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Neil Armstrong


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Published in: Education, Technology, Sports
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Neil Armstrong

  1. 1. Neil Armstrong By Quarmise Epps
  2. 2. DOB and Place • Born August 5 1930 in Wapakoneta, OH • He passed away August 25 2012 in Cincinnati, OH.
  3. 3. Scientist’s Background • He attended college on a Navy scholarship. • Armstrong married Janet Sheraon on January 28, 1956. • Soon after their son Eric was born. In 1959 he had a daughter named Karen.
  4. 4. Describing Scientist • Neil Armstrong was the first person to be on the moon. • Neil Armstrong did have any inventions but he did write a book about him being on the moon and how he earned that privilege.
  5. 5. 2 Events From H.I.S Epoch • When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969 Honky Tonk Women by the Rolling Stones was on Billboards top ten list for popular music. • And another famous event was the great black out of the whole northeastern part of the US.
  6. 6. Describe Influence Of Society • He was a very good role model because he was one of the first people on the moon. • Lots of children where inspired and wanted to be just like Neil Armstrong and be an astronaut.
  7. 7. Awards That Were Given • NASA gave Neil Armstrong an award called the Moon Rock award. • Neil Armstrong was given lots of awards but this award was very important that’s why it was chosen.
  8. 8. My Reflection • Neil Armstrong has been a very successful man in his life and now he is able to rest in peace and lay back on what he has done in his life believe it or not but Neil Armstrong has change the world and many people/ fan’s life's.
  9. 9. Neil Armstrong’s Famous Quote • Neil’s famous quote is “One Small Step for Man one Giant leap for Mankind.” • Neil also had other quotes suck as “The eagle has landed.”
  10. 10. Neil Armstrong • I think of Neil was a very great person and astronaut and he has inspired many people to do what they are doing today I learned that Neil Armstrong was a great and powerful man and he had to do a lot in life to get where he was and Rest In Peace