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Michael Khonsari


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Michael Khonsari

  1. 1. LOUISIANA EPSCoR: AN OVERVIEW Michael Khonsari Louisiana EPSCoR Project Director Associate Commissioner for Sponsored Programs Research & Development, Louisiana Board of RegentsDow Chemical Endowed Chair and Prof of Mechanical Engineering Louisiana State University
  2. 2. Louisiana Demographics Population: 4.5 million White: 62.7%African American: 32% Asian: 1.5% Other: 3.8%
  3. 3. Louisiana Higher Education Enterprise LouisianaLouisiana State University of Southern Community Tech PrivateUniversity System Louisiana System University System College System Universities10 Campuses 9 Campuses 5 Campuses 10 Campuses 2 HBCU Institutions3 PhD Granting 4 PhD Granting 1 PhD Granting 2 PhD GrantingInstitutions Institutions Institution InstitutionsIncludes Health 1 HBCU 3 HBCU Institutions Includes TulaneSciences Center and Tulane Health Sciences Center
  4. 4. EPSCoR Strategically Partners with Board of Regents Cash contribution to date Exceeds $55 million
  5. 5. EPSCoR Committee Reflects Diversity and Expertise22 Members: Representation from campuses appointedby System Presidents (public and private)Representatives from NASA, DOE, DEPSCoR, IDeARepresentatives from three industry sectorsRepresentation from Governor’s Office for Economic DevelopmentExecutive Committee – Chair, Vice Chair, Deputy Commissioner of Boardof Regents, and Project Director
  6. 6. EPSCoR Influences State InnovationLouisiana Innovation Council- Members appointed by Governor- 30 members statewide- 4 are EPSCoR membersBoard of Regents Master PlanResearch Advisory Council- Chair and Vice Chair are Members of EPSCoR Committee
  7. 7. EPSCoR Influences Prioritization of State Science and Technology Louisiana S&T Plan
  8. 8. EPSCoR Priorities Align with State S&T Plan High Growth Materials & Energy Coastal Digital Cyber Bioengineered BiomedicalTarget Industry Chemicals Production Resilience Media Security SolutionsCore Industry Transport, Petrochem Energy & Info Tech & Arts & Agriculture & Health S&T Sectors Environ Constr & Mfg Aerospace Services Media Bio Prod Care Translational Research Energy Environmental Biomedical Coastal Digital Agricultural DomainsCore Enabling Materials Science Computational Science BioscienceS&T Research Nanotechnology Information Technology Biotechnology 21st CenturyBuilding Blocks Atoms & Molecules Bits & Bytes Nucleic & Amino AcidsFoundational COMP EARTH AGRI BIOL BIOM ECON PHYS CHEM MATH ENGR SCI SCI SCI SCI & SS Sciences
  9. 9. EPSCoR StrategicallyDetermines Research ThemesEPSCoR Committee strategically determines general researchthemes based on State’s investments, strengths, and needsCollaborative research proposals are solicited fromuniversities across the StateProposals are evaluated by a peer review processusing experts external to Louisiana
  10. 10. EPSCoR Helps Create andLeverage State Investments LA Tech LSU SUBR UNO ULL Tulane Xavier (C2) National Lambda Rail
  11. 11. EPSCoR Helps Create andLeverage State Investments Economic LONI Development/ Institute Research IDeA EPSCoR: PIXAR 2010: $20M statewide CyberTools LONI CyberTools-key Ranked #14played Faculty in ARI-R2 2007: Bee: tri-state th Largest QueenEA Sports digital 2010: $6M Biomedical 2005: Louisiana $15M in 2010: $2M NSF RII LONI NSF/EPSCoR to Currentin I/UCRCHPC of Developed 2007:HPCOPS: 2007:AVATAR Capacity: role NSF $15M NIH LONI the discovery media according 2010:Supercomputer LBRN - to$12M ToolkitsTrack2 Statewide NSF/EPSCoR RII (LBRN) Research BusinessLSU’s data - Networkproject advanceBosonProject Computational Statewide particle the Higgs Facilities $3.8M~100 TFLOP TeraGrid CenturyLink NSF/EPSCoRNIHProject $16M CI in the Materials world academic in CoastalCERN at Studies network infrastructure Magazine Gameloft
  12. 12. Leading EPSCoR Researchers Mentor Louisiana Faculty John Perdew Ward Plummer TULANE LSU
  13. 13. EPSCoR Positively Impacts Upward Trajectory of LA Research Expenditures $350 $307 $300 $300 $260 $250 $273 $240 $239 $224Millions $200 $201 $183 $150 $170 $154 $100 $50 $0 FY 1999 FY 2000 FY 2001 FY2002 FY2003 FY2004 FY2005 FY2006 FY2007 FY2008 FY2009
  14. 14. EPSCoR Responds in Aftermath of Katrina
  15. 15. EPSCoR Responds in Aftermath of BP Oil Spill Held in collaboration with Mississippi and Alabama
  16. 16. EPSCoR Responds to Hurricane Isaac
  17. 17. EPSCoR Catalyzes CollaborationLA EPSCoR has broken downboundaries between campusesLA EPSCoR is a proven catalyst forachieving increased statewidecollaboration and nationalcompetitiveness
  18. 18. EPSCoR Supports the STEM Pipeline Tenured FacultySpeaking of Science Undergraduate Graduate student Seed funding for Opportunities forhasand Post-Doc student research reached 13,000 new faculty established faculty K-12 students experiences training Tenure-Track Faculty Undergrad / Graduates /Post Docs K-12
  19. 19. America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010‘‘it shall be an objective of the Foundation tostrengthen research and education in thesciences and engineering, includingindependent research byindividuals, throughout the United States, andto avoid undue concentration of such researchand education’’; and
  20. 20. America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010“the Nation requires the talent, expertise, andresearch capabilities of all States in order toprepare sufficient numbers of scientists andengineers, remain globally competitive andsupport economic development.”
  21. 21. EPSCoR is Transforming Louisiana: In Research In Education In Economic Development