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Mc carthy


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Mc carthy

  1. 1.       Share-­‐PSI  Workshop     10th/11th  May  2011    Pioneering  Scalable  Innova0on  Clusters  based   on  European  PSI  direc0ve     Use-­‐case  :  City  Regions   dataDublin       Tim  McCarthy   Na<onal  University  of  Ireland  Maynooth  
  2. 2. Background  :  Growing  global  urban  popula0on   Source:  United  Na<ons,  Department  of  Economic  and  Social  Affairs,  Popula<on  Division:  World  Urbaniza-on  Prospects,  the  2009  Revision.     New  York  2010 •   World’s  popula<on  –  urban/city  based   •   High  concentra<ons  of  intellectual  and  economic  capital   •   Increased  challenges  managing  resources,  infrastructure    environment  &    service  provision  
  3. 3. Exis0ng  Open  Government  Data  Ini0a0ves  based  around  City  data  e.g.  
  4. 4. State  of  the  art  research  –  Real-­‐0me  City  data  streams  –  Live  Singapore   “…LIVE  Singapore!  provides  people  with   access  to  a  range  of  useful  real-­‐0me   informa0on  about  their  city  by  developing   an  open  plaPorm  for  the  collec<on,   elabora<on  and  distribu<on  of  real-­‐<me   data  that  reflect  urban  ac<vity.  Giving   people  visual  and  tangible  access  to  real-­‐ <me  informa<on  about  their  city  enables   them  to  take  their  decisions  more  in  sync   with  their  environment,  with  what  is   actually  happening  around  them….”   “…an  ecosystem  and  a  toolbox  for  real-­‐ <me  data  that  describe  urban  dynamics.   Building  on  this  plaorm,  a  community  of   developers  can  build  mul0ple  applica0ons   in  a  joint  effort  which  harnesses  the   crea0ve  poten0al  of  ci0zens  in  extrac<ng   new  value  from  real-­‐<me  data…”   Source  May  2011  :  hNp://   (Senseable  Cit  Lab,  MIT)  
  5. 5. State  of  the  art  implementa0on  –  Web  based  plaPorm   City  Forward  -­‐  IBM   “…..City  Forward…,  web-­‐ based  plaorm  that  lets  you   visualize  and  interact  with  city  data   while  engaging  with  a  community   of  people  who  are  passionate   about  the  future  of  our  ci<es….”   Source  (May  2011)  hap://  
  6. 6. Convergence    :    Technology  +  Innova0on  =  Innova0on  PlaPorms  Digital  Agenda   PSI/FI   +  Innova<on          Ini<a<ves   =   Emerging     data-­‐driven   dataDublin  Network   Innova<on   Plaorms  
  7. 7.  dataDublin  Network    What  is  it?     • dataDublin  is  an  exci<ng  new  concept  centred  on  the  idea  of  building  a  real-­‐0me,   dynamic,  digital  representa0on  of    Dublin  City.     • the  objec<ve  is  to    provide  a  digital  plaPorm  where  all  databases  &  data  streams  rela<ng   to  city  infrastructure,  environment  &  human  interac0ons  occurring  across  the  city  such  as   travel,  communica<on,  energy  &  water  consump<on  can  be  captured  in  real-­‐<me  and   made  accessible  to  a  wider  audience  to  help  everyday  decision-­‐making.     • an  online  portal  will  provide  access  to  both  data  producers  and  end-­‐user  of  informa<on   •   experimental  innova0on  plaPorm  to  facilitate    commercial  opportuni0es  &  crea0on  of   new  enterprise  by  private  industry  &  entrepreneurs  Why  do  it?     Dublin  is  a  typical  modern  day  city,  sharing  the  same  challenges  and  pressures  as  other   ci<es  across  the  globe  to  ensure  cleaner  environments,  provide  beNer  services  and   promote  the  city  and  region  as  a  vibrant  &  affordable  place  to  work  and  live.      
  8. 8. Elements  of  dataDublin  ini0a0ve     • Open  Data  &  PSI  re-­‐use   Release   Data   • Ci0zen/community  engagement   • Public  domain  data  access  &  Apps  zone   • Offline  &  real-­‐0me,  mul0-­‐source  data-­‐streams     • Online  portal  for  public,  commercial,  research    sectors  &  ci0zens   Par0cipa0on   Wider   • User  Generated  Content  from  Ci0zens     • Public  sector  data-­‐release  catalysing  private  sector  data  release  &  par0cipa0on   • Data-­‐driven  networks   • RDTI  &  commercial  enterprise  zone  Economic  Ac0vity   Innova0on  &   • Grounding  point  for  other  related  ac0vi0es  (Greener  Ci0es,  Sustainability)   • Test-­‐bed  environment  -­‐  future  technologies  (Internet,  Commerce,    Urban  Dynamics)   • Showcasing  and  promo0ng  ci0es  as  crea0ve,  technological,  innova0on  hubs    
  9. 9. dataDublin  Framework   Informa0on   Digital  PlaPorm   • Ci<zen   Why   • Enterprise   • Research   Role   • Interoperability   • Standards   Instruments   dataDublin  Network   • Portal   Network   • NDA   • Data  Catalogue   • Data  License   Founding  Partners   • Promo<on   How   • PSI   • Facilita<on   • SLA   MoU   • Workshops   •   New  data   • Networking   • Enterprise   Technical   • Mgt  &  Governance   Working     Group   Data   What   Public   Private   Sector   Ci<zens   Others   Industry  
  10. 10. dataDublin  -­‐  Current  Status     Status       •   MoU  -­‐  founding  partners   •   SLA  draied  for  online  datastream  hos<ng   •   Mul<-­‐access  portal  including  Data  Catalogue  undergoing  design   •   First  90  X  datasets  iden<fied  for  release   •   Industry  partners  invited  to  join  dataDublin  Network     Issues/Challenges     •   Data    :  complexity,  privacy,  sensi<vity     •   Data  Inspec<on    :  deciding  which  data  streams  can  be  released   •   Data  prepara<on    :  live  data  streams,  anonymisa<on,  complexity   •   Data  Release    :  Resources  &  cost   •   Data  Standards  :  metadata,  formats,  aaributes  etc   •   Culture    :  mind-­‐change  (Gatekeeper  -­‐    Enablers)   •   Access    :  public  domain  Vs  Research/Commercial    
  11. 11.         Pioneering  Scalable  Innova0on  Clusters  based   on  European  PSI  direc0ve     Use-­‐case  :  City  Regions   dataDublin      Contact  Tim  McCarthy  <  Ronan  Farrell  Na<onal  University  of  Ireland  Maynooth