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Charity Whitepaper: Social Media & Fundraising


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It's not easy being a charity in the digital world. This slideshow is a summary of the problems and solutions for future-proofing your supporter base, getting more donations and making the most of technology.

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Charity Whitepaper: Social Media & Fundraising

  1. 1. © equimedia How charities can future-proof their fundraising strategy Social Media & Fundraising
  2. 2. Charities must choose:
  3. 3. Charities must choose: embrace social media
  4. 4. Charities must choose: embrace social media or
  5. 5. Charities must choose: embrace social media or chase a decreasing supporter base
  6. 6. This slideshow is a summary of our latest whitepaper. Go to slide 26 for a link to the full version
  7. 7. The Problem
  8. 8. Supporters are losing trust in charities
  9. 9. It’s hard to find the best way to reach new, younger supporters
  10. 10. It’s hard to know which new technology to use
  11. 11. The digital landscape is complex & fragmented
  12. 12. Recruiting digital marketers is hard Especially in an industry with a skills shortage
  13. 13. The Stats
  14. 14. Smartphones are widespread
  15. 15. Donors are on social media
  16. 16. …even the wealthy ones
  17. 17. What charities need to do
  18. 18. Regularly profile supporters so you know who to target many charities are relying on out-of-date donor demographic data
  19. 19. Find similar people in their favourite social channel people who share key characteristics with your current supporters are more likely to donate
  20. 20. Test & refine messaging social media is a quick and low-cost way of generating feedback on new messaging ideas
  21. 21. Find & approach influencers to spread your reach within your target audience
  22. 22. Stay informed on new tech they’re opportunities in disguise
  23. 23. Connect TV with social by synchronising social ads with your TV ads
  24. 24. Carry out attribution analysis prove the downstream value of social campaigns with data that can inform future activity
  25. 25. Test new tech you don’t need to go all-in. Take advantage of trends and keep testing new mediums and tools to stay future-proofed.
  26. 26. Download the full whitepaper Your guide to raising funds on social media
  27. 27. Get in touch We’ve worked with some of the UK’s top charities, and we’d love to have a chat with you about how we can help your organisation. 01793 715440 |