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Epub builder for mac


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EPUB builder for mac is the best tool to convert ebook of any file format such as .pdf, .docX, .html to EPUB on Mac OS X.

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Epub builder for mac

  1. 1. EPUB Builder for Mac
  2. 2. EPUB Builder for Mac Table Of Contents What is an EPUB- Introduction Benefits of EPUB How to Create EPUB builder for Mac- Solution EPUB Builder for Mac- Software features EPUB Builder for Mac- User Guide
  3. 3. EPUB Builder for Mac IntroductionEPUB also referred as electronic publication thatis widely used in the segment of eBook. It usesXML and XHTML format for the digitalpublication. It was launched in the year 2007 byInternational Digital Publishing Forums. It isgaining popularity all over the world as theformat is widely accepted as open and freeformat for the publication of eBook. It evensupports CSS style sheets with unique reflowfeature that enables the text to fit on the screenautomatically.
  4. 4. EPUB Builder for Mac Benefits of EPUB It is an open and free format for digital publishing of eBooks It can be read online with easy access. It is governed independently without the interference of Publishing house it is supported by latest devices such as android, iPhone, iPad etc It has an unique reflow feature to fit the
  5. 5. EPUB Builder for Mac How to Create EPUB builder for Macif you wish to create your own eBook, just usethird party EPUB builder for mac. The tool isefficient in reading ebooks on Mac OS X. it iscapable of converting eBooks of any file formatto EPUB. Thus users can easily read ebooks onvarious devices and gadgets with the help ofthis tool. It can be used by professional as wellas novice users without any prior publishingexperience.
  6. 6. EPUB Builder for Mac Software Features it is the best way to create eBook for Mac It creates and converts ebook of different format such as .pdf, .docX, .html, chm etc. it has an easy to use interface it creates EPUB for iPad, iPhone, android etc. it even converts password protected files to EPUB. It is exclusively designed for Mac OS X.
  7. 7. EPUB Builder for Mac EPUB builder for Mac User guide Install and Run the software Import book contents by dragging local eBook into the program add files by clicking on "Add" button Customize and set the book cover area by double clicking on left cover area Click on "Create" button Finally, EPUB ebook for Mac is created.
  8. 8. EPUB Builder for Mac Thank You Please Visit