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  1. 1. Re-Use of Public Sector Information and I f i d the Spanish eGovernment p Strategy 2011-201510-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  2. 2. AgendaIndex Introduction Re-Use of Public Sector Information Re-use of PSI in Spain APORTA Re-use 2011-201510-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  3. 3. IntroductionThe Public Sector holds a gold mine of information The Public Administration collect, produce, reproduce and disseminate documents on the performance of their duties. Administración Pública Sostenible Sociedad Participativa y Colaborativa Sociedad Reuse is the use of these documents, Productiva y Cohesionada by physical or legal persons with commercial or noncommercial purposes, provided that such use does not 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  4. 4. Index: Re-use of PSIIndex Introduction I t d ti Re-Use of Public Sector Information Re-use of PSI in Spain APORTA Re-use 2011-201510-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  5. 5. PSI Re-Use Virtuous Circle Re-use of PSI as the engine of the virtuous circle for public value creationIncreases publicadministration Allows Government to do more withtransparency, enabling less, leading to more sustainablemore participative societies ti i ti i ti Sustainable Public Administrations Government Paves the way for the creation of new Participative and products, services Collaborative and markets, Society Productive and Competitive enhancing more Society S i t productive prod cti e societies 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  6. 6. The value of Public Sector Information The overall market size for public sector information in the European Unión  range from €10 to €48 billion, with a mean value around €27 billion. This amounts to 0 25% f h total aggregated GDP f the E 0,25% of the l d GDP for h European U i Union. Economic MEPSIR – June 2006 The Public Information should remain open, to eliminate exclusive agreements and allow and allow innovative commercial and non commercial re‐use, as noted in the and non commercial re use, as noted in the 2008 OECD Council Recommendation on Public Sector Information Innovation The OECD Innovation Strategy – April 2010 The building of a responsible welfare state begins with bridging the gaps and  the asymmetries of information between on the one hand, who defines and  the asymmetries of information between on the one hand, who defines and provides the services and, on the other hand, those who use and finances Social Declaración Transforma España – November 201010-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  7. 7. Value of Public Sector InformationMaximising the value of Public Sector Information Accesibility Visibility Value of  Equal Public Sector  = X Conditions Information Re‐usability barriers 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  8. 8. Index: PSI in SpainIndex Introduction I t d ti Re-Use of Public Sector Information Re-use of PSI in Spain APORTA Re-use 2011-201510-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  9. 9. Spain and the Re-use of Public Sector InformationThe OECD highlighted the Spanish case, jointly with USA,UK and Australia, in thebrochure for the last e-leaders meeting 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  10. 10. All the government tiers are developing its own Reuse of PSI strategyPublic Sector Information Catalogues are blooming in the national, regional and local level Gobierno del País Vasco. Open Data Euskadi Aporta proyect Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza. Datos 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL Abiertos de Zaragoza
  11. 11. PSI Re-use mapPSI re-use in Spanish Public AdministrationsComunidades Autónomas Gobierno d l P í V G bi del País Vasco. O Open D t DataEuskadi Gobierno de Cataluña. Datos AbiertosGencat Gobierno del Principado de Asturias.Catálogo de datos Gobierno de Castilla-La Mancha. Portalde Datos Abiertos de JCCM Gobierno de Navarra. Iniciativa OpenData Navarra Gobierno de las Islas Baleares. DadesObertes CAIB Gobierno de Extremadura. Reutiliz@City Hall Ayuntamiento A ntamiento de Badalona Open Data Badalona. Ayuntamiento de Barcelona. OpenData BCN Ayuntamiento de Córdoba. Open DataCórdoba Ayuntamiento de Gijón. Portal de DatosAbiertos Ayuntamiento de Lleida. Dades obertesde Lleida Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza. DatosAbiertos de Zaragoza 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL Legend: City Hall CCAA
  12. 12. Some cases of Re-Use of Public Sector Information10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  13. 13. Index: AportaIndex Introduction I t d ti Re-Use of Public Sector Information Re-use of PSI in Spain APORTA Re-use 2011-201510-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  14. 14. Aporta: Towards a culture of reusabilityPromotes a culture of reuse of public sector information, raising awareness of theimportance and value of public sector information and reuse among government,citizens and businesses Promote the  Foster a culture  market of  OCTOBER 2008 of Reuse of  of Reuse of Reuse of Public  Public Sector  Sector  Information Information Pave the way for the  y provision by the  government of the  existing public sector  information i f ti 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  15. 15. Aporta: the achievements More than 600 people have participated directly in the Dissemination of organised training sessions, The document "Guidelines g g , the culture of Re- for the Re-Use of PSI" has been downloaded more than use of PSI 3000 times in one year. Audiovisual self-learning contents are a pioneering initiative in the EU. gThe project portal ( combined with the use Catalyses aof Web 2 0 tools (follow us on twitter: @proyectoaporta) 2.0 community ofis enabling an ongoing dialogue with the spanish practitioners andcommunity of experts and practitioners related with the experts on the Re-reuse of public information information. Use of PSI The Catalog of Public Sector Information developed in Promotes the Re- the Project provides citizens and businesses an easy use of PSI access to the information available at the National Government. It has more than 700 records and is under continuous expansion. i i10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  16. 16. Re-Use of PSI as the axis of the virtuous circle for public value creationIndex Introduction I t d ti Re-Use of Public Sector Information Re-use of PSI in Spain APORTA Re-use 2011-201510-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  17. 17. Re-use of Public Sector Information in eGovernment Strategy 2011-2015 Estrategia de Granada Increase availability of public sector information for reuse. R29.M5. Implementation of education andawareness measures complementary of p y fLaw 37/2007 on reuse of public sectorinformation, aimed at disseminating the Development of Royal Decree for the Law 37/2007 p f y fbasic aspects of the regulation and the on reuse of public sector information. ... spelling outpromotion of a culture of reuse of public and providing the technical details for the provisionssector information Spain Spain. included in the Law 37/2007 for the national government 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  18. 18. Re-use of Public Sector Information barriers in Spain Spanish Legal framework related to the re‐use of public sector information Directive 2003/98/CE of 17 November 2003 on the re‐use of public sector information Law 37/2007, of 16 November, on the re‐use of public sector informationBarriers Lack of information on reusable data Uncertainty about what information is reusable Uncertainty about what information is reusable Need to define responsibilities and roles in the re‐use Conditions for reuse are unclear and fragmented Provide information using open standards and  machine‐ readable formats are not on widespread usageStudy on exclusive agreements f reusability of  Public Sector Information – European Commission d l i for bili f bli f i i i10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  19. 19. Draft of Royal Decree for Law 37/2007Delimitation of responsabilities Applies to the National Government Generalised authorisation of reusability of public sector information, y p , except the documents with an specific access legal framework Government is obliged to inform about the available documents that are suceptible of being reused It is specified the figure of the reponsible of reusability that should reusability, exist in each Ministry or Agency Defines a governance structure and it rules D fi t t d its l 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  20. 20. Draft of Royal Decree for Law 37/2007Public Sector Information Catalogue Defines the legal framework for the National Catalogue of Public Sector Information that has been already implemented Information, and deployed in the Aporta project Ministry f I d t Mi i t of Industry and Ministry of Territorial Policy are d Mi i t f T it i l P li responsibles of the Catalogue Establishes obligations for Ministries and Agencies of updating the catalogue 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  21. 21. Draft of Royal Decree for Law 37/2007Reusability licenses General rule: Reusability without any condition except proper use, reference of the source … source, Other conditions for reusability could be established by Ministries and Agencies, Agencies but the definition requires an special administrative procedure Respectful with IPRs and personal data protection laws f Pricing is outside the scope of the regulation 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  22. 22. Draft of Royal Decree for Law 37/2007Adicional features Mandate for the development an interoperability standard for p p y the localization, description and univoque identification of public sector information resources. The standard will be part of the National Interoperability Framework Legal notice (Opendata licence) that should be published in the web sites is included in the Decree 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  23. 23. ChallengesOur target… Make your stuff  ★ available on the web  (whatever format) Make it available as  structured data (e.g.  ★★ excel instead of image  scan of a table) Non‐proprietary  ★★★ format (e.g. csv instead of excel)) Use URLs to identify  ★★★★ things, so that people  can point at your stuff can point at your stuff “The five stars of open data”, Link your data to  Tim Berners-Lee ★★★★★ other people’s data to  provide context pro ide conte t 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  24. 24. Challenges…and we will achieve it as we have achieved full availability of the electronic channel 10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL
  25. 25. Conclusion Information is useless if you don´t know how to use it “Five fingers” – Joseph L. Mankiewicz10-11/05/2011, Share-PSI Reuse, BXL