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Sony pdf-to-ipad


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Sony pdf-to-ipad

  1. 1. How to transfer Sony PDF to IPad , iPhone and iPod Touch?If you like reading e-books and received an iPad, or iPhone, or iPod Touch as a Christmas gift, you are probablywondering: how to transfer the Sony PDF e -books to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch for easy viewing, So, below are sometips on how to transfer Sony PDF to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch from a PC or Mac, just follow the steps, you can easilytransfer your Sony PDF e-books to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch via iBooks.Here is the Guide on How to transfer Sony ePUB and PDF to iPad, iPhone.Step1. Remove Drm from PDFThe first you have to Authorize your Adobe Digital Editions copy(when run the ADE, it will require you Adobe ID andpassword), make sure the PDF files can load on Adobe Digital Editions.1)Install and run Epubor PDF DRM RemovalIf you want to transfer ePUB to iPad or iPhone, you need download Epubor ePUB DRM RemovalInput filesClick on the browse button to choose your Epubor PDF ebook / input folder. Youll find it in My DocumentsMy DigitalEditions.If you just cant find the pdf ebook, open Adobe Digital Editions and find the path in the properties of the ebook.2)Remove drm from pdfClick unDrm directory, then remove drm from pdf files all the folder.3)View the undrm PDF you have removed.View your newly created DRM-free pdf file with your favorite application (on whatever device you like).Step2. Using Calibre eBook Library Management to convert PDF to ePub(optional)(freeware)Tips: Though iBook supports PDF format, it is not very convenient to read PDF eBooks on the devices, because youhave to drag the scroll bar from left to right each time to read a line of text due to the small screen of iPhone and iPodTouch. But you can convert PDF to EPUB, which is designed for reflowable content, so that the text content can adjustthe screen size of your devices automatically, then you dont need to drag for reading your eBooks anymore!Follow the steps below to convert PDF to EPUB with eBook Library Management in seconds:1)Open Calibre eBook Library ManagementCalibre for Windows Screenshot: 1 Copyri ght: | Epubor
  2. 2. 2)Add booksClick Add books... and browse your computer files to locate the PDF files to be converted.3)Convert Epubor PDF filesJust click the remove books button, and wait for a little while, you will get the files as you want.Note: If you are using Mac OS X, please go to PDF to EPUB for MacStep3.transfer e-book to ipad , iphone and ipod touch(First, make sure that you install iBooks app in your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.)1)Open iTunes. Select File -> Add to Library.2)Select the PDF e-book you want to transfer to iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Then click Choose button.3)Select Books from iTunes Library. You must have found that the PDF file just added now listed in theiTunes Library.4)Just Connect iPad, iPhone or iPad Touch to your PC or Mac , you can View your PDF e-books added to iPad,iPhone, iPod Touch will find iTunes on Devices list, just select the Books tab from the list at the top, Ifyou want to sync all of the books you’ve added to iTunes, select All Books and then click the Sync button. But if youwant to only sync specific books, choose Selected Books and then place a check next to each of the books you wantto sync. 2 Copyri ght: | Epubor
  3. 3. 5) You can view your pdf on ipad,iphone and ipod touchYes, its simple to transfer PDF to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Within minutes, you can view Sony PDF e -book in youriPad, iPhone or iPod Touch easily.Source: 3 Copyri ght: | Epubor