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Why convert pdf


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Why convert pdf

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Why convert pdf

  1. 1. PDF converter, Easily convert PDF to epub,html,textand jpgEbooks play a important role in our life, we read a variety of novel e- -bookformat,even our txtbook also have e e-book format.these e-book formats, bookincluding ePub,PDF,TXT,HTML and so on. each format has its own advantagesand disadvantages. ePub is an open format,almost all e readers support it, in addition to Kindle e-readers series.It can automatically change its size according to the readerscreen.For example,Epub is the default ebook format of iPad iBooks,and it works iPadreally perfectly. TXT is a very common format, it only supports text formatting, so if youd like to add some images,its impossible.but even all ereaders andcomputers can read txt and can easily modify the contents,also it can be savedas HTML easily. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the primary language used by all Internet web sites,it can be used in an eBook Reader or as eBooksource files. But almost no eBook reader fully supports all of the HTML tags. Images have many formats,jpg,png,tif,bmp...all computer or ereaderhave a default images reader in their ios.we can take one image or many moreone time,and can easily change the order, whats more, a image file is small and hangecan be download soon. PDF is a very popular format for sharing files on computer systems,it does have limitations when used with a portable eBook Reader. Some of theseare inherent in the format and some are because the rendering software doesnot support all of the features available in PDF.There are also some problems with PDF,we cant edit contents,cant stripPictures and text, even cant reading as freely as epub and turn page easily,wealso need a good PDF reader app to read addition,PDF can not automaticallychanges the size based on the size of the reader screen.In a word,we should convert PDF formats in order to a better reading because of betterthese shortcomings.PDF can be converted to many formats,this table below will show your. PDF ConvertersOriginal format Converted format Conversion purpose Software usedPDF ePub automatically changes size PDF2EPUB ConverterPDF HTML web reading PDF2HTML ConverterPDF TXT stripping text, edit text PDF2TXT Converter Copyright: | Epubor
  2. 2. PDF Image PDF2JPG ConverterUse these software we can convert PDF to epub,html,txt,evev images,so we canreadour PDF more easily and freely.If you need remove drm you can choose PDF DRM Removal(windows&mac)Source: Copyright: | Epubor