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Editing My Production


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Published in: Business
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Editing My Production

  1. 1. Editing My Production
  2. 2. Colour Adjustments – Darkening The FootageBecause I filmed all of the outside footage for my film outside in the daylight, I needed to darken the footage for the purpose of my video – for which I would have filmed at night if I had the correct lighting equipment. To darken the image first I added a day into night filter which mostly worked in darkening the image however to make the picture look like it was really during the night I changed the colour levels, reducing the amount of green and red and either leaving or increasing the amount of blue within the image, thus creating a convincing recreation of night footage
  3. 3. Colour Adjustments – Adding The Red FilterTo Get the desired effect from my video, which was that I wanted to make some bits with the shade look more intense and dark, I changed around the settings with the contrast, saturation and hue, I originally for the footage I had shot with the red light bulb used the preset setting on imovie called hard light which made the whole image darker and seem less like reality.
  4. 4. Colour Adjustments – Adding The Alterations during the guitar solo and introFor the solo I wanted to use a different colour filter that I had not used or had only used a few times during the film, therefore I used an imove preset setting called “Sci-Fi”, which adds a bleached/ slightly green tinted filter to the film, which created the effect I had in mind
  5. 5. Filming/ Editing – “Strobe” light scenesIn filming the strobe light scene, rather than filming and switching the lights on and off I decided instead to film the footage with the lights on and then film 20 seconds of darkness, by doing this I was able to dictate where light flashes on and off, this proved to much easier than trying to time the lights properly and to synchronise my movements with the lights.
  6. 6. Colour Adjustments – Adding LightFor several of the scenes that I filmed inside in the dark were so dark that it was impossible to make out the activity within the footage, therefore I set about once again changing around the colour, saturation settings in order to make the activity within the footage visible. First I increased the brightness, contrast and the saturation slightly, however this proved to be to light, it looked bleached and artificial so I then on top of my initial alterations added an I movie preset “day into night” to darken the footage slightly, which worked.