21. Worth setting up AMP if:  You want your site to load faster for Google search users on mobile  You want to increase article mobile friendliness
  22. 22. Solves site speed for direct traffic (only solves for mobile Google searches and Facebook app users) Neither solution
  23. 23. Instant Articles Readable Technical Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Readable Technical Further Reading
  24. 24. Get in touch These opportunities with Facebook and Google are great ways to improve mobile page speed. Let’s talk about how they could work for you: 01793 715440 |