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FEAST 2014


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FEAST 2014

  1. 1. FEAST 2014
  2. 2. Mary Beth Lock Wake Forest University
  3. 3. ALA Annual, Las Vegas, Nevada | June 29, 2014 ZSRenews! And You Can Too!
  4. 4. Faculty Overdues: Look Familiar?
  5. 5. Characteristics of Faculty Loans • Length is usually longer than any other patron group • Generous renewal policies • Library staff are attentive to faculty needs • Alerts to warn them of impending due dates • High or No upper limit to number of items borrowed
  6. 6. Faculty Overdues • And yet, they happen.
  7. 7. Frustrations • What Library Staff hear from Faculty – “I have the book in my office” – “I still need it for research” – “Why don’t you trust me? I use the library all the time?” – “I never used to have to renew my books at XYZ institution.”
  8. 8. Frustrations • How library staff feel: – Faculty ignore renewal requests – Desire to block patron borrowing privileges – Politically fraught – Faculty feel a sense of entitlement
  9. 9. ZSRenews!
  10. 10. How it works • For faculty that have more than 25 items out, whether or not they are all “overdue” • Library staff contacted through phone or email • Staff members go to the faculty member’s office at a pre-arranged time with a laptop and a barcode scanner to check in books and check them out again • Utilizes the university’s wireless
  11. 11. Publicity • We notify faculty of the service once their fines grow above $500. (Targeted) • We have put info on the library’s website about the service. (General) • Library’s newsletter (Marketing) • Word of mouth (Most effective)
  12. 12. Scalable? • Wake Forest University is a mid-sized institution • 4800 undergraduates • 714 faculty on the Reynolda Campus (the one Z. Smith Reynolds Library serves) • Access Services staff in the library who manage ZSRenews? One (plus one student assistant)
  13. 13. Problem Solved Actual responses from our satisfaction survey to faculty.
  14. 14. Questions? Contact: Mary Beth Lock (336) 758-6140 Director of Access Services Z. Smith Reynolds Library Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC
  15. 15. Velappan Velappan Fayetteville State University
  16. 16.  Founded in 1867  Over 6,300 students  43 undergraduate programs  23 master’s degree programs  1 doctoral program
  17. 17.  Volumes Held (Print + Electronic) – 396,554  Electronic Books – 84,883  Laptops for Students – 18  Laptops for Staff/Faculty – 5  iPads for Students/Staff/Faculty - 7
  18. 18. Current Statistics (ALL) Followers Total Posts May 2014 Posts  Facebook 46 339 25  Instagram 543 374 54  Twitter 517 1464 54  tumblr 48 323 19  Pinterest 112 220 4  Wordpress 47 392 10  Total 1,313 3,112 166
  19. 19.  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total  2013 84 656 852 1,047 627 413 573 494 485 854 433 478 6,996  2014 584 485 473 327 483 178 2,530
  20. 20.  promote Chesnutt Library, its holdings, events, and services and resources;  establish Chesnutt Library as a major cultural resource for the Fayetteville State University and the Southeastern region of North Carolina;  increase visibility and strengthen the public image of Charles W. Chesnutt Library;  engage former, current, and potential users and donors;  engage other institutions and collections;  highlight collection holdings and exhibits; and  serve as a public relations tool and be part of the overall Chesnutt Library marketing strategy.
  21. 21.  Any contests and special events at the library  New books on display  New library services  New online databases subscribed  Staff awards and recognitions  Holidays and Library Closings  FSU Authors Book List  Special books list(MLK day, Women’s History Month, Poet Maya Angelou, etc.,
  22. 22.  Laptops for Students - 18  Laptops for Staff/Faculty - 5  iPads for Students, Staff and Faculty - 7  Chargers for laptops - 5  VGA Cables - 5  Ethernet Cables - 5
  23. 23. YEAR 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 Door Count 201,610 202,028 221,706 (+9.74%) 223,019 (+0.59%) Circ. Desk Statistics 17,233 17,711 19,686 (+11.1%) 20,192 (2.6%) Laptops Check-out 1,196 984 2,012 (+104%) 2,101 (+4.4%) iPads Check-out N/A N/A N/A 41
  24. 24.  Social Media Guidelines  Monitoring  Staffing  Tech Savvy  Library News Letter (Future plans)
  25. 25.  If we used Web 2.0 tools thoughtfully in sharing information, are not simply the latest flashy trend, but can have a solid educational basis  Our users are changing along with their information practices, and the time has come to bridge the information gap between library experimentation and established service  Finally the use of Web 2.0 tools improve the library services and enhances student learning at the same time making connections with technologies that are already being used for research purposes and in daily life outside of the classroom
  26. 26.  Contact: Velappan Velappan M.S., M.L.I.S., Head of Access Services Charles W. Chesnutt Library Fayetteville State University Email: Phone: 910-672-1236
  27. 27. Bethany Sewell & Meghan Sooy College of New Jersey
  28. 28. Erica Hardy Agnes Scott College
  29. 29. Erica Hardy Agnes Scott College
  30. 30. Only accepted payments by cash or check at desk Constantly asked by students, parents and alumnae about credit card payments Received a 2012 Innovation Grant They funded 8 proposals from across campus. The committee liked this service’s enhancement to customer service.
  31. 31. Business and Finance office: link accepted credit card payments to a bank account. ITS: Is the Square Register’s wi-fi connection through the iPad secure enough for our network? External printer? Square supports many Star Micronics receipt printers.  Decided against. Register supports emailing or texting receipts. This is simpler, in line with campus sustainability efforts and we can view receipts online if needed. Purchased a dedicated iPad, Square Reader and a stand
  32. 32. Separate accounts for different categories of payment: Accounting Overdue Fines Library ITS Lost or damaged items Visitor printing Book cart sales PAW print cards Alumnae access fees Lost media equipment
  33. 33. 2.75% per swipe for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AmEx. 3.5% + 15¢ for manually entered transactions. “When you price the items you sell, you are free to incorporate any costs incurred in your business operations. However, you cannot itemize Square’s transaction fee in order to pass this cost onto your customers.”
  34. 34. Payment categories in the Register create room for human error Training is needed Account manager often has to double check the transactions Take payments over the phone Stands
  35. 35. Erica Hardy Agnes Scott College
  36. 36. Intermission
  37. 37. Tim Hackman University of Maryland
  38. 38. Late Night Services at the University of Maryland Libraries Timothy Hackman Head of Resource Sharing and Access Services
  39. 39. UMD Libraries Late Night Services • McKeldin Library • 11pm-8am, Sunday-Thursday during Fall and Spring semesters • Extended Friday/Saturday hours during Finals • Campus ID required for entry • Police Auxiliary provides added security • 3.5 FTE staff ~160 student hours/week
  40. 40. Late Night Crisis of 2008
  41. 41. Expanding Late Night Services • 2012 – Expanded to all 7 floors – Began offering circulation, equipment loan, and reserve • 2013-2014 – Tech Desk opened overnight – Pulling books for holds and ILL – Open to USMAI patrons • Next?
  42. 42. 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 11PM 12AM 1AM 2AM 3AM 4AM 5AM 6AM 7AM Late Night - Average Week Spring 2014 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  43. 43. Challenges
  44. 44. Challenges • Safety & Security • Supervision • Communication • Training • Staffing • Weather • Maintenance and housekeeping
  45. 45. Mary Ann Venner University of North Texas
  46. 46. Moving Collections Offsite: Challenges and Opportunities Mary Ann Venner Head of Access Services University of North Texas Libraries
  47. 47. Motivating Factors  Need for individual study space  Need for instruction rooms  Need for collaborative group study space  Strong focus on e-book purchases  University Union closed for renovations
  48. 48. Project Overview  Restack remote storage facility to shelve materials by size  Created 30% more space  Identify materials in the collection to move to remote storage  Create lists of items to pull  Process materials to move  Shift remaining materials to create one floor for the general collection  Run rapid updates to change locations  Update stacks signage  Communicate updates to patrons and staff  Liaisons  Website  Facebook and Twitter pages
  49. 49. Books eligible for moving Items not checked out in 8 years and no in house use counts Items never checked out with item records created over 8 years ago and no in house use counts 185,000 items
  50. 50. Journals eligible for moving Volume years older than 2009 Titles available electronically 76,000 volumes
  51. 51. Challenges  Timeframe  Staffing resources  Multiple players  Access to materials  What to do with available space  Budget  Questions from patrons
  52. 52. Opportunities  Create more active learning spaces  Group study rooms  Instruction rooms  Student Success Center  Create better services for materials access  Online holds  Increased courier runs  Expanded document delivery  Faculty book delivery  Identify cataloging errors  Identify missing items  Review non-circulating items
  53. 53. Contact Information Mary Ann Venner University of North Texas Libraries Denton, TX
  54. 54. Tom Bruno Yale University
  55. 55. How to Scan ALL THE THINGS: Scan and Deliver at Yale Tom Bruno Associate Director for Resource Sharing and Reserves Yale University Library FEAST 2014 ALA Annual Conference
  56. 56. Phase One: Document Delivery • Launched September 4, 2012 • Initial participating libraries included Sterling Memorial Library, Center for Science and Social Science Information, Divinity Library, Medical Library, Yale Law Library • Added Library Shelving Facility (off-site storage), Music Library, Geology and Math Libraries in October 2012; Microforms in December 2012; Arts Library and Bass Library in Summer 2013 • Over 10,000,000 eligible items Venimus, scrutavimus, reddidimus “We came, we scanned, we delivered!”
  57. 57. How it works • Patron clicks Request Scan link in OPAC • Request passed from OPAC to ILLiad via OpenURL • Scan and Deliver requests filled within 2 business days (service guarantee) • All faculty, students, and staff eligible, as well as alumni with paid borrowing privileges • Up to 2 chapters/articles can be requested at a time
  58. 58. Year One Statistics • 19,074 “born” Scan and Deliver requests in Yale FY13 (July ‘12-July ‘13) • 14,341 requests filled- 75% fill rate • Top reasons for unfilled requests include Copyright/Terms of Service Exceeded, Not On Shelf, and Lack Volume (for periodicals) • Patrons have option to resubmit Scan and Deliver requests via Interlibrary Loan
  59. 59. Constant Assessment= Perpetual Improvement • At launch we embedded a Qualtrics link into the email delivery notification • Commitment to keeping the link in permanently as ongoing assessment/continuous improvement • Great rapid response for service, quality control issues, user-driven enhancement requests (e.g., direct links to PDF, OCR)
  61. 61. Phase Two: E-Reserves • In Spring 2013, Yale University implemented Ares as its new course reserves management system • Question: could we leverage Scan and Deliver to fulfill E- Reserves scanning requests? • Utilized Ares OpenURL functionality to push E- Reserves scanning requests out to Scan and Deliver service • When request was filled, Ares TN # embedded in the ILLiad request allowed for automatic upload back into Ares
  62. 62. The good, the bad and the ugly • Success! Scan and Deliver allowed us to process almost 2x the volume of E-Reserves in a fraction of the time using previous workflows • 50% of all E-Reserves scanning complete by 1st day of classes; all scans complete by Week 4 • Almost all extra scan requests came during the first few weeks of the semester, when little/no reliable student help was available
  63. 63. Year Two Statistics • 29,242 “born” Scan and Deliver requests in Yale FY14 (July ‘13-July’14) • 20,301 requests filled- 70% fill rate • Addition of E-Reserves and eligible of high- volume circulation collections in Bass Library lead to increases in requests exceeding Copyright Limits/Terms of Service and items Not on Shelf
  64. 64. Phase Three: Special Scanning • Yale’s Special Collections dealing with more and more patron requests for “quick and dirty” scans thanks to greater online discoverability • Digital Humanities faculty and librarians looking for cheaper, faster, non-vendor solution for “research digitization” projects • Could Scan and Deliver take on these special scanning requests?
  65. 65. Putting The DH into the Digital Humanities • Spring 2014 Pilot for Research digitization projects • Preservation scanning “punch work” request for Arcadia Grant scans • Other “scan on demand” functions for other library departments- e.g., scanning old paper Privileges forms so the originals could be shredded • GOAL: Utilize the latent capacity in student scanning hours during the semester
  66. 66. The Curse of the Mummy, and other qualified failures… • Each project turned out to be a different kind of learning experience • Importance of developing reliable request and fulfillment infrastructure for special scanning requests (so nothing is lost because it goes outside the normal workflow) • We have the technological capacity to produce digital preservation-quality scans, but it requires much greater quality control- ideally built into the scanning process • Yes, there was an actual Mummy’s curse… DISCLAIMER: This may or may not have actually happened
  67. 67. Where do we go from here? • Formalizing the ability to push scanning requests from Special Collections to Scan and Deliver (and back again) • ILLiad-Aeon interoperability • What do we do with all of these scans? Questions about dark archives, normalizing metadata, and copyright • Addressing the Unfilleds- automatic routing to Rapid ILL, other suppliers if request cannot be filled via Scan and Deliver • Hoverboards???
  68. 68. Final Thoughts: The Simpsons On Patron Expectations Agnes: And you, start over. I want everything in one bag. Pimple Faced Kid: Yes, ma'am! Agnes: But I don't want the bag to be heavy. Pimple Faced Kid: I don't think that's possible! Agnes: What are you, the possible police? Just do it! Simpson Safari, Season 12 Episode 17 (Airdate: April 1, 2001) Homer’s ILLiad (Beware of Greeks bearing PDFs)
  69. 69. TOTALLY. WORTH. IT. I can't imagine how this service couldbe any better. It saved me several hours of work, and gratification was almost immediate. This is what we would call in French a real "aubaine."
  70. 70. Questions???
  71. 71.