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A Beginner's Guide to Pinterest for Business


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With more than 100 million Pinners worldwide, Pinterest presents a great opportunity to raise awareness of your business and products to existing and potential customers.

In this guide, we explain how business can take advantage of this social media network and use it as a "virtual storefront".

Published in: Marketing
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A Beginner's Guide to Pinterest for Business

  1. 1. Pinterest for business A beginner’s guide
  2. 2. A visual version of a social bookmarking site A social network that focuses on visually sharing or discovering new content A creative way to collect images / photos / videos according to interests that are easily accessible and shareable It’s more about saving and sharing content than interacting with other users Businesses can use it as a “virtual storefront” What is Pinterest?
  3. 3. There are more than 100 million Pinners 67% of users are under the age of 40 54% of users are women aged 34-55 Male monthly users grew 120% in 2015 83% of users would prefer to follow a brand or store Two thirds of content saved is from business It drive 5% of all referral traffic to websites Source: Key statistics
  4. 4. Pins An image you directly upload or add to a board that links to an external web page, i.e. your website Pinterest board A place where content is categorised by interest – these can be public (for showcasing products) or hidden (secret boards for sharing special offers) – Group boards are also available Re-pinning Where a user shares someone else’s pin with their followers Pin it button When added to your website this enables users to easily share your web content to a Pinterest board Rich pins Includes extra information, e.g. a map to your store (needs Pinterest approval) Pinterest glossary
  5. 5. Set up a new business account Set up your profile – keep the focus visual!  Use a logo or image to represent your business  Choose a username relevant to your brand  Write your company bio, using appropriate keyword to fit your SEO plan  Summarise what your followers can expect from your pinning  Add your location  Include a link to your website and verify it in your profile  Connect other social networks where you have a presence (Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and so on) Getting started
  6. 6. Set up your Pinterest boards  Carry out initial research so your board names are relevant to your potential followers and are easily searchable – look at your product categories, keywords and search terms used on your website to help with this  Write engaging descriptions of the content within your boards  Add new pins regularly to your boards Start pinning…  5 pins per board is a good starting point Join in with the Pinterest community  share other users’ content, “like” pins, repin, follow other pinners Monitor your account analytics Getting started
  7. 7. Share relevant quality content Pin engaging images Check your links work and go to the intended section of your website Use analytics to really get to know who your audience is and what they’re interested in Make sure you make time to monitor your boards and pin regularly Promote your account with other social networks on all your marketing touchpoints Pinterest tips
  8. 8. Enables you to buy things without leaving the Pinterest app Pinterest doesn’t take a cut You still handle shipping and customer service service Geo-targeting available Currently available in the US only  Register for updates and get on to the Pinterest waitlist: Buyable pins
  9. 9. Why advertise?  To create traffic and generate engagement with your audience What to promote?  High or low performing pins – start with pins that are getting the most traction organically How much does it cost?  After you have chosen your budget, you set your maximum bid (per click or engagement) according to worth – you’re given a guide which is a range based on other bids with similar targeting to yours Where to send users?  The URL you want to drive traffic to (use UTM parameters or tracking URLs for monitoring conversion  Or set up a conversion tracking tag (see Tools) on your website to see how promoted pins are performing Who to target?  Select from interests and keywords (use Pinterest Guided Search or Google Keyword Planner for  Choose a location (currently US and Canada only)  Segment by device (web, mobile web, iPhone, iPad, android mobile, android tablet) and gender, where Advertising on Pinterest
  10. 10. What happens next?  Your campaign will need approval which can take up to 24 hours  Common reasons for unapproved Pins include irrelevant targeting, excessive hashtagging, symbology, calls to action in the Pin image  Monitor the performance of your campaign – use the summary dashboard on your activity and spend How can I improve performance?  Review your bidding strategy – you may need to increase bids to stay competitive  Expand your targeting options  Consider updating the creative you’re using – maybe every 3-5 days or run several short with different creative Advertising on Pinterest
  11. 11. Your Pinterest profile has 4 sections:  Impressions: your top 50 pin impressions  Repins: your top 50 repinned pins  Clicks: your most clicked pins and boards with the most clicked pins  All time: your 50 most repinned pins, pins with highest search rank and power pins (a mix of clicks, repins and more) Use these analytics to inform new content based on ‘Your Audience’, ‘Activity From’ and the ‘Pin It button’ Monitor your account Make maximum use of the analytics dashboard to monitor statistics on your profile, audience and activity from your website
  12. 12. Still need help? Tel: 01793 715440 Email: Website: As an award-winning independent digital media and marketing agency, we work with a variety businesses on their digital marketing activities. Get in touch to see how we could help you: