Making Open Data Work for the Public Sector


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Making Open Data Work for the Public Sector

  1. 1. knowledge work, learning, social media Making #opendata work for the EU Public Sector Dublin, 22 November 2012@epsiplatform @ton_zylstra
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. “We will open up the public sector”
  6. 6. 2012 EC, 2013 EU, 2014-2020
  7. 7. economic impact
  8. 8. Dutch Meteo: 100, 35MFinnish SME’s: 15%Spain: 5000, 350MEU: 140B
  9. 9. Min BZK transparency
  10. 10. Networked life, networked WIIFM?work, networked learning your psb here.. avoiding the compliance trap
  11. 11. Costs too much; What’s the business case; Has commercial value; Possibleprivacy issues; Confidential info; It’s not ours, and we don’t know who owns it;It’s not ours and supplier won’t allow it; The quality isn’t very good; We don’tknow where it is; Not our job; It’s in a useless format anyway; I don’t have theauthority; People will misuse the data; People will use it wrongly; Only weunderstand our data; We’ll get sued; Files are just too big; Too little bandwith;It starts with this, but where’s the end? It’s there, but can’t be opened; Data isdated/too old; It’s not in digital format; Is this even legal?; Our Minister says no;We never have done this before, why start now?; I don’t see the use; Nobody will Networked life, networkedbe interested; No time; No resources; Just do FOIA requests; We’ll publish itredacted; It’s not complete; It contains errors; It’s commercially sensitive; work, networked learningCombining this with other data is dangerous; People will come to wrongconclusions; People will get lost and confused; It will trigger endless discussions;We can’t confirm or deny we have that data; We’ll get feedback, and can’t handlethat; Our IT supplier says it’s not possible; Our IT supplier will charge too much;Our site will crash; It’s already online! (but in unfindable PDFs); If peopledownload it and use it later it will be outdated; I can’t take responsibility for all thereuse; People will get angry; Our data is in contradiction to the data of thedepartment that is in charge of the topic; Only we truly understand.....statistics/meteo/geo/laws; We’ll disrupt the market; It will only be used to attack us. fig leaves for inaction
  12. 12. real obstacles(
  13. 13. new existingtech is not the key issue
  14. 14. is not the key issue
  15. 15. Networked life, networked <<1%work, networked learning cost is not the key issue
  16. 16. making the transition is
  17. 17. Networked life, networked WIIFM?work, networked learning your psb here.. making it relevant to your public task
  18. 18. open data as policy instrument
  19. 19. questions• What do we have?• How far from ‘open data’?• Motivating external partners?• Publishing as standard process?• Embedding it in contracts/procurement?• Opportunities for the city government?
  20. 20. policy goalsParticipationGetting into the citySustainability (2020 energy neutral)Budget surplus in 2014‘Societal real estate’Increase self managementTourism, culture capital 2018
  21. 21. issue value, efficiency, impact stakeholders open dataopen data as policy instrument
  22. 22. e.g. maintenance
  23. 23. e.g. road safety
  24. 24. e.g. cultural heritage
  25. 25. source: David Osimo collaborative-e-gov-services-get-better-more-people- use-themchanging government services
  26. 26. Stockholm
  27. 27. issue value, efficiency, impact stakeholders open databuild your triangles, hunt for examples
  28. 28. tap into the abundance
  29. 29. join us at
  30. 30. knowledge work, learning, social media CreditsAll photos: Ton Zijlstra, by nc saExcept where mentioned on the photo.Slides: Ton Zijlstra, bySlides: ton@tonzijlstra.euSkype: ton_zylstra