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Attribution survey


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Following the marketing attribution survey we undertook in December 2015, we share our results and initial observations.

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Attribution survey

  1. 1. A challenge for today’s digital marketer? Marketing attribution
  2. 2. Aim of survey To find out how much of a challenge marketing attribution is for today’s marketing professionals Target audience Senior marketing professionals in the UK The survey was designed in Survey Monkey which was distributed to email contacts and shared via social media channels Survey methodology
  3. 3. Have you heard of the terms ‘attribution modelling’ or ‘cross channel attribution measurement’? Survey results
  4. 4. Do you currently measure your digital marketing attribution? Survey results
  5. 5. How important is attribution in your marketing strategy? On a scale on 1 to 5 Survey results Not important at all Slightly important Fairly important Important Very important Weighted average 9.52% 11.90% 21.43% 23.81% 33.33% 3.60
  6. 6. Have you noticed an increase in ‘unattributed’ website traffic or sales from ‘unattributed’ activity over the last 12 months? Survey results
  7. 7. Has ‘unattributed’ data had an impact on the way you plan your marketing activity? Survey results
  8. 8. Which channels do you currently measure or report on? Survey results Note: Other includes affiliate, video, TV, press.
  9. 9. Who provides you with your marketing analytics / attribution reporting? Survey results
  10. 10. “The growth of multi-device usage has complicated matters” “Google’s universal search is only a partial solution” “Attribution is measured, but we don’t analyse it well” “PR is a key attribution challenge when it comes to measuring impact on organic search” Additional comments
  11. 11. Although the sample size was small, it highlighted interesting points: A surprising number of people had not heard of attribution terms As many people who are measuring attribution don’t, although are planning to It is considered an important aspect of marketing strategy There are some key areas where there appears to be a lack of knowledge or awareness of attribution issues Survey conclusions
  12. 12. About equimedia We are the largest independent digital media agency in the UK. Our focus puts customer data at the heart of planning to deliver innovative and highly measurable digital direct response media solutions. Talk to us about your digital challenges: 01793 715440 |