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Web page evaluation quick checklist


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Web page evaluation quick checklist

  1. 1. Example 14: Evaluation checklist (p. 23) Web Page Evaluation Quick Checklist Title of Website:Examine the URLIs it a personal page or site? i.e. no official sanction  Yes  NoSometimes there is a personal name in the URL. Thiswill usually be preceded by a tilde ~Is the page/site owned by an organisation?  Yes  NoWhich domain extension does the site have?  .com  .org  .ac.ukConsider whether this is appropriate to the content of the  .edu  .gov  othersiteAuthorityIs there a named author/authors?  Yes  NoAre the author’s credentials indicated?  Yes  NoIf not check them out! Try searching for the author onGoogle.Is the author an expert in the field?  Yes  NoCheck to see if he /she has published widely in the field.  Insufficient detailsYou could use an appropriate bibliographic database tohelp you investigate.Are the author/organisation contact details given?  Yes  NoThis will be useful if any information needs to be verified.CurrencyIs a publication date given?  Yes  NoIf so, how recent is it?Is there an indication when the information was last  Yes  Noupdated?
  2. 2. Quality / ReliabilityAre the sources of the information identified,  Yes  Noreferenced and cited?What is the character of the information?  Factual  Opinion  Combination of bothIs the site well laid out and easily navigable?  Yes  NoIs the writing style informed /scholarly and  Yes  Noappropriate for an academic audience?Are any provided links appropriate and still active?  Yes  No  N/AIs the information available in a different format?  Yes  NoEg. As a published report, factsheet etc. This maygive some general indication of quality.Does it all add up?What is the overall purpose of the page?  Inform, provide facts, dataYou then need to consider whether this is  Explain  Entertaincommensurate with your requirements.  Persuade SellThe bottom line: In your opinion is the information of comparable quality with theinformation that you will find in a journal article, book, or other conventionally publishedsource?  Yes  No If YES you should be able to use the information with confidence. If NO LOOK ELSEWHERE! Information Services NJM / 2009