How Postcards Can Be Your Business’ Best Ally


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How Postcards Can Be Your Business’ Best Ally

  1. 1. How Postcards CanBe Your Business’Best Ally
  2. 2. IntroductionClients are the lifeblood of a business. But for any company,whether established or new, it can get pretty hard to findprospects to make a living and thrive in todays bleakeconomy.Thats why you must make use of any opportunity to marketyour product or service, and do it for as cheap as possible.In this presentation, we will show you how to accomplish just thatby using postcards in creative ways.
  3. 3. Why Use Postcards?But before we explain HOW to use those postcards, lets find outWHY you should make them an integral part of your strategy.• Postcards are way cheaper than direct mail• Unlike with the latter, postcards are read by people(no envelope, so no need to be opened)• If you send a discount or a coupon, it will be right therebefore your target’s eyes. Thus, more people will take action• Postcards are great for branding as they will push your name and logo inpeople’s subconscious (they increase the number of views)• They can easily be passed around, especially if they’re funny or interesting
  4. 4. Advertise your SiteOne of the best uses of postcards for your business, as they’reso cheap to make, is to have them drive traffic to your site.Use one of the sides to create an appealing and colorfulmessage… or, better yet, a hook to get people’s attention(example, if you’re a dating site: "Is this what your love lifelooks like?", with a picture of a desert in the background)Then, on the other side, tell them that if they want to learn moreabout how to solve their problem, they can visit your site, andyou give out the URL.
  5. 5. Upcoming!Postcards can also be nice as a tool to advertise new productsor upcoming events. Show pictures of what people can expect(the specifics of your product or fun photos of past events)and be sure to deliver a clear and powerful message (oneliners often work best in this case).Also, you can turn those postcardsinto numbered invitations tospecial events, so the people whoreceive them will feel even morevalue.
  6. 6. Keep in TouchIf postcards have their use to acquire new contacts, they’re alsogreat for keeping in touch with your existing clients. Theyhelp in keeping the relationship alive and healthy, and holdyour name at the top of their mind.Don’t be afraid to just send a postcard to say Hi (somethingalong the lines of "Hey John, how have you been? We missyou…")However, the best time to send them is still on special occasionslike Christmas, Birthdays, New Year, etc.
  7. 7. And the Winner Is...Turn your postcards into tickets for a contest and watch yourtraffic increase dramatically.You know that people love free stuff, so use that common trait toyour advantage by creating a contest with a few nice prizes towin for anyone who responds toyour message by sending thecard back with their details orentering the number they’ll findon the postcard on your website.
  8. 8. Say Thank YouOur favorite method, in using postcards as marketing tools, issimply to send them to your clients to thank them for theirbusiness. Whenever they order from you, tell them howmuch you appreciate their patronage.As a thankful note, you can add a special coupon to redeem attheir next purchase, for even more impact
  9. 9. ConclusionThere are thousands of ways to market your businesseffectively but few come close to using postcards in terms ofcost and versatility.Include this tool in your business arsenaland you will witness a nice increase inyour profits. Guaranteed!
  10. 10. If you want to use postcards, you still needto know where to get them. To contact theexperts in the field: