Transfer downloaded-ebooks-from-computer-to-nook-tablet


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Transfer downloaded-ebooks-from-computer-to-nook-tablet

  1. 1. Transfer downloaded eBooks from Computer to Nook Tablet?Question:Question I downloaded several ebooks onto my computer and now I do not know how to putthem onto my Nook Tablet.Answer:eBooks cant be downloaded directly from the OverDrive page to your nook.To transferAnswerdownloaded eBook from computer to NOOK, you need to make sure the eBooks format can besupported by NOOK. NOOK supports TXT, PDF, Word, and ePub format. If your eBooks are noneof these formats, you need to convert them to NOOK supported format. The tool you needis PDF converter and PDF creator.Furthermore, if your eBooks have DRM protection, you need to remove DRM with PDF&ePub DRMRemoval,NOOK DRM Removal,or Kindle DRM Removal.There are three programs we teach you how to use.They are all free and include Calibre Calibre,Adobe Digital Editions and Windows Explorer. ExplorerThe first method:Step 1: Connect your Nook to the computer with its USB cable cable.Step 2: Choose "Computer" or "My Computer" from the computer desktop Start menu.Double-click on the Removable Disk drive icon that represents the connected Nook.Step 3: Drag the e-book from computer hard drive, and drop it in the "My Documents" folderin the Nook drive folder.The second method:Calibre is a free download and has support for almost all the major e-readers and tabletson the market.We give you an overview of what the program is all about and how to makesimple edits to your book and then transfer it to your Nook Tablet.Step 1: Download and install Calibre,and then launch Calibre.Step 2: Click the "Add books" and browse the directory to which you downloaded your eBookfiles (EPUB and/or PDF). The files will appear in list view in the main window (Library). 1 Copyright: | Epubor
  2. 2. Calibres"Add books" button.Step 3: Connect your eReader device to your PC via USB cable.Step 4: To transfer the new files to your eReader, highlight the files you wish to haveon your eReader and click the "Send to device" button at the top of the window and selectyour device.Calibres "Send to device" and "Device" buttonsThe third method:Adobe Digital Editions is a program primarily used for transferring to your device booksyou have purchased from other bookstores. You also have the ability to copy over booksyou have borrowed from the library.Really, if your book has DRM you want to use this program to copy to over to your NookTablet. We show you how to import it into Digital Editions.Step 1: Click on the Library View within Adobe Digital Editions. Titles you have downloadedare listed on the right.Step 2: You will see the file copy to the nook. The title is now transferred to the device.On a PC, click “Safely Remove Hardware”icon on the lower right of your monitor. Thenclick the “Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device” box. 2 Copyright: | Epubor
  3. 3. Step 3: Touch the menu icon at the bottom of your nook for My Library. The book you justdownloaded will appear under “My Documents.” Scroll down to the title. Touch “View itemdetails and options.” Touch “Read” to begin reading your eBook.Source: 3 Copyright: | Epubor