Language Resource Center 2012 Open.Michigan introduction


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Language Resource Center 2012 Open.Michigan introduction

  1. 1. Open.Michigan:An Introduction CC: BY SA “Hola! @ Helsinki” by Karva Javi (Flickr) Emily Puckett Rodgers, Open Education Coordinator May 15, 2012 Except where otherwise noted, this work is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Copyright 2012 The Regents of the University of Michigan
  2. 2. Our Home Office of Enabling Technologies University of Michigan Medical School
  3. 3. Our Mission Open.Michigan enables University of Michigan faculty, students, staff and others to share theireducational resources and research with the world. CC: BY “Earth” symbol by Francesco Paleari from the Noun Project
  4. 4. African Health OER NetworkTo advance health education in Africa by creating and promoting free, openlylicensed teaching materials created by Africans to share knowledge, address curriculum gaps, and support health education communities.
  5. 5. U-M’s Culture of Sharing: Copyright and OpenAccess Publishing Standard Practice Guide: Who Holds Copyright at or in Affiliation with the University of Michigan (9/21/2011) SCHOLARLY WORKS means works authored by FACULTY within the scope of their employment as part of or in connection with their teaching, research, or scholarship. Common examples of SCHOLARLYWORKS include: lecture notes, case examples, course materials, textbooks, works of nonfiction, novels, lyrics, musical compositions/arrangements and recordings, journal articles, scholarly papers, poems, architectural drawings, software, visual works of art, sculpture, and other artistic creations, among others, regardless of the medium in which those works are fixed or disseminated.
  6. 6. Anything that can be copyrighted and is created by the U- M community can be licensed and published on Open.Michigan inaabe-language-and-literature/2011/materials
  7. 7. We Are Not Alone… et cetera….
  8. 8. 1culture of sharing• Build partnerships and communities of sharing• Make visible the community and support its needs• Increase support for OER production
  9. 9. Create a Culture of SharingCatalyze community Medical Textbook of theinterests Future, Diagnose This, A2DataDive Digital storytelling, eTextbooks, U-MConnect with other Wikipedians, HASTAC, U-Minitiatives AccessibilityConsult on new MERLOT, Global Health Disparities, Emergency Healthprojects
  10. 10. 2comprehensive publicaccess Make it easy to create and use open content • Build tools, processes, incre ase visibility of content • Consult, educate, train
  11. 11. Several units and departments at U-M use Creative Commons licenses on some or all of their published work.• MLibrary• Department of Public Relations & Marketing Communications• Medical School Information Services
  12. 12. opensourceway (flickr)Participatory, ubiquitous, adaptable, affordable, innovative open and engaging education
  13. 13. Participation Collection• 360 contributors • >1,142 materials • 13 U-M colleges & • 71 UMMS faculty • 188 videos schools• 114 dScribes • 185 courses & • >1 million YouTube• 21 U-M units resources views• 387 mailinglist members • 12,000 views per month • >31,400 SlideShare views
  14. 14. Open.Michiganand LRC have a lot in common.
  15. 15. Thanks!Connect Emily Puckett Rodgersopen.michigan@umich.ed Open Education Coordinatoru Open.MichiganFacebook @epuckettTwitter@open_michigan