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A to Z guide to Digital Innovations


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We've collected 26 of the hot topics that were discussed during our "Digital Futures" event programme this year. Each of these innovations are helping digital marketers get closer to the customers.

For more information about these events and to see our 2016 programme, visit

Published in: Technology
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A to Z guide to Digital Innovations

  1. 1. Highlights from our 2015 Digital Futures events! Contactless payment systems DIGITAL INNOVATIONS Apple Pay Aa Join us at our Digital Futures events to find out! What will the next digital innovation be? Our A-Z guide to Bb For localised transmissions beacon technology cardboardCc Cost effective virtual reality Dd digital out of home 40% growth expected by 2020 Gg Hh Ee Jj Ll Nn Pp Ii Kk Oo Mm Rr Ss Qq Uu Ww Yy Tt Vv Xx Zz Now in the Oxford Dictionary emojis grantspro Free advertising for charities 50 billion objects by 2020 internet of things kickstart Crowdfunded creative projects Closer to the "cashless society" mobile payments one-hour delivery Heading towards drone-time How we're all measuring up quantified self s-commerce e-commerce goes social Content from the masses user generated wearable tech Next for mobile advertising Now with shoppable adverts YouTube html5 Latest multimedia language Demand for "big data" skills job titles live streaming Global real-time interactions Computers can learn neural networks passwords From fingerprint to "brainprints" Auctions in milliseconds real time bidding TV sync Time-synchronised advertising Getting up close and personal virtual reality space-x A fully connected Earth Connected from birth z generation T: 01793 715440 E: W: Ff Now in the Oxford Dictionary facebook reactions