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The Europeana API Development Plans and Hackathons

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  • The Europeana API. Development plans and Hackathons This presentation is CC-BY-SA, I’ll do a quick intro of myself and Europeana here as well, the 1-minute summary
  • A little but about out API 1.0 and our first year of Developer Outreach
  • For more info on our API-offering visit: http:// /web/guest/re-use-data
  • Some mood imagery from Hack4Europe 2011
  • And from Stockholm
  • Inclusion: Casual Curator Android application for curating and sharing personal collections of Europeana content Mashup with Freebase User selects up to twenty images forming a gallery Giving it a name User publishes/shares gallery on social networks
  • Yes, we’re eating our own dog-food… This together lays the foundation for a business model where Europeana focuses on core businesses like quality metadata and an open API thus facilitating innovation and R&D outside of Europeana proper Launches in Q3
  • What are we planning regarding developer outreach in 2012?
  • We find hackathons and their associated competitions to be a great way of building awareness in the developer community A beginning to nurture an ecology of apps around our API our open content
  • Thanks! Just google me an you’ll find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ inter alia
  • Track G David Haskiya

    1. 1. The Europeana APIDevelopment plans and Hackathons ePSIplatform conference 2012 David Haskiya, Product Developer
    2. 2. A little bit about our API
    3. 3. The Europeana API version 1.0 Version 1.0 launched in 2011 • Based on the OpenSearch standard • Available to the Europeana network only • About 20 implementations of the API in production • And about 70 prototype API implementations• Product marketing and Developer Outreach • Simple website on Europeana Pro • Simple documentation in Europeana Labs • 5 Hackathons that were extremely successful • We’ve learnt a lot that will go into API-updates and developer outreach • And they really helped us to build momentum for Open
    4. 4. Poznan
    5. 5. Stockholm
    6. 6. Hack4Europe winner of the Inclusion Award: Casual Curator
    7. 7. The Europeana API version 2.0 (Q3 2012) Is under development • Simpler for developers (REST,JSON) • More powerful (anything we can do, you can do) • More scalable (logging, throttling, direct sign-up) • Better documented (interactive docs, API console) • Serves content in Europeana Data Model (EDM) Is paired with a Development Outreach Programme • Hack4Europe 2012 part of that programme Will be an Open API Made possible by the new Data Exchange Agreement
    8. 8. And another bit onDeveloper Outreach
    9. 9. Hack4Europe 2012• Copenhaguen, May 10-11• Warzaw, also May, exact date tba• Leuven, June 13-14• And probably one or two more, places and dates to be announced!• Results and winners of the competition to be awarded at the Digital Agenda Summit in Brussels, June 21-22
    10. 10. What would you build? Surprise us! David Haskiya, Product Developer