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Do you know your rights?


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Laws exist throughout the EU to
protect you and your colleagues
against discrimination based on race
or ethnic origin, age, disability,
religion or belief, or sexual
orientation in the workplace.
What are these laws?

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Do you know your rights?

  1. 1. KE-80-08-384-EN-D We all have rights. Trade Unions and other organisations can offer information and advice. Discrimination at work European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is illegal. CEC European Managers Laws exist throughout the EU to protect you and your colleagues EUROCADRES - Council of European against discrimination based on race Professional and Managerial Staff or ethnic origin, age, disability, religion or belief, or sexual National equality bodies exist in most EU countries. orientation in the workplace. Working to tackle discrimination, these national organisations can provide you with more information and advise you on your rights. What are these laws? Contact your national equality body: Find out more at UK © European Commission/JPH Woodland Equality and Human Rights Commission Helplines: England 0845 604 6610 Scotland 0845 6 04 5510 Wales 0845 604 8810 Equality Commission for Northern Ireland Enquiry line: 028 90 890 890 © European Commission/JPH Woodland Ireland Irish Equality Authority Helpline: 1890 245 545 Malta National Commission for the Promotion of Equality Tel: 2590 3850 This leaflet has been produced as part of the EU-wide “For Diversity. Against Discrimination.” information campaign. Organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, the campaign aims to raise awareness of discrimination and the EU laws which exist to combat it, and to promote the benefits of diversity. An initiative of the European Union
  2. 2. Victim Europe is home to a wide variety of people. Witness People of all ages, disabled people, people of a different ethnic or racial mm iss io n/ JP H Wo od lan d Bully origin, those of a different religion or belief, and those of a different sexual orientation, all form part of society. Co an pe uro ©E This diversity enriches our cultures and also our economies. Which one © European Commission/JPH Woodland are you? Almost 1 in 6 of us d has suffered discrimination dlan Commission/JPH Woo in the last 12 months.* © Getty Images 1 in sufferinghas witnessed 3 of us discrimination ropean a person © Eu in the last year.* * Eurobarometer survey 296 on discrimination in the European Union - Perceptions, experiences and attitudes (July 2008)