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Fly Movement Presentation - Kids Health Program


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A one-of-a-kind kids health program

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Fly Movement Presentation - Kids Health Program

  1. 1. Fly Movement A one-of-a-kind kids health program and free family fun run Eric Melchor – Executive Director
  2. 2. Who we are We Teach Kids that a Healthy Lifestyle is Fun and Rewarding Fly Movement is the first kids’ health program that provides students an opportunity to reach a fitness goal through fun, rewarding team competition using fitness trackers. As a result, they learn how to develop goal setting habits, their fitness activity increases, and they establish a positive feeling towards physical activity.
  3. 3. Program Overview A year-around kids health program Students provided an opportunity to reach a fitness goal through fun, rewarding team competition (6 weeks) using fitness trackers (Fall) Kids and family invited to participate in free fun run (Fall) Classroom receives under desk bike pedals (Spring) Students are invited to participate in free family fun run (Spring) 1 2 3 4 Teaching Benefits of Physical Activity & Healthy Eating
  4. 4. Why there is a need Rise in child obesity • In Texas, one in every three kids are obese1 • A 2014 Harris county study reports that more than 34% of Houston children are clinically obese 1 Less outdoor play 2 Schools are cutting back on PE 3 • Most children play outside for less than an hour a day2 • Climbing trees has been replaced by hours spent in front of televisions, tablets, and smartphones • Schools are cutting back on physical education at all grade levels3 • PE instructors were among the first laid off when state legislators slashed this year’s education funding 1 - 2 - 3 - 5k races are getting expensive 4 • Average child’s registration fee for a 1K race is around $30 • Adult 5k registration fees can cost as much as $45 or more
  5. 5. Overall Benefits Curb Child Obesity • More than one third of children are overweight or obese • 92% of TX Elementary schools do not have daily PE1 1 Free for Parents 2 Learn Benefits of Healthy Eating 3 Enhance Self-esteem 4 • 73% of the nearly half-million school-aged children in the Houston area are considered economically disadvantaged2 • It’s important to teach children about the benefits of healthy eating when they are young, so they will seek out healthy foods on their own as teens and adults • Children with healthy self-esteem are more likely to persist in difficult pursuits and see challenging situations as opportunities to try something new, even if they are not completely successful 1 - 2 - economic-implications Fun Family Activity (Free Family Fun Run) 5 • A free fun run is not only a great way for kids and parents to spend quality time together, but running is an exercise that parents can actually do regularly with their kids
  6. 6. Student Engagement Fly Movement volunteers visit students 4X in a six week period General Overview of Student Engagement *Does not include kids fun run Lead kids in fun fitness game / activities Award participants with small prizes / build self esteem Teach benefits of physical activity & healthy eating Provide fitness challenge (achieve # of moves) Distribute health- educational material to kids for parents Create positive experience Educate benefits of physical activity and healthy eating Build Self-esteem
  7. 7. Helping to provide a wellness educational solution and facilitate collaboration amongst schools, parents, & technology providers Educate Teachers, Principals, PTO/Parents about Program Benefits Invite PTO / PTA Members & Volunteers to participate Fundraise for fitness trackers, sports equipment, & fun run Purchase and prepare educational material and trackers for program Teach students the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating (4 visits) Provide fun fitness challenge to students Track and measure fitness activity through trackers & pre/post surveys Reward students prizes for reaching their fitness goal Communicate progress and results through newsletters & social media Track and measure results Educate benefits of physical activity and healthy eatingCreate and share positive experience Fundraise / materials needed for program
  8. 8. Fly Movement Experience Students, Parents, PTA/Volunteer Touchpoints Students Learn benefits of physical exercise Leverage fitness trackers to track movements Participate in fun physical activities Funded by Donations & Grants. Receive food Veggie cards to learn about healthy eating Provided under desk bike pedals for their classroom Invited along with family to participate in free kids fun run Receive sports equipment and prizes Parents Offer their kids a FREE Kids health program Informed about kids races in the community Invited to participate in free family fun run Are encouraged to share exercise / fun games on Fly social media & website Ability to use Fly app to view their kid’s physical activity Provided healthy eating recipes & a list of ideas on how to motivate their kids to be more physically active * * Coming soon. PTA / Volunteer Distribute and show kids how to use fitness trackers Teach kids about the benefits of physical activity Educate kids on benefits of healthy eating Opportunity to be a positive role model for students Lead kids in fun physical activities at school *
  9. 9. Our Data Measurement is the backbone for knowledge growth, driving research, and analysis 2Survey Data Fitness Data Online Quizzes •Health Survey sent to parents in regards to their child’s and family’s physical activity 14 days before Fly Movement program begins •Same Fitness survey is sent to parents 30 days after the Fly Movement program ends •Movband fitness tracker (each student receives one) tracks moves and miles •Fitness data is tracked across schools, classrooms, and individual students •Fitness results are shared with school administrators and parents across multiple outlets including our newsletter and social media •Students are given Superfood Superheroes trading cards that teach the health benefits of vegetables and fruits •Students are able to share what they learn by playing interactive games and online quizzes •We can determine how often students logged in online to play online quizzes Utilize DHS Health Technology Platform 1 3 Partner with In House
  10. 10. Overview of Program Areas of accountability and tasks for Fly Movement Make use of the weeks before program launch to get to know relevant partners, share program overview and timeline, show parties how to sync the trackers, distribute consent forms and survey Task Description/Activities Est. Share of capacity Get to know the Teacher, train admin how to sync trackers, consent forms, pre survey Start recruiting volunteers Recruit and train volunteers / PTO members Prepare trackers / health platform Utilize DHS Health Technology Platform, assign trackers to classrooms and individual students Visit Students Visit students – lead them in fun physical activities, distribute trackers, build their self-esteem, provide fitness challenge (4 minimum visits within 6 week period) Analyze Fitness Data Track and analyze students fitness activity and share information including number of fitness moves, miles, and steps via newsletter and social media Post Survey Send post health survey to parents 30 days after program ends and compare results to pre survey Overview as general guidance ̴ 30% ̴ 65% ̴ 5% Does not include overseeing Kids Fun Run. *
  11. 11. Teacher Testimonials Sandra Salazar, Brookline Elementary Teacher “Fly Movement came to Brookline at a perfect time! As the STAAR exam approached, I needed students to be able to work and stay focused for longer periods of time. I remember times when my students walked into my classroom and seemed dazed and unfocused. Once they received their trackers, students walked in alert and attentive wanting to compare their moves with mine. We loved wearing our trackers and trying to exceed the prior day’s moves. Fly Movement made us more aware of our daily physical activity and motivated us to be more physically active. The extra exercise clearly appears to have worked on our energy levels.” Erick Huerta, KIPP Dream Prep Teacher “Since joining the Fly Movement program, my classroom has been more eager to go outside and do more physical activities. Even I have become more active in physical exercises due to the program. I am also discovering that it is bringing my students’ families closer. I have parents joining their children in bike rides, jogs and other physical activities.”
  12. 12. Contact Information Eric Melchor – Executive Director 832-590-0478 PO Box 10359, Houston, TX 77206