Discover what epoxy flooring performs best


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Have you thought about using epoxy flooring instead of tile or wood? This presentation explores the many different problems that arise due to the application of different industrial flooring choices. Epoxy floor coatings is a good option that can provide great benefits to industrial and commercial companies. There are many different types of epoxy flooring on the market. Are they all equal? We will explore these as well as more "standard" well known varieties of commercial flooring such as ceramic and quarry tile and vct and wood and laminate floors. For a more complete study visit

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Discover what epoxy flooring performs best

  1. 1. Discover Why Epoxy Floors Often Fail & How Ensure Yours Does Not Attention DIY ers A new epoxy flooring is taking the Do-It-Yourself Market by Storm The FUN and easier way to solve the great nuisance of installing flooring! BONUS:
  2. 2. What Are Epoxy Floors? • Epoxy Floors are floors made from a tough resin spread that offer resistance to moisture, chemicals and wear SEE NEXT SLIDE FOR BONUS >>> “The FUN and easier way to solve the great nuisance of installing flooring!”
  3. 3. THE HARD WAY THE EASY WAY How To Prepare for Epoxy Floors  How To Prepare for Other Floors -versus-
  7. 7. Tile, Laminate & VCT UN-HEALTHY - VCT and Tile Grout Joints and Laminate Seams Harbour Bacteria - VCT and Tile Grout Joints and Laminate is Hard to keep Clean - VCT and Tile and Laminate Need Continual Maintenance - Insects love to feed off dirty floors. - Water goes right through VCT and Tile Grout Joints and Laminate - VCT and Tile Grout Joints and Laminate floors stink with a foul odour after the bacteria starts growing in their porous surfaces - Seamless (really?) Not. - Slip-Resistant? You decide. UN-DURABLE - Adheres to Underneath Many Surfaces* *(once you go to all the trouble and expense removing the old surface.) - Chemical Resistant - so long as you resist the chemicals from getting on the floor. - Heavy Foot Traffic - tile does good here, VCT and Laminate - not so much. - Long Lasting - just don't get it wet or use it UN-ATTRACTIVE ...Who Wants That?
  8. 8. Floor HEALTHY - Anti-Microbial - Easy to Clean - Environmentally Friendly - Insect Protection - Moisture Protection - Odourless - Seamless - Slip-Resistant DURABLE - Adheres to Many Surfaces - Chemical Resistant - Extreme Temperatures - Heavy Foot Traffic - Long Lasting ATTRACTIVE - Floor Gallery - Color Selection - Designs and Logos
  9. 9. Everlast epoxy flooring is made with an integral EPA-registered anti-microbial component to impede the growth of microorganisms, thus providing long term protection from a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeast, actinomycetes, and mildew. Never scrub your floor again!!! Details at Everlast epoxy flooring is made from natural stones and organic resins., and contains no solvents. Everlast epoxy flooring can help you stop them From entering , deny them a living habitat, starve them, and kill them. It provides a Seamless, Waterproof, Self-Containing Surface. It has no solvents and no objectionable odor. It does not emit harmful vapors and almost no smell. It is the adhesive. It also bonds to all the drains, and anything else protruding out of the floor. It is made with small natural Marble stones. This textured finish creates a slip-resistant flooring.
  10. 10. It can can be troweled directly over the surfaces like Concrete, Ceramic ,Quarry Tile Floors, Hardwood, Plywood, Vinyl Floors, Steel Decks, Stone, Mosaic, VCT Floors. Everlast epoxy flooring has an established record of success where floors are subjected to severe exposures. Your floors will have excellent chemical resistance against animal fats, grease, oil, many acids, alkali, sugar, blood, urine, salt, and harsh detergents and de-greasers. It is a thick, troweled on coating with stand temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It maintains its antimicrobial properties even in freezing temperatures. provides a bonding and strength greater than the cohesive strength of concrete. It will maintain its original beauty for years. It is a monolithic, custom-formulated, troweled-on system that forms a physical bond between the material and the surface it is being applied to and vulcanizes them together.
  11. 11. We have a large selection of colors to choose from, and can custom match additional colors to resemble your logo.
  12. 12. It is a hand-troweled epoxy floor. The surface needs to be clean and dry. It is recommended to lightly sand or "scuff" the floor prior to installation to ensure a proper bond. This removes any laitance and imbedded dirt. It does not require a primer or bond coat as it is a one-step application. After the flooring is installed a clear-coat of Glaze is painted on to give it a shine and make it easy-to-clean. Do-It-Yourself. Overnight Floor is the perfect epoxy flooring solution. When minimal down time is available. It is a one-step epoxy flooring that is ready for foot traffic in only 6 hours. A glaze coat is applied to the finish floor, Stay open for business, and have Overnight Floor applied after hours, Next morning the unglazed floor can be used all day.
  13. 13. What can go wrong with epoxy floors? • Poor surface preparation • Choosing a product inferior to Everlast Floor • Incompatible substrate • Not following mfr instructions • Contaminated floors • Faulty resin mix
  14. 14. How is our Epoxy Flooring Different? Let’s compare other flooring to Everlast Floors.
  15. 15. It is an easy and cheap way to coat floors. Most of the time, it can be applied without hiring expensive contractors to prep floors for use. Epoxy paint is non-porous, chemically resistant, has minimal odor, and easy to maintain. They come in a variety of colors and textures as well. Epoxy paints are mixed with solvents, making them thin enough to be applied onto substrates by using a roller. Thinning the product weakens the bond between the coat and concrete. Epoxy paints tend to be dry, brittle, and prone to cracking, much like peanut brittle. When you need a floor, don't buy a paint. Everlast Epoxy Flooring is almost 100 times thicker than an epoxy paint which is one of the many reasons it lasts 100 times longer. Epoxy Paint Floor:
  16. 16. Cementitious urethane flooring is concrete: The difference between cementitious urethane and everyday concrete is cementitious urethane is a little harder and reinforced with urethane. It is still porous. It can harbor bacteria as well as it is prone to deterioration when it is saturated. In order to make claims of it being non-porous and seamless, there needs to be a top-coat on it. But because cementitious urethane flooring is concrete, this topcoat is really the only floor. One would get the same result by putting the top-coat straight on the concrete, and by-passing the cementitious urethane layer. It is not much better than just using a coat of paint. Cementitious urethane flooring is prone to user error: When installing cementitious urethane flooring, the concrete slab must be laid out without any unevenness. Any unbalanced area on the surface would lend to an even weaker bond between the coat and the substrate Cementitious urethane flooring is unhealthy: The cementitious urethane is a form of concrete , it is prone to pinholes and condensation. Microscopic holes can retain microbes and debris, and will shorten the lifespan of the coat tremendously. The inevitable cracks on the surface and the unsanitary conditions will become a costly and time-consuming problem.
  17. 17. Quartz Broadcast floors are applied in multiple steps. First a resin is painted unto the floor, then quartz is broadcast into the resin. The dry quartz then soaks up much of the resin that would otherwise soak into the floor. After it cures, an epoxy is painted over the quartz. This forms a very thin layer that does not absorb thermal shock (high temperatures) well. Also, most broadcast floors are applied with a very hard epoxy resin, this creates a brittle floor and cannot expand and contract with the concrete thus the delamination. Everlast Floor is a poured and troweled, resin-rich, flooring. We use the industries best resins to formulate a flooring that can withstand high temperatures. Our flooring is flexible, so it outlasts its other epoxy counterparts. Epoxy Quartz Flooring:
  18. 18. Rubber Flooring is a non-porous and very durable substance. If it could become part of the substrate it would make an excellent floor. However, rubber does not adhere to concrete. To use it for rubber floors, it is brought in sheets, spread out over the floor, and cut to fit at the edges, drains, and mechanical protrusions. It is then glued to the floor and the seams are heat welded together. The intended outcome is a continuous seamless sheet of rubber over the entire floor. Although this is an excellent concept, it does not always work well. Eventually wear and continuous hot grease, dropped cutlery, etc. will cause a seam to come apart or cause the rubber flooring to become loose near a drain. Also, when this rubber floor is not perfectly installed there could be edges exposed near drains and other mechanical protrusions and seams not properly welded, now you have a non-porous continuous floor with holes in it. Rubber Sheet ”Safety” Flooring:
  19. 19. MMA cures too fast to allow for optimal properties: MMA cures pretty quickly, preparing its application takes a large amount time, because it cures so rapidly the MMA resin does not have ample time to seep down into the substrate leaving a floor that is prone to peel up. Everlast epoxy flooring resins have ample time to seep down into the substrate to create a bond that is not easily separable. MMA does not form a good bond to the sub-floor: MMA will not cure properly if too much quartz is used, as this quartz "drinks up" the Many installers attempt to save money and not use enough resin and thus the end result is the floor does not have the same properties that were advertised. Everlast epoxy flooring ALWAYS comes in kits which contain the recommended amounts of resin. Everlast epoxy flooring cannot be purchased without buying the complete kits so the installers have no incentive to skimp on the epoxy flooring resins. MMA poses a Heath Hazard: MMA is highly flammable. According to the World Health Organization, prolonged exposure to methyl methacrylate runs the risk of chronic cough. Other health side effects of acute exposure to methyl methacrylate are: irritation to eyes, nose, and throat, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and hypotension.
  20. 20. Silicone is a popular elastomer used in creating organic rubbers. Acrylic epoxy is a rigid substance. Silicone-Epoxy Hybrid Floors are soft and lack adhesion: The hybrid is much softer than epoxy. The silicone can add to the strength, which it can, but at the expense of the adhesion. Silicone-Epoxy Hybrid resins are commonly used in forming stronger-than-glass substrates. Silicone-Epoxy Hybrid Floors are thermoplastic : Silicone products are also thermoplastic. Under low temperatures, the silicone maintains its elasticity without hardening. They can endure very high temperatures, but in those conditions, they become more pliable to warping. As a floor coating option, this can be a detriment, especially in areas subjected to extreme heat. Silicone-Epoxy Hybrid Floors are a bad idea: It would be best to have seamless flooring that does not succumb to rigid pressure and silicone is far too pliable of a material for a stable floor. Epoxy flooring such as the Everlast Floor provides more secure footing and less distortion than a silicone-epoxy coated floor. Everlast Epoxy Flooring Company doesn't use any silicones to make the floor flexible. We use flexibilizers that actually improve the flooring system rather than take away from it.
  21. 21. It is assumed that tiles can be easily maintained, but nothing is further from the truth. Particles of food and debris, condensation, and micro-organisms can become lodged in between the grout joints of tiles, festering and gathering because the area is difficult to clean. Quarry tiles are highly porous and chip and break easily and often slippery when wet. Quarry tile and grout are porous and therefore cannot be anti-microbial. Tiles provide a dangerous and unsanitary environment for everyone. The Everlast Epoxy Flooring is EPA-registered anti-microbial, non-skid, non-porous, non-absorbent, easy to maintain, seamless, and comes in attractive colors. Composed of solid epoxy resin with marble-chip and quartz aggregates, Everlast Floors are durable and environmentally friendly. Click here:
  22. 22. VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) Floors don't work very well at all under wet conditions. Almost always, the water will get underneath and they will start coming off the floor. In addition to that, they have a very foul smell after they are saturated for a length of time. Traffic pattern are very common in VCT floors. They must be re-waxed frequently to keep them looking somewhat decent. Click here:
  23. 23. “To request a free quote, simply fill out the form below. You will receive an email or a phone call from my support team within 24 hours. We look forward to working with you soon.” Don't want to wait? You can call us now on: (800) 708-9870 Click here:
  24. 24. For more information visit or call us at 800 708-9870