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Digital Marketing with LTnow


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Digital Marketing with LTnow

  1. 1. www.LTnow.comDigital Marketing
  2. 2. www.LTnow.comWorking with clients tomanage and optimizetheir presence online.The What…
  3. 3.• Website Design• Search Engine Optimization(SEO)• Content Marketing• Social Media InstrumentsThe How…
  4. 4.• Content Management Systems• Tailored Training• Open Source Platforms• Responsive Web Design• App DevelopmentWebsite Design
  5. 5.• Search Engine Friendly Website Code• Keyword / Keyphrase Targeted Optimizations• Focus on Conversions, not Rankings~ Personalized Search Results• Use Social Media to Help Influence SearchResultsSearch Engine Optimization
  6. 6. www.LTnow.comGetting the company’sproducts and servicesin front of the customer.An Evolution of Marketing/PRConnecting and managingthe two-way, and oftenpublic relationship betweencompanies and customers.
  7. 7.• Advances in technology have reduced thebottleneck in communication between parties• This is true for search engines as well.• Ultra-modern, complex search algorithms areeffectively “humanizing” the search experience.The Bottleneck Effect
  8. 8. www.LTnow.comThe Bottleneck Effect
  9. 9.• Search engines now “care”about quality content morethan keywords.• Robusttext, videos, images, podcasts, etc.• Bottom line:– Things people care aboutand may even want to share.Content Marketing
  10. 10.• Define Social:designed for, or connecting with society• Define Media:an instrument of communication, like anewspaper or a radio• Social Media:an instrument of communication designed forconnecting with societyWhat is Social Media?
  11. 11.• Social Networking• Social Photo and Video Sharing• Location Based Social• Social Bookmarking• Social News• WikisSocial Media Instruments
  12. 12.• Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic thancompanies that don’t• Social media and blogs reach 8 out of 10 of all U.S.Internet users.• 27% of total U.S. internet time is spent on socialnetworking sites• 85% of fans of brands on Facebook recommendbrands to others, compared to 60% of averageusers• 15% of total U.S. mobile internet time is spent onsocial networking sitesDigital Marketing Stats
  13. 13.• 46% of online users count on social media whenmaking a purchase decision• 91% of local searchers say they use Facebookto find local businesses online• 71% of social media participants say they aremore likely to purchase from a brand they followonlineDigital Marketing Stats
  14. 14. www.LTnow.com1. facebook.com2. google.com3. youtube.com4. yahoo.com5. Baidu.com6. wikipedia.org7. amazon.com8. qq.com9. live.com10. taobao.comTop 20 Websites11. blogspot.com12. linkedin.com14. twitter.com15. bing.com17. yandex.ru19. vk.com20.* Rankings via
  15. 15.• Communicate• Around the Office• Employee Highlight / Spotlight• Contests• Feature Stories / Client Success Stories• Blogging• Advertising• Be human! Be helpful!What Can You Do?
  16. 16. www.LTnow.comWebsite statistics after implementing a blog• Visits : + 1,137%• Pageviews : + 668%• New Visits : + 10%• Facebook Traffic : + 950%• LinkedIn Traffic : + 375%• Twitter : + 100%• Google+ : + 100%Success Story |
  17. 17. www.LTnow.comSocial Media referral traffic from LTnow presencein May 2013• LinkedIn : 89 visits• Facebook : 33 visits• Google+ : 1 visit• Twitter : 7 visits• Pinterest : 7 visitsSuccess Story |
  18. 18. www.LTnow.com3 month Social Media Marketing campaign• referral traffic : + 138%• referral traffic : + 39%• search engine traffic : + 13 %Success Story |
  19. 19. www.LTnow.comLieberman TechnologiesLTnowFacebookLinkedInGoogle+PinterestConnect With LTnow